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Blackonomics: The Way to Psychological and Economic Freedom for African Americans

Blackonomics: The Way to Psychological and Economic Freedom for African Americans

by James Clingman


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In his provocative new book, Blackonomic$: The Way To Psychological and Economic Freedom For African Americans, James Clingman disputes long-accepted tactics aimed at gaining economic empowerment for Blacks. Clingman believes that economic clout holds greater sway than political, that Blacks must first help themselves before reaching out to help others, and that Blacks should stop counting “firsts” and says instead, " me when the number reaches 1,000.” Blackonomic$ is a must-read for Black leaders and organizers of every stripe.

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ISBN-13: 9781881524922
Publisher: Milligan Books
Publication date: 09/28/2000
Pages: 226
Sales rank: 519,500
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.52(d)

Table of Contents

Prologue - Kudos To Black Americans13
Section 1Our Proud History18
A Re-Call to Action21
Words Without Action Are Just Words27
Black Economic History--Tell That Story Too30
Tuskeegee--Black American's Economic Mecca33
Why Not Another Black Wall Street?37
Booker T. Washington's Vision For Our People40
Happy Birthday! Marcus Garvey47
Thank You, Rosa Parks50
Here's to You, Ida B. Wells53
Section 2Understanding Our Problem56
The Parable Of The Talents--1990's Style58
Calling It As I See It61
Aristocracy And Pauperism On The Rise65
Are You Feeling Good Or Doing Good?67
Majoring In The Minors70
Section 3This "Question" Of Unity73
The Power Of The People75
An Economic Symphony77
Standing Together80
Section 4This "Question" Of Leadership82
Economic Leadership85
Is It Safe?88
Politics--The Rules Of The Game91
The Black List94
If We Are So Smart, Why Are We So Far Behind?97
Section 5Money, Money, Money100
$533 Billion In Black Buying "Weakness"103
Collective And Cooperative Economics--Middle East Style106
It's About The Money109
Black Out Day112
Black Folks On Tour115
Substituting Holidays For Holy Days118
Section 6Our Psychological Illness122
We Want Substance Without Sacrifice124
Are You Still Dreaming?127
Economic Slavery--Alive And Well131
Still Counting To One134
Y2K--What Was It Really All About?137
Conspicuous Consumption140
Section 7From The Mouths Of Babes143
The Young And The Relentless146
Props To Dikembe152
Slam Dunk, Touchdown, Homerun, Match--Finally!155
Section 8The Enemy Within158
Robin Hood? Or Just Robbin' Da Hood?161
The Stockholm Syndrome164
Economic Exploitation167
Section 9It's Not Personal; It's Just Business170
Black (?) Hair Care Products172
Consumer Awareness--A Growing Phenomenon?175
The Black Market177
Empty Victories180
Whom Do We Owe?183
Ownership--You Call The Shots185
Section 10Our Collective Struggle188
You Call This Reparations?190
Black Farmers Still Fighting193
Flipping The Script196
Political Divisiveness or Economic Solidarity199
Section 11Our Collective Victory202
Attaining True Freedom--The MATAH Network204
Wake Up My People, Please!207
It's Time For Ownership!211
Cleaning Up214
Kudos to Black Americans--A Reprise217
What Are We Waiting For?220

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