The Blackberry Pearl Pocket Guide

The Blackberry Pearl Pocket Guide

by Bart G. Farkas

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The Blackberry Pearl Pocket Guide by Bart G. Farkas

Everyone knows how addictive a BlackBerry can be--they don't call them "crackberries" for nothing! Well, you haven't seen anything until you try the brand new BlackBerry Pearl. This brand new phone has it all, and it's small, smart, and stylish too. Not only does it have all the features you expect from a BlackBerry (Phone, Email and Text Messaging, Instant Messaging, Organizer, Browser) but it has some great new "Wow" features including a camera, media player, and BlackBerry Maps. In The BlackBerry Pearl Pocket Guide, trusted gadget teacher and best-selling author Bart G. Farkas reveals the secrets to using this amazing new phone: learn how to take cool pictures and share them with your colleagues, view Web pages, import songs, manage your appointments, communicate with email, text and instant messaging, retrieve maps and detailed driving directions, and even import video. This handy pocket-sized guide also walks readers through the fun lifestyle functions, from playing a new Sudoku game every day to charting your diet and exercise patterns. In this low-priced guide, you'll find compact-yet-detailed coverage of everything the BlackBerry Pearl can do, as well as all the necessary information on "why" you should use it to be more productive.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780321605986
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 02/02/2009
Series: Peachpit Pocket Guide
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 144
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Bart G. Farkas is the author of over 90 technology books and strategy guides, Bart inhabits the the icy climes of Cochrane, Alberta. Bart spends his time tending the igloo with his wife, three children, and a black cat who is on the seventh eighth of his her nine lives.

Table of Contents

Introduction     xi
Say Hello to Mr. Pearl     1
The BlackBerry: A Brief History     3
What Is the BlackBerry Pearl?     4
Email access     5
World Wide Web access     5
Cellular telephone     6
Text messaging     7
Games     7
Organizer     8
Built-in camera     8
Media Player     9
BlackBerry Maps     9
Music     9
Out of the Box     10
Controls and Interface     11
Trackball     12
Escape key     12
Speakerphone key     13
Convenience keys     13
SureType keypad     14
Pearl Basics     17
Dealing with Power Issues     18
Charging your Pearl     18
Estimating battery life     19
Understanding power drains     20
Maximizing power     21
Limit backlighting     22
Limit feature use     22
Limit online time     23
Connecting to Your Computer     23
Application Loader     25
Backup and Restore     27
Media Manager     27
Switch Device Wizard     30
Synchronize     31
Using Pearl Applications     32
Email     35
How It Works (Push Me, Pull You)     36
Setting up Your Email Accounts     38
Setting up for the Pearl     38
Ensuring that email isn't lost     42
Receiving email     42
Viewing email     43
Sending email     45
Sending attachments     46
Receiving and viewing attachments     47
Managing email     48
Pearl and the Internet     51
Getting Connected     52
Email     55
Messaging     55
Text messaging (SMS)     56
Multimedia messaging (MMS)     59
Instant messaging     61
BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)     62
AOL Instant Messenger     64
ICQ     64
MSN Messenger     65
Yahoo Messenger     66
Tweaking the IM experience     66
Web Browsing     69
Pearl As a Phone     71
Making Calls     72
Keypad dialing      72
Speed dialing     73
Creating a speed-dial number     73
Dialing a speed-dial number     74
Voice dialing     75
Keeping Track of Numbers with the Address Book     77
Personalizing Numbers and Contacts     78
Setting Ringtones     81
Using the Call log     84
Pearl Outside the Box     87
Extra Handy Features     88
Alarm! Alarm!     88
Memos     89
Tasks     90
Calendar     90
Maps     91
Map from Address Book     92
Go To     92
Directions     93
Email Location     94
GPS     95
Games     95
Weather     96
Taking the Pearl to Market     99
Headsets: Free Hands for Everyone!     100
Wired headsets     101
Bluetooth headsets     103
Bluetooth explained     104
Setting up a Bluetooth headset     105
Comfort Accessories     106
Power Accessories     107
Expansion     108
The Picture-Perfect Pearl     109
The Built-in Camera     110
Setting camera options     110
Taking pictures     112
What now?     733
Self-portraits     115
Managing pictures     116
Video on the Pearl     116
Watching movies     119
Converting video     119
Index     121

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