Bless My Soul!

Bless My Soul!




Nodding in agreement, Pinkie and Blue Boy headed in the direction of the conference table, carrying with them their scrolls from The Divine. This assignment is happening so fast, Pinkie said, deep in thought.

Not fast enough. I want to know the name of whom I will be guardian,” Blue Boy added.

Reality was setting in.

The angel guardians were itching to know the names of the two Earthlings they were being assigned to. When Cherubim Cupid finally makes the announcement, the roller-coaster ride begins.

In this spiritual romantic fable, The Divine administers to Angel Guardian Pinkie and Angel Guardian Blue Boy the task of earning their Gold Wings.

The Divine Assignment that the angels thought was going to be a “heavenly piece of cake” soon turns into a lumpy batter. Breezy is a gusty, sexy, money-hungry guy who sweeps the romantic poet Bubbles off her feet, taking her on the bike ride of her lifetime.

How on earth are Pinkie and Blue Boy going to whip up a prize-winning batter this time around? With Bubbles and Breezy it sure isn’t easy. Everyone will be whipped into a rich, thick, delicious mixture of choices, challenges, love, and laughter, climbing the summit of their spiritual connection to The Divine and His Angelic Realm in Bless My Soul!

Be ready to be enlightened to The Divine’s Blueprints and ways of answered prayers that are imprinted forever to Bless Your Soul with love and fulfillment of your dreams.

This unique and sentimental story will set many hearts on fire and halos on end, all in pursuit of a “marriage made in heaven,” and keep you guessing if there will be an Amen.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781587360350
Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.
Publication date: 05/28/2001
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 6.08(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Angel Guardian Pinkie and Angel Guardian Blue Boy1
Cherubim Cupid's Briefing8
Enter Baby Breezy19
Camp Cloud24
Enter Baby Bubbles30
Breezy's Bits and Pieces34
Breezy and Violet38
Bubbles' Bits and Pieces42
Bubbles and Sienna53
Angel Talk61
Breezy and Bubbles71
Feelings in the Air77
First Kiss82
Bursting Bubbles101
Angels Report and Analyze104
Land Sakes Blue Boy124
Church Bells132
Easter Renewal137
Divine Enlightenment142
May 11, 1990149
Guess Who?151
Calling All Angels161
The Pair168
World Series Play-Offs172
You Are Heavenly Invited177
White Dove66
As Time Breezes By80
Antique Lace92
Biker's Prayer100
Broken Heart103
My Bubbles119
Innocent Kiss121
All in Time123
Pinkie and Blue Boy128
Song: Eternal Spring142
My Rose153
Haunted Love160
Heavenly Rainbow165
Soul Mates181
By the Author
Rose Art153
Pinkie and Blue Boy Statues Photo173

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