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Blind Trust In Doctors and Why Its Killing you + Benefits of Plant Based Medicine: Medical Myths and Lies About Health, Fitness and Weight Loss. Complete Guide to Essential Oils and Natural Remedies

Blind Trust In Doctors and Why Its Killing you + Benefits of Plant Based Medicine: Medical Myths and Lies About Health, Fitness and Weight Loss. Complete Guide to Essential Oils and Natural Remedies

by Howard Mason


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If You Want to See the Evils of Big Pharma Exposed, Keep Reading!

Imagine the following scenario - you've been suffering from migraines ever since the age of 12. They intensify into your adulthood. You go to your doctor who refers you to a neurologist. He doesn't find anything wrong. You're referred to a cardiologist and an eye doctor. You have an MRI scan. You also visit a psychiatrist who declares you suffer from some kind of phobia and puts you on heavy medications. These make you feel blurry and they simply mask the problem. So you're now stuck with an inexplicable headache and a medication that has far more side effects than benefits.

When putting blind trust in doctors, however, we often forget to trust our own bodies and we disregard the signals they're sending our way. With all of the available information, it's easy to start questioning your doctor to ensure correct treatment. Treatments are often wrong or anything but personalized. There are several reasons why:

  • Doctors are human and they make mistakes
  • Medical professionals are often paid or stimulated in other ways to push one type of medicine or another
  • Medical negligence and malpractice are real things - in the US alone, 250,000 people die each year from medical errors or negligence
  • The medical industry is often run by greed and not the patient's best interest

It's time you take charge of your own health.

"Blind Trust in Doctors and Why It's Killing You" will open your eyes and show you the main reasons why you need to be in complete control of the medical decisions that concern your wellbeing. This book will highlight essentials like:

  • The power of Big Pharma - why Americans spend more than 3.34 billion dollars on prescription drugs per year
  • Why we have been turned into clients rather than patients who need treatment
  • The lies and deceit behind diets and weight loss programs
  • The opioid crisis - commonly prescribed, these drugs kill 47,000 people per year
  • The number one reason why cholesterol isn't the enemy

Plus as a bonus, you'll also get "Benefits of Plant Based Medicine"

Did you know that over 40% of plants contain key ingredients that can be used for the development of medicines? As many as 120 compounds have been extracted from plants and a large percentage of those is still being used in drug manufacturing. There's a simple reason why you should be testing out such plant-based medicines - they work! Benefits of Plant Based Medicine is the resource you are looking for. You'll discover:

  • The evidence that shows you plant-based medicines really work
  • Addressing symptoms vs. finding the root cause of illness: what's the difference?
  • An extensive list of plants that you can use for the treatment of anything from constipation and nasal congestion to migraines and depression
  • 13 most powerful, healing plant-based foods you should eat each day
  • A step-by-step detox guide to strengthen your immune system and help your body heal on its own

And much more!

If you're already questioning the medical establishment and you're looking for alternatives to drugs that often address the symptoms rather than the disease, these are the books for you.

The medical industry could be killing you and it's time to regain control right now. If you want to be 100% in charge of your health, scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button now.

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