Black Women in Brazil in Slavery and Post-Emancipation

Black Women in Brazil in Slavery and Post-Emancipation


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This collection of essays brings together leading experts on the history of Black women in Brazil and newly expands what we know about the subject. The essays take us through cities, plantations, and mining areas from the north to the south and across the eighteenth, nineteenth, and first decades of the twentieth century. Grounded in original research that draws from diverse sources and favors biographies, the book offers a broad and fascinating picture of the experiences of African women—those born in Africa and in Brazil, those captive and those emancipated—the first agents of the emancipated community of Africans, and their descendants in the diaspora.

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ISBN-13: 9781937306540
Publisher: Diasporic Africa Press
Publication date: 03/21/2017
Pages: 456
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.02(d)

Table of Contents



1. Women of Diverse “Types” and their Last Wills and Testaments in the Colonial, Slave, and Mestizo Captaincy of Minas Gerais | Eduardo França Paiva

2. Women of African Descent in Bahia: Gender, Color and Social Mobility, 1780-1830 | Adriana Dantas Reis

3. Three Black Women Who Changed the Game in 18th Century Minas Gerais | Luciano Figueiredo

4. Queens and Judges: Black Women in the Black Sisterhoods of Central Brazil, 1722-1860 | Mary Karasch

5. Among Characters, Typologies, and Labels of “Difference”: The Slave Woman in the 19th Century Fiction of Rio de Janeiro | Giovana Xavier

6. Enslaved Women in 19th Century Paraíba: Work, Contradictions, and Fights for Freedom | Solange P. Rocha

7. Mônica da Costa and Teresa de Jesus: Free African Women, Status, and Social Networks in 19th Century Recife | Valéria Gomes Costa

8. Under the Rule of Women: Marriage and Divorce among the “Minas” African Ethnic Group in 19th Century Rio de Janeiro | Juliana Barreto Farias

9. A Certain Freedom | Sandra Lauderdale Graham

10. “With Her, He Lived Like a Dog Lives with a Cat”: Emancipation, Maternity, and Gender on the Southern Border | Paulo Roberto Staudt Moreira

11. Gender Relations in the Daily Life of Black Women in 19th Century Bahia | Isabel Cristina Ferreira dos Reis

12. To Grandma Vitorina, With Love. Rio De Janeiro, Around 1870 | Sandra Sofia Machado Koutsoukos

13. Between Two Benedicts: Stories of Wet Nurses in the Decline of Slavery | Maria Helena P. T. Machado

14. The “Livro de Ouro” (Golden Book), Emancipation Fund and Enslaved Women: Gender, Abolition, and the Meanings of Freedom in the Court, 1880s | Camillia Cowling

15. Teodora Dias da Cunha: Constructing a Place for Herself in the World of Writing and Slavery | Maria Cristina Cortez Wissenbach

16. Women of the House: Black Women and Domestic Work in the Imperial Court | Flavia Fernandes de Souza

17. Zizinha Guimarães: Between History and Memory | Petrônio Domingues

18. “Around the World” with Women of Capoeira: Gender and Black Culture in Brazil, 1850-1920 | Antônio Liberac Cardoso Simões Pires

19. Histories of Differences and Inequalities Revisited: Notes on Gender, Slavery, Race, and Post-Emancipation | Marcelo Paixão and Flavio Gomes

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