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The Blackwell Handbook of Global Management: A Guide to Managing Complexity / Edition 1

The Blackwell Handbook of Global Management: A Guide to Managing Complexity / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9781405152679
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 08/01/2006
Series: Blackwell Handbooks in Management Series
Edition description: 1ST
Pages: 500
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.80(h) x 1.12(d)

About the Author

Henry W. Lane, Martha L. Maznevski, Mark E. Mendenhall, and JeanneMcNett are a highly regarded team of writers and teachers oninternational management.

Harry Lane is the Darla and Frederick Brodsky TrusteeProfessor in Global Business at Northeastern University.

Martha L. Maznevski is Professor of OrganizationalBehavior and International Management at the InternationalInstitute for Management Development, Lausanne.

Mark E. Mendenhall is the J. Burton Frierson Chair ofExcellence in Business Leadership at the University of Tennessee,Chattanooga.

Jeanne McNett is Associate Professor of Management atAssumption College in Massachusetts.

The editors have helped create the International OrganizationsNetwork, ION, to develop high-quality international managementresearch on organizational and behavioral issues and increase itsimpact on management education and practice. ION has provided theauthors, the research base, and worldwide teaching experience forthis important new handbook on the complexities of globalmanagement behavior.

Table of Contents

List of Figures.

List on the Contributors.


Introducing ION: The International Organization Network.

How ION Works.

Blackwell Handbook of Global Management: A Guide to ManagingGlobal Complexity: The Process.

Part I: Introduction: Understanding People andContext:.

1. Globalization: Hercules Meets Buddha: Henry W. Lane, MarthaL. Maznevski, Mark Mendenhall.

2. People in Global Organizations: Culture, Personality andSocial.

Dynamics - Mary Yoko Brannen, Carolina Gomez, Mark F. Peterson,Laurence Romani, Lilach Sagiv.

Part II: Global Competencies:.

3. Global Competencies: An Introduction: Alan Bird, Joyce S.Osland.

4. The Crucial Yet Illusive Global Mindset: Nakiye Boyacigiller,Schon Beechler, Sully Taylor, Orly Levy.

5. Interpersonal Skills:.

Part A. Mindful Communication: David C. Thomas, Joyce S.Osland.

Part B. Creating and Building Trust: Ellen Whitener, GuenterStahl.

6. The System Level Skills of Gobal Competency:.

Part A. Boundary Spanning: Schon Beechler, Mikael Sondergaard,Edwin Miller, Alan Bird.

Part B. Building Community Through Change: Joyce S. Osland, AlanBird.

Part C. Ethical Decision-Making: Jeanne McNett, MikaelSondergaard.

Part III: Teaming and Leading:.

7. Leading in a Global Context: Vision in Complexity: Deanne N.den Hartog.

8. Designing and Forming Global Teams: Julia C. Gluesing,Cristina B. Gibson.

9. Effective Team Processes for Global Teams: Sue CanneyDavison, Bjorn Z. Ekelund.

10. Performance Management in Global Teams: Bradley L. Kirkman,Deanne N. Den Hartog.

Part IV: Executing Strategic Initiatives Globally:.

11. Managing Knowledge in Global Organizations: Tatiana Kostova,Nicholas Athanassiou, Iris Berdrow.

12. External Sourcing of Knowledge in the International Firm:Julian Birkinshaw.

13. Seeking Global Advantage With Information Management andInformation Technology Capabilities: Donald A. Marchand.

14. Global Account Management: New Structures, New Tasks: JulianBirkinshaw, Joseph J. DiStefano.

15. Barriers and Bonds to Knowledge Transfer in Global Alliancesand Mergers: Henry W. Lane, Danna Greenberg, Iris Berdrow.

16. Managing Complexity in the Global Innovation Process: ANetworks and Social Capital Solution: Edward F. McDonough III,Francis C. Spital, Nicholas Athanassiou.

Part V: Special Issues in Developing and TransitioningEconomies:.

Introduction: Joyce S. Osland, Sue Canney Davison.

17. The Developing World: Towards a Managerial Understanding:Betty Jane Punnett.

18. Leadership and Teamwork in the Developing Country Context:Zeynep Aycan.

19. Gaining Legitimacy: Management’s Challenge inDeveloping and Transitioning Economies: Daniel J. McCarthy; SheilaM. Puffer.

20. Management in Action in Developing Economies: TerenceJackson.


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