Black Women Scientists In The United States

Black Women Scientists In The United States

by Wini Warren
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Indiana University Press


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Black Women Scientists in the United States 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A. Cherrie Epps must have written her own chapter. She is a historical blight on the successes of wonderful women of immense scientific greatness, but the black race in general. She has distinguished her career by a totalitarian masochistic onslaught on many unfortunate victims who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She might be classified as the classic example of a self-hating, inhuman predator! One can find evidence of her mean, vindictive onslaughts by interviewing the many careers she has sought to destroy. She is the epitome of whistle-blowing slave on a plantation who seeks to keep as many folks enslaved as possible. She has spent more time politicking and brokering deals then seeking what¿s in the best interest of those she¿s suppose to supporting and mentoring. She has continual undermined the efforts of outstanding faculty and struggling students in efforts to promote her distain for anything that might remotely reflect success or the uplifting of her people. Her story is really a reflection of many stories throughout history. A ¿wanna be¿ who because of unfortunate circumstances in her life seeks to revenge her happenstance on as many as possible.. We have an expression in the black community, ¿crab mentality¿ where because one person of color doesn¿t make it, they make it their life ambition that they¿ll do everything in their power to stop as many other black people as they can. I can plainly see how people can question the validity of historical facts, when people like A. Cherrie Epps are allowed to promote falsehoods and tweak the facts of their history. Funny thing about history though. Eventually the truth will surface. No matter how hard one tries to hide the truth. In this woman¿s case she¿s got too many skeletons and not big enough closets to hide them in.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Author, Wini Warren presents numerous (100) sketches of gifted American Black women scientists who have been overlooked by history and our society. Many of these short biographies include their struggle from poverty as well as discrimination not only because of their color. In too many instances they were unrecognized for their accomplish-ments by male members of their race and others. As a high school teacher I believe this book to be most valuable in encouraging more minority women to consider the sciences as as career through these models of courage. As a student of giftedness and resilience, this work points out the intrinsic characteristics of human endeavor and in many cases the facilitation of resilience by others in their life, thus allowing their successful intelligence to surface. Every library should have several copies available. Models of courage are needed more than ever, now!