Blessings (Sommerfeld Trilogy Series #3)

Blessings (Sommerfeld Trilogy Series #3)

by Kim Vogel Sawyer
4.5 9


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Blessings (Sommerfeld Trilogy Series #3) by Kim Vogel Sawyer

One Young Woman with a Tender Heart and Healing Touch Struggles to Find Her Way. . . .

Trina Muller has always had a passion for healing abandoned and injured animals. Her parents encourage this tenderness towards God’s creatures until Trina confesses her dream of going to veterinary college. They can’t understand why she won’t accept that God’s will is for her to be a wife and mother?

Graham Ortmann loves Trina, but how can he possibly marry someone who is determined to go against the dictates of the Old Order Mennonite fellowship?

Trina can never be happy if she is outside of God’s will for her life. But which life will she choose—one with Graham or one in pursuit of her heart’s calling?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781597894067
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/28/2008
Series: Sommerfeld Trilogy Series , #3
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.24(w) x 8.03(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

KIM VOGEL SAWYER, a Kansas resident, is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, writer, speaker, and lover of cats and chocolate. From the time she was a very little girl, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and seeing her words in print is the culmination of a lifelong dream. Kim relishes her time with family and friends, and stays active in her church by teaching adult Sunday school, singing in the choir, and being a "ding-a-ling" (playing in the bell choir). In her spare time, she enjoys drama, quilting, and calligraphy.

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Blessings (Sommerfeld Trilogy Series #3) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Trina Muller's story thread runs through the books of the Sommerfeld Trilogy. In Bygones: Marie Koeppler Quin and her grown daughter Beth return to the Mennonite community Marie abandoned twenty-three years ago. Trina Muller and her mother are running the café which Beth inherited from her aunt. In Beginnings: By her healing touch, Trina Muller saves a kitten that would have been thrown away. The kitten becomes a gift to Beth Quin. In Blessings: We concentrate on Trina's struggle. She can never quite please, or live up to her mother's expectations. She struggles with her job in the café, which is not fulfilling to her because she knows her gift and concern for animals comes from God. Trina is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. The community which she loves and needs does not think a woman with a career is normal. After reading the book the real take home value for me was the healing of relationships from reading Gods word, not with preconceived beliefs, but with discernment of what the Bible really says.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Trina wants to be a vet. She is Mennonite and does not have even a high school education. Her dreams threaten to break up her relationship with her boyfriend/future husband, her immediate family, and her fellowship (congregation). Can she convince them that becoming a vet will help the community? Coincidently, I read this after reading Dear to Me by Wanda E. Brunstetter. Both deal with young women who want to be vets. Brunstetter writes of the Amish. Sawyer writes of the Mennonites. Besides that point, the books are completely different, especially the endings. If you have read one, go ahead and read the other. I have read all of Sawyer¿s other books: Blessings, Bygones, and Beginnings. This is by far her best. I used to think of her as second to Brunstetter, the obvious benchmark in this niche. Sawyer has come into her own place. All of her books stand alone, but go buy them all. Sawyer is an author to watch!
Guest More than 1 year ago
A return to Sommerfield is like visiting old friends. And, if this is your first trip there, you will find yourself longing to stay. Trina Miller loves her Old Order Mennonite heritage and her small hometown. She also has a deep love for animals and has always had an affinity for caring for them. After sitting up all night with an ailing horse and the local veterinarian affirming her expert care of the animal, Trina wonders if a career in veterinary medicine could be possible. Her community has never allowed women to work or anyone to attend college. As she struggles with the rules of the community and the desires she is convinced God placed within her heart, she also faces heartbreak. Graham Ortmann and Trina love each other and desire to be married. However, Graham cannot support her desire to have a career. After all, shouldn't a woman's only desire be that of wife and mother? Is there room in his faith for a change in his tradition? Join Graham and Trina in their journey of faith and love and discernment of the plan of God. When tragedy strikes will it work to bring them together or tear them apart? Kim Vogel Sawyer closes the Sommerfield Trilogy with a powerful story of faith and true love. You will love the characters and a part of you will long for the simple life and faith of the townspeople. You may, like me, wish to visit Sommerfield again. And, if you haven't read the other two books, read this one and go out and get the others.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the third book of her Sommerfield Trilogy, Blessings, Kim Sawyer again draws us into the life and times of the people in this town. Trina has a dream of being a veterinarian, but it goes against everything her family and the Mennonite culture believes. Still, she plans toward fulfilling her goal. Every where she turns, obstacles block her path, but her love for Graham Ortmann gives her hope. Even though he doesn¿t at first approve of her ambitions, his love causes him to support her dreams. When all odds seem against her going to college, Trina finds help from her friend Beth. As people and events around Trina grow and change, Trina begins to believe her dream may come true. Her faith is tested through many trials and objections, but it takes a near tragedy for her heart to know the truth and what to do about the future. A great story of love and friendships, Blessings will bless your heart with its gentle story of hope.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this final installment of Sommerfield Triology, Trina Muller faces difficult decisions and obstacles when she tells her parents of her desire to go to college to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. College was frowned upon for women of the Old Order of Mennonites. She must convince her father and the deacons of the fellowship that caring for animals is God¿s calling for her life. Graham Ortmann, her fiancé, struggles with understanding how she could do this to them when they are about to be married. He thinks her place is rightfully in the home and raising a family. His confidence in Trina is deepened when he turns to God in his exasperation. Only when she begins to take online courses with the help of her cousin, Beth, is she truly being who she was meant to be. The book is about trusting God to give you the desires of your heart, when it appears as though everything around you is crumbling. This is a well written story that draws you in to discover how Trina will face her some hard decisions as only Kim Sawyer can do so well. One of the tenderest scenes in the book was the defining moment when Trina and Graham express their love to each other in a very well crafted love scene. This last book was a great culmination to a wonderful Sommerfield series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The final book in this wonderful series finds Trina Muller wanting to fulfill her dream of becoming a veterinarian. But even after she gets the go ahead from the leaders of the Old Order Mennonite, there's a long way to go. A satisfying end to a terrific series!
Guest More than 1 year ago
BLESSINGS, by Kim Vogel Sawyer Reviewed by Marion Kelley Bullock Trina Muller works in her mother¿s cafe in Sommerfeld. Outwardly cheerful, she harbors a secret desire to attend college and become a veterinarian. She dreams of taking over Doctor Groening¿s practice when he retires. But her parents would never approve her career. Trina can¿t believe God would give her the gift of healing sick and injured animals without allowing her to use it. Graham Ortmann loves Trina, but he¿s indignant when she shares her plans to attend college. She should be content to be a wife and mother. How could he marry a woman who won¿t follow the dictates of the Old Order Mennonite fellowship? After Trina begins her studies, a young veterinarian buys Dr. Groening¿s practice and Trina begins to doubt her calling. Other troubles pile up and Trina fears she¿ll never be able to achieve her dream. Not only will Trina Muller win your heart, but you'll also be able to reconnect with the other friends we met in Beginnings and Bygones. Kim¿s third book in the Sommerfeld trilogy is well worth the read.