Blake's Choice

Blake's Choice

by Louisa Masters

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ISBN-13: 9781781843390
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 06/07/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 44
File size: 180 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Louisa lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she has a long-standing love affair with the sensual pleasures of life: wine, bubble baths, ice-cream and books. Nothing gives an illicit thrill like reading a sexy story on the train while those around you are oblivious. Get into a sexy state of mind and feel that thrill with Louisa’s books!

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Mandy sat at the bar, fiddling with her beer bottle and staring at the man in the corner. He was there nearly every time she was, which was every Friday lately. Since her best friend Karen had hooked up with Daniel, they came here a lot.

The guy in the corner looked familiar, and not just because she saw him every week. Had she met him before? Mandy was pretty sure she'd remember if she had—the guy was smoking hot. Tawny blond hair, just long enough to tell that it curled. Teal-coloured eyes highlighted a face that had surely been carved from granite—no man should have cheekbones that high. The eyes had to be contact lenses, though. Eyes that colour just couldn't be natural. He was almost pretty, except for the piercings. Three in each ear, two in his left eyebrow, one in his nose. And the tattoos on both arms and the side of his neck. She was pretty sure he'd have more under his shirt.

"Stop staring." Toni's amused voice cut into Mandy's thoughts.

She turned to face forward on her stool and found her favourite bartender propped against the other side of the bar, grinning. Her hot pink tank top matched her hair and revealed a heavily tattooed torso.

"I'm not staring," Mandy defended herself, even as heat rose in her cheeks. Toni's smirk told her she wasn't fooling anyone. "Okay, so maybe I looked for a little longer than is polite, but you have to admit he's hot."

"He is," Toni agreed, but didn't say anything else.

Mandy raised an eyebrow. "He's here a lot," she prompted. Toni was normally verbose, but for some reason she was being close-mouthed. "What's his name?"

Toni took Mandy's beer bottle—which was not quite empty—and replaced it with a shot of tequila, a salt shaker and a piece of lime. "How should I know?"

Mandy surveyed her new drink, lips pursed. She didn't cope very well with tequila, but Daniel was driving, so… First salt, then the burn of tequila, followed by the sharp, sour tang of lime. Mandy gasped then sucked vigorously on the lime, glaring at Toni. "What was that for? You know I always regret tequila." Toni shrugged, and Mandy circled the conversation back to where she wanted it. "You know all the regulars. I refuse to believe you don't know who he is."

"You can refuse all you want." Toni cracked a small smile, and refilled Mandy's shot glass.

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