Blinded By the Light: The Pure Power of Real salvation

Blinded By the Light: The Pure Power of Real salvation

by Ollie B Fobbs Jr


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This came to me one day at work, I heard the song coming through the system, and I began to sing along with the singer, saying BLINDED BY THE LIT UP LIGHT A VISION IN THE RUMOR OF THE NIGHT, BLINDED BY THE LIGHT, and then the words started to come at me, scripture, head lines, theory, and the body of the work, I was like, stop! I already have too much to do, I don't need anything else, and it continued on, and on, blinded by the light, blinded by the light, I was like okay fine! There are many things that I am compelled to write, and this is one of them, I am very, very, thankful that the Lord has given me the opportunity to set at ease my spirit, that I might be more obedient to what he wants, and not what I want to do.Blinded by the light is a writing about the power of real salvation, not how to achieve it, but, how to realize it, achievement is based on our will, and that has been the mystery of the great misconception about life, God makes it plain, man makes it hard.What then is the miracle of salvation? It is breaking free from the darkness of the world, and coming into a deeper realm of faith that can only be found in Christ the Lord, so then, why did I call this book, Blinded by the light? Did you know that if you stayed in total darkness for a systematical period of time, you will become permanently blind? It is very true, don't believe it, go into a room, turn off all the lights, and in the room outside that room, turn the lights on as bright as you can get them, stay in the dark room for about an hour, then walk out into the light, what will happen is that your eyes will hurt until you shade the light or until you dim the lights, the light will actually burn your eyes for a moment.To be blinded by the light is not in the format of coming from darkness to light, it is the light of darkness, the Bible says that the devil disguises himself as an angel of light, deceiving the whole world, so with that, the book of Revelation says that the number of them going to hell will be like the grains of sand on the beach front, so, at this point, we are expecting billions of people to wind up in hell, because they will refuse to be saved.

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Publication date: 08/16/2015
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About the Author

my name is Ollie Fobbs, my life for some has gone through many, many, changes, and in those changes came many titles, so, some call me Reverend, some called Doctor, while others call me Evangelist, while still some others call me the Prophet, and while on the other hand, many others call me the Apostle, as for me, all of these are just titles, and it was said to me once that, my name actually means apostle, but anyway, that's another story.
For me, my life has not been a big bowl of cherries and ice cream, no, I've had some good days, and I've had some bad days, but, I do thank God, that He allowed me to still be here to write books, even if the Church we plan to plant never comes, I'm satisfied with life right where it is right now. At the present, I live in Winston Salem North Carolina with my wife LaVonia, who has been a blessing right out of the hand of God, from the word go, she has been a real doll of a blessing, I do believe that if it had not been for the anointing on her life, I would have never wrote the first book, now I'm somewhere between 33 and 37 published books.
I have one son, Drucyde Graves, {Andy Reid} who lives in Richmond Virginia, my Mom, Jennie Melton, my brothers Michael, Tommy, and Robert, all live in Richmond Virginia, my sister, father, and step father and god father, all have gone on before me, my sister, Sherry Fleming, my father, Elder Ollie Fobbs, my step father, Leon Melton, all of Richmond Virginia, and my godfather Fred Bates of Henrico Virginia, have all danced with the Lord.
In 1986, I was ordained as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I didn't fully surrender to the Lord however until the year 2005, my life was at that point like a roller coaster, and I was losing, through many segments with sickness, I finally made up my heart, mind and Spirit to follow Jesus and learn of him, it was then that my life began to get better, so, in 2005, the Lord said, I want you to move to North Carolina, even though I did not want to, I finally did so, my life has taken a spin for the better, and now, I am looking for greater things ahead.
Upon getting in the military in 1988, I came across a ministerial Commander that told me of things about the Kingdom that sparked my attention, I have been told since then that the way that i explain the Bible is done in a way that others have not heard before, I deeply depend on the powers of God for everything, so, in my everyday talk, a lot of the chatter is about the Kingdom of God.

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