Blackveil (Green Rider Series #4)

Blackveil (Green Rider Series #4)

by Kristen Britain
4.4 294


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Blackveil (Green Rider Series #4) by Kristen Britain

Magic, danger, and adventure abound for messenger Karigan G'ladheon in author Kristen Britain's New York Times-bestselling Green Rider fantasy series • "First-rate fantasy." —Library Journal 

Over a millennium ago, Mornhavon the Black, heir to the Arcosian Empire, crossed the great sea hoping to conquer Sacoridia. Mornhavon and his armies were defeated—but not before their general had resorted to desperate, dark magic that rendered his twisted spirit immortal. Finally, Mornhavon was captured and imprisoned in Blackveil Forest, and the forest’s perimeter was sealed by the magical D’Yer Wall.

In the many centuries since, knowledge of magic has disappeared from Sacoridia due to the fear and prejudice of a people traumatized by the memory of Mornhavon’s terrifying sorceries. Even the protective magic that created and maintained the D’Yer Wall has been lost, and the once-impermaeable barrier has been breached, allowing Blackveil’s malignant influence to seep into the lands beyond once again.

Karigan G’ladheon is a Green Rider—a seasoned member of the elite messenger corps of King Zachary of Sacoridia. But Karigan is no ordinary Rider, for she can traverse the barriers of time and space. Because of this extraordinary ability, she was able to transport the spirit of Mornhavon into the future, buying precious time for her country. During the window of relative safety, King Zachary decides to send Karigan and a small contingent of scouts, accompanied by a small group of Eletians—a magical race who once lived in the lands now tainted by Mornhavon’s magic—into Blackveil Forest.

Though Mornhavon is gone, the forest is still a treacherous and unnatural place filled with monstrous creatures and deadly traps. Plus, no one knows how far in the future Mornhavon has been sent—Ten years? One? Maybe even less.

And unbeknownst to the band of Eletians and Sacoridians, another small group has entered the forest—Arcosian descendants who have kept Mornhavon’s dark magic alive in secret for centuries, and who now plan to avenge their long-ago defeat by bringing Sacoridia to its knees.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780575099623
Publisher: Gollancz, Victor Limited
Publication date: 06/28/2011
Series: Green Rider Series , #4

About the Author

Kristen Britain is the author of the New York Times-bestselling Green Rider series. She lives in an adobe house in the high desert of the American Southwest beneath the big sky and among lizards, hummingbirds, and tumbleweeds. Kristen can be found online at

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Blackveil (Green Rider Series #4) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 295 reviews.
Phoenix_mom More than 1 year ago
The only minor complaint I had about this book -- and it is very, very minor, considering -- is that I started this series in 2001 when one books was out with the understanding it was a trilogy. In 2003, I read book two. Four years later, in 2007, the 3rd book came out, and as awesome as it was, I was so relieved the series was only a trilogy, because 4 years between books in a series is a long friggin wait! So you can imagine my disappointment and dismay when I realized it was changed to a longer series, but everyone said it would be wrapped up in Book 4, so I dug in as a faithful fan and waited eagerly. Surely Book 4 couldn't take that long to write; apparently Book 3 had just been too long, so she split it half (so I heard) -- so I expected it any day. Five years later, in 2011, the 4th book is released. And it ends on a cliffhanger. Now, I'm not unhappy that there will be more of Karigan and Zachary and everyone. But the plots and threadlines developed here -- I'm seeing at *least* another two books to wrap everything up, likely more -- and I can't help but feel disappointed. Not at the books -- at the long wait ahead. I mean, 4-5 years between books? That means Book 5 in maybe, what, 2016 or 2017? Book 6 in 2021- 2023?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was a bit let down by this book. The jumping around made some the the newer characters are hard to follow. and the ending left more questions than answers. Also knowing that we wont learn what happens for three to four years is difficult.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book was great, as all in this series have been; however, i am extremely frustrated about how it ended in such a cliffhanger when i know it will be four more years until the next book. It really makes me feel like i just wasted my time and money on something i am going to forget by the time the next book comes out. I really wish i waited. Book was great, but frustration with the author and publisher made for the low score.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story line is excellent, as with the prior three. But - be ready - the book ends in a snap with no conclusion, as though the author was told to stop on that page and go no further. At least with the others you were left with enough of a pause at the end of the story that it made sense. This one just stops, leaving the characters in limbo day...Book 5 appears.
907reader More than 1 year ago
It's good just not as good as the others in the series. She is also adding more story lines and this series dosen't look like there is an end in sight and with 3 years between books a little frustrating.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is an emotional roller coaster. Its heart breaking, joyous, and as you read you remain hopeful for the future. Its hard on the read at times but this is a book about war and a threat so great it has lasted through the ages. This book takes an emotional toll on you as you read the trials and ends of the charactets. Ultimatly I feel its worth it, to be so involved with the characters... this is my harry potter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was good. I was a bit disappointed with how wimpy karigan was. She really was acting like a spoiled little miss in this book. She goes from a responsible green rider to a little girl who pouts a lot. She is supposed to be a hero, but how can she be a hero when she acts like a child? And she always jumps at her own shadow it seems. I will read the next one, if it ever comes out, just to finish the story, as it ended so abruptly.
Dustin Pyfrom More than 1 year ago
Great book cant wait for the next one!
harstan More than 1 year ago
On the surface Sacoridia seems like a powerful country ruled by the just benign King Zachary. However, appearances can be deceiving because there is danger from within and without. To the north in the lands not occupied by Sacoridian troops, descendants of Arcosia led by Mornhavon the Black invade as a first step in preparation for their war on Sacoridia. They now call themselves Second Empire. The D'Yer wall has been breached, enabling the evil denizens from primordial Blackveil Forest to enter Sacoridian. Before the Long War Blackveil was once known as Argenthyne, home to the immortal Eletians who now live in Eletia. Besides kingdom headaches, Zachary and Green Rider messenger Karigan G'ladheon love each other, but know they have no future as he must marry his betrothed Lady Estora out of duty to his county. Six Eletians want to return to the Blackveil to see their former home. Zachary wants six Sacoridians to accompany them; Karigan is one of the chosen. The Eletians are on the same mission that Second Empire is on; it will be a disaster if their leader Grandmother prevails. Meanwhile the King is poisoned and a conspiracy begins by someone close the throne. The latest Kariagan epic fantasy (see Green Rider, First Rider's Call, and The High King's Tomb) is a terrific entry loaded with subplots that provide the reader with both the big picture of the world of Kristin Britain and the small scale happenings that impact the larger scope. The key to this grand epic is the movement back and forth between the Second Empire threat, the Eletians, the danger to the Sacoridians in Blackveil and to the king is done smoothly although few of the subplots are completed. With a strong diverse cast (a trademark of Ms. Britain), fans will welcome the return to Sacoridia as the focus is on evil oozing Blackveil. Harriet Klausner
alyssama121 4 months ago
What I liked: The suspense is terrific and I am greatly enjoying how the overall storyline is progressing. Once again, Britain creates a world that I can just grab onto and completely immerse myself in. Blackveil is deliciously horrific and I am glad she held nothing back when it came to making it the scariest forest you could possibly imagine. One of my FAVORITE parts about this book was that we got to learn a little bit more about Kariny, Karigan’s mother. She is a character I have always been interested in, and I think the wait was worth it. Even though she’s not alive in these books, she is still a complex character that I find myself caring for very much. What I didn’t: I said I liked the progression of the overall storyline, however, the storyline of the individual novels is getting a bit formulaic — there’s danger, Karigan dives into it headfirst, and then almost kills herself. Also, for me, this book was drawn out. It was one of those novels where when it’s good, it’s really good, but getting to the good parts takes some effort. One of the things I disliked the most was all the indirect inner dialogue. What I mean by that is that we got a lot of “Bob was sure Nancy did that because (insert reason here).” I don’t like being told characters’ motivations very much, especially when they’re through a different perspective. Did Nancy do that because of that reason? Maybe not. Bob thinks so, but it may not be true. Honestly, I don’t think this sort of information adds anything to the story. It’s much more interesting to incorporate Nancy’s background and characteristics throughout the story, have her do the action, and then leave it up to the reader to decide why she did what she did. It’s more of a creative process for both the reader and writer and allows for good discussions and debates to arise, which is one of the joys of reading. Conclusion: Do I recommend this book? For fans of the series, I certainly do. However, if you haven’t read it yet, I suggest waiting and reading some other books on your “to read” list. This book has a ridiculous cliffhanger and considering that there was a 2 year gap between the third book and this book, answers aren’t going to be coming anytime soon. Will I continue reading? Absolutely. I still love the characters and the world Britain has built. I just hope it ends soon, because I’ve pretty much had enough of Karigan getting herself into trouble. If it isn’t wrapped up by the sixth book, I’ll probably quit this series.
Anonymous 8 months ago
I love all of the Green Rider books so far! Can't wait for the next one!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Anonymous 10 months ago
I have re read this series multiple times andI still love them!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This fourth book in the Green Rider Series is still written with the skill that Kristen Britain has claimed as her own, and the characters are ones we're all familiar with now. The story is moving forward, the only sort of downfall is that everything we've been waiting for since the first book, we're still waiting for, and it's become a little monotonous as far there's no thrill of a plotline conclusion to use as an updraft to keep the excitement going until the full story is done. I can't wait for the next book, but I'm slightly disappointed with this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great characters, loved the story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been following this serres from the bigging and I wish I stoped after the first book back in 2001. This is the last book I will ever bay of the green riders. The book was a good read I did find that I jumped around and have yet to finish the ether story lines. The hero was human, and stays that whay from the first book to the end of the 4th. I will NEVER get the next book and have come to mack up my own ending that I can live with. The time it tacks in beetween the books is just to much and I do have a life. I did learn never to pick up a book that is not a complet seres. Now I only get books where the story is done. SO THANKS FOR TACKING THE FUN OUT OF READING! Kristen Britain books just tacks the fun out of reading and completting a story. I find that when I'm done with one of her books I just fill afull, and yet I do injoy the story that she gave me. Its the what that just gets me and drives me mad. The first 2 books had the same fell the third changes alittol. The 4th is nothing like the first book. The stiol changes, its as if the books are not from the same person. Overall this book is a good book on its on till you get to the end. its as if it is only part of the book, and u have to what for the next chapter to get out. So if u enjoy a hanger then get this book if not then you may want to pass.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
shortcircuit More than 1 year ago
waiting for book 5, hope it as good as 4