Blackout: The Last Days of America (A Novel) One family's life-threatening experience to survive an all-out blackout of this nation's power grid. Inspired by Forstchen, McCarthy, Niven & Rawles.

Blackout: The Last Days of America (A Novel) One family's life-threatening experience to survive an all-out blackout of this nation's power grid. Inspired by Forstchen, McCarthy, Niven & Rawles.

by Tom Stone


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"BLACKOUT" is a true story of what will happen today or tomorrow, if the US Department of Energy's fears come true (READ THE FORWARD).

There is mounting evidence of foreign entities already gaining access to our power grids leaving America's safety a trigger finger away from a possible irreversible loss of electricity across the country..."Blackout."

Wake up to a real life scenario of ordinary characters, JUST LIKE YOU, with Dale Daniels and his family, in an extraordinary adventure of "every man for himself." Where usually pleasant neighbors, friends and co-workers begin to panic and within a few days turn into ruthless killers just trying to survive (READ THE BOOK)..."Blackout."

Reading this book may save your life and those you love.


"This wake up call to America opened my eyes to a very possible event that could happen any day."

"Stone is relentless in keeping the reader wondering what's going to happen next."

"This fast paced 'what if' novel can be used as a handbook to staying alive during a catastrophic event."

"I was amazed to see how dangerous and fragile our existence could become in such a short time."

"New author, Tom Stone, took a horrific event and made it into a sensational read with a spectacular ending."

"Stone's religious message adds to this looming tale to elevate the shattering new reality into a bearable joyous existence."

"Very easy to read for all ages, but with enough complexity and craziness to make it a fun read."

"The Daniels family shows us how to face even the most mind-blowing events."

"I love apocalyptic books! No one has ever developed one like this to be so catastrophic, deadly, light-hearted, covering so many possible scenarios and with such a great ending. Stone had fun writing this one!"

"You'll either hate Stone for his religious views or love him for his courageous telling of events that will change how you'll think about the future."

"A first person adventure ride that involves the whole Daniels family entangling with a society collapsing around them."

"Dale Daniels is no superhero, but he's an example of how I want to be when this country dissolves."

"'Blackout' is a must-read if you think a cyber-attack on this country's infrastructure could occur at any time."

"I'm sharing this book with my family, so they will be ready, too! 'Thanks Tom Stone!'"

"This book goes to show you, it doesn't take much for people to go to the darkside."

"Dale Daniels was not a killer, but became one in this novel to help us think through what it would take to put an end to someone else's life."

"Eight-two, short, quick chapters make 'Blackout' a 'fun read'."

"Stone definitely wrote a killer story, but rays of life exudes from many pages, too!"

"It reads like a roller-coaster of action, and then there's the ultimate ride:"

"The best thing 'Blackout' taught me is to always be ready and prepared, because today might be the day."

"Fear, adrenaline-pumping action, sadness, even love...Emotion at every corner in 'Blackout'."

"'Blackout' an amazing survival adventure...too real to be ignored!"

"Even if you don't like action, drama, twists and turns, you need to pick up this book,. It might save your life!"


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781545130223
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/05/2017
Pages: 452
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.01(d)

About the Author

Tom Stone is a Christian, first-time writer in Southern Oregon.

Stone wrote this story in an attempt to understand how to react to an all out worldwide disaster, answering the questions of:

  • What to do first?
  • Neighbor relations?
  • Is it safe to travel?
  • How do I protect my family?
  • When is it time to kill another human??
  • How can I help other people?

He keeps the story warm and lighthearted, but at the same time has very cold and hardcore action, with the hopes that we will all be ready for the dreadfully horrifying, but brilliantly awesome future that awaits us all.

Warning: Much death, but no profanity or sexual content.

Contact Tom Stone on Facebook at: www.facebook/tomstoneblackout under people.

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