Blaze of Secrets

Blaze of Secrets

by Jessie Donovan


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ISBN-13: 9780989733618
Publisher: LHK
Publication date: 09/03/2013
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Jessie Donovan wrote her first story at age five, and after discovering the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey in junior high, realized that people actually wanted to read stories like those floating around inside her head. From there on out, she was determined to tap into her over-active imagination and write a book someday.

After living abroad for five years and earning degrees in Japanese, Anthropology, and Secondary Education, she buckled down and finally wrote her first full-length book. While that story will never see the light of day, it laid the world-building groundwork of what would become her debut paranormal romance, Blaze of Secrets.

Jessie loves to interact with readers, and when not traipsing around some foreign country on a shoestring, can often be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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Blaze Of Secrets (Asylums for Magical Threats #1) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
pammyl More than 1 year ago
Kiara was born a first born Feiru with magic powers and at a young age they are taken from thire family and locked into a compound called Asylums of magical threats "AMT" and never seen again. Jaxon's brother was a first born and taken. Jaxton gas been looking for him to take him back. But to get the info on his brother he had to save a woman too "kiarra" Wow what a cool series. So different with tons of everything I love. Mystery, drama, action, and wow it really was fantastic to read and could be a great movie! It's a most read for anyone who is a fan of magic. Book gifted for an honest review and I honestly loved it.
CybalHa More than 1 year ago
Jessie Donovan’s imagination is awesome. This book is ingenious. Not only does it have magical powers in it, the way it is written is unique. I really enjoyed reading this book. If you enjoy books with a unique concept this series may be for you.
cherigCG More than 1 year ago
Jessie Donovan's Blaze of Secrets is exciting, has great characters you care about and never know what will happen next. Jax is the strong male who isn't going to be taken in by his rescuee--right. Who could resist Kiarra? Solemn, all business Jaxton? It didn't take long for her inner strength to work on his reserve. She'd been through a horrible captivity and he was to protect her and train her in self defense. No one told him how to defend his feelings. I loved watching her grow and find herself, overcome what few could. The action kept me guessing and wondering who was friend or foe. The sub characters could all have their own stories and I hope many do. I was invested in this story from page one to the final page. A definite keeper. I was provided an ARC for an honest review.
CD1966 More than 1 year ago
The story is very intense and exciting. Jessie Donovan has created a well written world that is both frightening and imaginative. Cant wait to read the rest of the books in this series.
Donna_Hok79 More than 1 year ago
Wonderful new concept This is a wonderful story full of action and adventure with a love story in the middle.  New concept with magic and good guys vs bad guys and severely in-between.  Love the character interplay as well as the all the individual characters. Well written and very engaging.   Could not put down once I started to read.  Looking forward to the next in the series.  I wand given a free copy for an honest review.
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
My first thoughts on this one?  Thrillingly unique.  Donovan has created a world completely of her own and runs with it.  New races and political structures are presented that are so real and well developed that you can’t help but believe in them.  I love the background and political information that Donovan works into her brilliant novel.  It’s all there and in an informative yet captivating manner.  She doesn’t stop the forward flow of the story to provide a narrative, but rather works the details into the storyline itself.  Her fact paced and upbeat writing style draws you in while her solid storyline keeps you hooked.  Everything combines together to create something that is simultaneously emotional and suspenseful.   The characters in this novel were completely off the hook!  The main characters were both fully developed individuals that you could easily identify with.  I love how they meshed together while still contrasting with and sparking against each other.  It was brilliant.  And the fact that the male lead has a bit of a paranormal 007 feel to him didn’t hurt either.  The supporting cast was also quite intriguing.  Each character is developed as a character that could stand alone in their own story.   Overall, this novel was exciting and intense.  It was a brilliant first novel for Donovan and I can’t wait to read more from this talented author.   Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Definitely check this new series starter out! How often do you read about the fey or Feiru as they are called, in a light as protectors of humans? Blaze of Secrets by Jessie Donovan is a brilliant new take on the paranormal world! The first-born of the Feiru are deemed protectors of humans and kept safely hidden from harm, or are they? DEFEND, a group who knows the truth about what happens to these special first-borns with Elemental powers are on a crusade to save them from a tortured life as a lab rat at the hands of callous scientists. Kiarra has known cruelties beyond belief, so it’s no wonder that she does not trust Jaxton when he comes blazing in as part of a rescue team. Jaxton is thrown for a loop when Kiarra burrows her way into his heart. She is so damaged; can she ever reach her true potential? Can she ever trust anyone? What are these strange feelings Kiarra has for the tough, yet handsome Jaxton? Get ready for a great, action-packed tale that is filled with depth, description and pulls you right into the story with great world-building and character development that happens right before you very eyes. Definitely intense, yet not overwhelming, this has the potential for an amazing series with strong characters and plot lines! Ms. Donovan has thrown herself into her writing with vivid scenes, and some historical facts that round out the present story well! An ARC edition was provided by the author as part of the Release Day Storm blog Tour for Blaze of Secrets.
Jazzie More than 1 year ago
'Blaze of Secrets' is an interesting and unique take the paranormal, specifically, on the Fae world...or as in the book...the Feiru world. At first, the story had a slow start with the introduction of the kind of world these characters live in; however, after the world-building and the introduction to the characters did it take off. Although I felt it was a bit slow in the beginning, I was already intrigued with the mystery of these characters since there was no clear distinction of who they are in the beginning. The espionage/mystery and intrigue as the story opened kept me wondering...curious.  I was being drawn in...that's what author Jessie Donovan was doing with the beginning of this story. After reading each chapter, more and more was revealed...and, there was no doubt that there was more than meets the eye to the plot of this story. Being the first book of the "Asylums for Magical Threats," author Jessie Donovan definitely wrote an exciting, thrilling and adventurous opening for this series. I couldn't put the book down until the "secrets" were revealed. Her characters were well developed and her world-building was intriguing. And, her plot...well, Jessie Donovan did an amazing job at grabbing my interest and curiosity with enough "secrets" and mystery to keep me from putting the book down until the situation was resolved. As for the romance part, there's enough to keep it "steamy." 'Blaze of Secrets' is a story filled with a mix of the paranormal element, mystery, action, drama and romance that kept me turning the pages. I definitely enjoyed that whole "secret agent" espionage/intrigue element in the book. And, now, I look forward to Book 2 of the "Asylums for Magical Threats" series.
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Book exchanged for a review:The Feiru are people with magical abilities that have been basicly taken in prison camps known as AMT. The Feiru first-born are then studied, tortured, abused, and otherwise treated badly by their captors. Kiarra Melini has lost her ability to control elemental fire from the south. She doesn't want to be used for any more experiments especially nullifying one which drives many Feiru insane. Jaxton (Jax) Ward is told by Neena that he must rescue one other prisoner a female along with his brother Garret. Jaxton's team is a well-oiled machine that move this rescue off like clockwork. Jax can't seem to control his thoughts and emotions around Kiarra while trying to be her trainer in DEFEND, an organization dedicated to freeing Feiru, by Neena. Neena gives subtle clues to Kiarra that start the process of healing and trust. The unexpected arrival of Cam Kiarra's younger sister sets off a chain of events nobody in DEFEND safehouse could ever predict or see coming. Cam informs them that a team is being sent to retrieve Kiarra no matter what and that they must leave as soon as possible. Kiarra finds that Jax inspires a kind of trust she thought lost all of these years being imprisoned. James Sinclair is Kiarra's uncle and ruthless leader determined to eradicate The Feiru's abilities from existence. Giovanni is also Kiarra's, Cam's, and James' family wants to help his adopted father with whatever he can. Kiarra is kidnapped again and it's up to Jax to rescue her. Will James' plan work? Will Jax admit his feelings for Kiarra? Will Kiarra escape again? What are Neena's motives? Your answers await you in Blaze of Secrets. An interesting new world involving magic and it's people. I loved the upheaval in this book because it kept you on the edge of your seat making this book a real page turner. I personally loved Kiarra's name, spirit, and ability to adapt to her surroundings with little effort. Jax is a dreamy tough as nails man that let's nothing stand in his way of what he wants. I also loved that they both would risk much in the name of family consequences be damned. I'm definitely looking forward to next installment in this series.
Slim_Cat1 More than 1 year ago
Paranormal Romance & Authors That Rock sent me this "Fabu" read and to be honest it was amaze-balls! From the first page they hook you with elemental powers and conflict against the "Fieru" and humans. People have the ability to call upon the four elements such as Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. To protect humans these people, the First-borns of the family, are put into a facility AMT for their protection. Or so that is what the Fieru community is told. There is a growing group, DEFEND, that know the truth and are trying to free those in AMT and inform the Fieru public. Jaxton, brave strong sexy Jaxton, goes to save his brother who has been taken by the AMT but also has to rescue one other....Kiarra Melini. She has been held captive for 15 years and thinks her Fire ability is gone. Kiarra is at the end of her rope when Jaxton comes to save her. Now they must learn to fight together in order to survive. I absolutely love the dynamic between Jax and Kiarra...because to be honest who doesn't love a women driving a man to distraction!