Blind Love

Blind Love

by M. S. Brannon


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ISBN-13: 9781494735524
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/27/2014
Pages: 332
Sales rank: 1,134,360
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.69(d)

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Blind Love 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
psee More than 1 year ago
4.5 Lovely Stars This is Brannon's third book in the Sulfur Heights Series. As I had not read the other two books in the series I was less familiar with the characters or their background drama. Despite this I still loved reading Jake and Delilah's story.  For those familiar, Jake is another rough around the edges Evans brother. He is a hustler without a real job and due to his horrible history with an abusive mother, he likes women for only one thing and in one way, up against the wall. His crude nature is completely at odds with what Delilah expects from a man. Delilah is a debutante with a large heart. looking to reconnect with her only best friend, Presley, despite her mother's disapproval. Spending the summer in Sulfur Heights, Jake and Delilah grow close despite their antagonizing start. Jake wants to bring out the inner thrill seeking nature in Delilah. Delilah wants to learn what makes Jake tic in regard to women and she is determined to become his best friend. Lines become blurred. Jake can't believe he could ever want anything more with a woman and Delilah is torn by her obligation to family and following what is expected of her, like marrying Emmerson, a man her mother wholeheartedly approves. Despite his dirty mouth and cocky attitude, I couldn't help but love Jake. He made the story for me. I would often find myself laughing at the things he would say or think. Okay, I need to slow this down for her. The slutty ones are really not that smart. Now I don't smell like a homeless guy's ass crack, and I feel more human. The woman drives like a sprint car racer who's hopped up on red bull and cocaine.  The best thing about Jake though is his transition through the story. While remaining real to himself and loyal to his family, he allows himself to open up and experience true feelings to Delilah. On top of that he is tenderhearted to Mia, and I loved that about him. Lastly, once he fell, even when things were bad, he really never strayed back to his bad behaviors. Now Delilah on the other hand drove me nuts. I really was bothered by her. She would have to have been blind not to appreciate the changes in Jake and more importantly question why they were happening. I can't believe she allowed for the closeness and still had Emmerson in her life. Really I was hoping it was gonna be a situation where we would have learned that he was sleeping around on her or something to make me feel better about her actions with Jake. Ugh...I understand how she was ingrained with the expectations for her life, but it is not like she hadn't followed family's path all the time or otherwise she would have never been in Sulfur Heights to begin with. The rest of the story and the secondary characters really helped to make this such an amazing book for me. Even without knowing the back story on Drake and Presley or even Reggie and Darcie, I couldn't help but be touched by their story. Not gonna lie, some parts truly are heartbreaking and in my mind were extremely well written.  So overall, I really loved this story. The half point deduction is simply because I really was bothered by Delilah in the story at the end. I liked and overlooked some of her actions earlier in the story, but by the end, I was close to being done with her. I'm not gonna lie though, I do love the way things came together at the end. Thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
MaryJoMI More than 1 year ago
I LOVE the Evans family. It's as simple as that. This is not a traditional family but this group of individuals have found themselves as a family and no matter what happens they will be there for each other. In Blind Love we get Jake's story. Up until now all I knew about Jake was that he hustles for money and is pretty much a man-whore. Then Presley's best friend Delilah appears to spend the summer and Jake Evans gets knocked off his axis. The push and pull between Jake and Delilah is phenomenal – they truly have each other's number knowing just which buttons to push which gives us amazing. Delilah is struggling with the expectations that her parents of have ingrained in her from birth to who she really is/wants to be. Jake has a way of pushing Delilah and allowing her to let go and find herself. Can Delilah walk away from her family obligations for love? Will Jake really change his ways for a woman?  Another fabulously real and honest story that shows us the ups and downs of living.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CaseyG17 More than 1 year ago
I love this book because you get to know yet another member of the Evans family Jake. The characters are just so believable and you start to really connect with them through out the series. I can't wait for the next one!
chucha_13 More than 1 year ago
4.5 The second book had left me broken hearted, I wonder how Jake’s story will leave me… Despite the tragedy from the previous book, I was excited to read his story. He is the male version of Darcie, so to speak, and the perfect bad boy compared to his twin brother Jeremy. He enjoys his life, and spends his time between hustling, fighting and womanizing. Then the princess came along. DELILAH is PERFECT. She was trained to be one – a hostess, a trophy wife. She lived in comfort – and way different from Jake’s and the rest of the family’s upbringing and lifestyle. She might not be a snob, but I found her gullible with her mother’s wants and desires. Speaking of her mother – gaaaaahd. She’s the worst person I came across here, even worse than Carter – she’s a demon in designer clothes, the master puppeteer. I wished that Delilah would grow some balls (even though she’s a girl), and fight for what she wants rather than doing what she was dictated to do. Her mother is against Jake, compared to Emerson, her future was bleak with the former. I couldn’t blame her with this kind of reasoning. But at that age, Delilah should be given the freedom to choose. If she wants to be with Jake, then she ought to be with him regardless of the circumstances. Because watching them together under the hood of friendship, pretending to be platonic is just sad. YOU DO NOT LUST AFTER YOUR FRIEND. Delilah should have realized that. No matter how hard she fought the feelings – Jake had seeped through her veins. This guy, who’s been calling her cupcake, and irritating her to the maximum level had given her the time of her life, but she decided to play it safe and appointed him as her best friend. Over the next two years, they remained friendly, but still close. Embracing the relationship that none of them pretty much expected when it was so obvious that BOTH of them wanted it to be more. Then the tragedy occurred – OMG – it just broke my heart again. Watching Drake having his heart ripped into pieces.  And a twist I have never seen coming. I was surprised, I was distraught, I never realized. M.S. Brannon had almost given me a coronary – where in the world did it all came from? It was an unexpected twist – all the anticipation, all the confusion zeroed in to this point. I think this had caught my attention more than all the romantic drama Jake and Delilah had (sorry) – because the surprise was sooooooooooooooooo unfreeeakin believable! Nevertheless, I finished it in one sitting (a little late), but I did. I couldn’t put it down because with all those dramas, I was desperate for a HEA – and I was praying, really hoping this time it wouldn’t end like that of the second book and I WAS SOOOOO glad with the ending. M.S. Brannon couldn’t make it anymore perfect. ¿ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.¿
AleyD More than 1 year ago
There are books that you love, books you love to hate, and books that grip you in their emotional ride so thoroughly that you'll never forget them. Blind Love falls into that final category. I shouldn't be surprised, though, because M.S. Brannon has done it every single time. This book takes a look back at the events that occurred during Tragic Love from the perspective of Delilah and Jake in such a way that, even though I knew what was coming, I couldn't put it down. Getting their POVs helps you to understand a lot of things that were happening in between, adding new emotions to the Evans' lives and painting a picture that captivates, causes laughter, rips my heart out, puts me back together, and then throws me for an absolute loop that I didn't see coming. I am in awe of M.S. Brannon and her collection of work, and I can't wait to see more from her!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once again, I'm left speechless at the end of the book. I can't get enough of this series, and so sad that I have to wait for the next one...can't wait!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great series. I can't wait for the next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The sulfur heights series is amazing!! Blind Love is just one of M.S Brannons master pieces!! I couldn't put the book down!! This is a must read for everyone!!
SARBlog_TMC More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC for an honest review. M.S. Brannon did it once again! I love the Sulpher Heights series and couldn't wait to dig into Jake Evans bad boy himself. In Blind Love, it will be in Jake Evans and Delilah's POV. I really thought it was amazing how the author recreated their POV's from Tragic Love's novel. This helped me understand some of the background story that was going on behind Drake and Presley's story also. I was always guessing what was going on in Jake's head and why him and Delilah was best friends one minute and hated each other the next. I loved how M.S. Brannon can just pull you into a story where you can truly feel the emotions of the characters yourselves. There are definitely plenty of drama and unexpected twists that I was not expecting. I was so clueless of Jeremy and really need closure for Drake also. I cannot wait to find out how Redeemed Love will begin then end of a fantastic series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
**Beta** Another bad boy to swoon over! Jake Evans screams SEXY!  This is the third book in the Sulfur Heights Series. Introducing Jake Evans!  Blind Love runs parallel to Tragic Love at the beginning, showing us Jake and Delilah's side to Drake and Presley's story. Jake, the ultimate bad boy, loves whiskey and women, never sticks with a women more than once. He plays the field, drinks like a fish and has a "this is f****** me, take it or leave it," attitude. That is until Delilah St. James shimmies into his life, turning it completely upside down. At first his only intentions were to drive her crazy, get on her nerves. But after her spending the summer in the Evans house, they become closer and before they say goodbye, decide to become friends.  They go through their ups and downs. Delilah's parents being one of the downs. She is expected to be so perfect and marry the perfect man, set to become a trophy wife. But as she becomes closer with the Evans family, she finds it harder and harder to go back home, leaving a little bit more of her heart in Sulfur Heights every time. As the years go on, Jake realizes his true feeling for this amazing women who has completely changed his outlook on life... Other women becoming faceless blurs. But their faith rests in Delilah's hands.  This is another raw ride of emotions that will cut you deep enough to leave a mark. M.S. Brannon takes you to a whole new level of love and the rawness it can leave, permanently scarring you. Jake is so different from Reggie and Drake. His cocky, no BS attitude is hot! As much as this story has it's sad parts and seriously, sometimes you want to slap Delilah, it is funny, heartwarming, entertaining and Jake is just pure sex!  It's funny, sad, witty and very loving. You will fall in love with Jake Evans. I have no doubt. It proves that no matter which end of the earth you come from, the power love holds is something that can never be broken.  I was honored that M.S. Brannon asked me to be a Beta-Reader. I have watched this series really grow. I was so excited to read Jake's story. Thank you Melissa for giving me my first chance as an ARC reader and a Beta-Reader! I will never forget.  I give Jake Evans 5 loving, wonderful action-packed stars!  **And watch for Jeremy Evans's story to be told next! Coming later in 2014! ** **Mature- 18+**
Hershey07 More than 1 year ago
A Romance That Pulls At Your Heart From the First Page ***I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.*** Once again, another fabulous read by M.S. Brannon!!! FINALLY, this one is about Jake who has to be the hottest guy EVER!!!! This is the story of Jake and Delilah, and oh what a story it is. In Tragic Love, we were given just a glimpse of the chemistry between the two. Blind Love is full of it! Delilah is the childhood best friend of Presley who has come to town for an internship. To say that she is the complete opposite of Jake would be the understatement of the decade! He is from the wrong side of the tracks, and D is from money and social standing. At their first meeting, the sparks fly. Jake decides to hit on D, and she shoots him down before he gets out of the gate. As you can imagine, they convince themselves that they can’t stand the sight of one another. But, that doesn’t last long! And the two actually develop a deep friendship. Jake decides to bring D out of her comfort zone and try things she couldn’t even imagine before. In return, she tries to get him to reform his bad boy ways. Of course, that doesn’t work. However, she accepts Jake for who he is. Their relationship gradually develops over time. There are SOOO many things that I really love about this book. I liked that the story took place over a long period of time. Jake and D don’t just fall into lust, then into bed, and then in love. Their relationship develops over time. Yes, they do have lustful, hot feelings for each other, but the beauty of their relationship is their friendship. They are there for one another even though they get mad at each other and fight, they always make their way back to each other. I think for Jake to have a relationship with a woman, it has to be different from anything he had before because of his horrendous relationship with his mother. I liked the fact that even though this was Jake’s story, it happens at the same time the events that occurred in Tragic Love are unraveling. I love how Jake and D grow throughout their friendship. We get to see a softer side to Jake which just makes him HOTTER. We also get to see D change over time and stand up to her family and douchebag boyfriend and begin to live her life on her own terms. Of course, my favorite thing about Blind Love, as in the other two books, is M.S. Brannon’s writing style. She is one of the rare writers who writes what she feels, no matter where that leads us readers. And, oh what journeys she takes us on! The emotions are raw and real, and everything and everyone isn’t perfect. It’s like real life. Life is never perfect and is at times quite hard and unforgiving, but you can take what you are given in life and make your own HEA and on your own terms…a lot like her writing!!! I think her books are perfection! She takes characters who are full of flaws and shortcomings and have such pain and suffering, and she makes you love them! She makes you feel what they feel! By the way, all of you readers who were so mad at her at the end of Tragic Love will LOVE her again. She is such a talented writer, and I cannot wait to read her next book! Thanks again, M.S. Brannon, for taking us out of our comfortable reading zone and taking us on one hell of a ride…a lot like Jake does for D!
mwiegert2007 More than 1 year ago
From the very beginning, Blind Love takes control of your emotions, stripping them raw with every written word. M.S. Brannon introduces you to the real Jake Evans; a man who will give you the time of your life, but is also a man who keeps you at bay. Delilah comes in and she brings out the light he never knew he had. This book had me hooked from the beginning and left me begging for more when it was finished. You are taken on an emotional roller-coaster that you never want to get off of. You get to know the bad boy Jake Evans and find that he has a lot of deep dark memories he doesn't want to share or remember. This is what makes him the man he is today. When he meets Delilah, first she's just a conquest, but once they start on a path of friendship, Jake decides he wants more, NEEDS more from Delilah. But she has her own issues that she has to deal with at home, and she isn't interested in making them worse by getting involved with Jake. Will Jake and Delilah be able to over come all of their issues and realize that they will never be happy without each other? Or are their lives so different and demands to big for them to over come?