by Alexa Martin


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"Definitely a must-read!”—La La Anthony, New York Times bestselling author

Maxwell Lewis has to make the play of his life in order to breach the woman of his dream’s defenses in this new football romance from the author of Fumbled

Brynn Larson owes a lot to reality television and professional athletes. Her bar hit new heights of success after becoming a local haunt for the Denver Mustangs players and their WAGs. But although she’s grateful, that doesn’t mean she’s crazy. And that’s exactly what she would be to ever consider dating a professional athlete. Even if it’s Maxwell Lewis, whose shy smile makes her wonder what going on behind those beautiful brown eyes. 

Maxwell knew from the moment he met Brynn that she was going to change his life. It was only a matter of time. But when he finally makes a move, fate conspires against him and everything goes wrong. Now he has to show her that their potential is real. Too bad for him, Brynn isn’t fooled by his glamorous NFL life, and when ghosts from both their pasts make a sudden reappearance, she must decide who she can trust. But when the person she’s most afraid of is herself, navigating life’s tackles is harder than anticipated.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780451491992
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 12/03/2019
Series: Playbook, The Series , #3
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 65,874
Product dimensions: 5.44(w) x 8.18(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

Alexa Martin is a writer and stay-at-home mom. She lives in Colorado with her husband--a former NFL player who now coaches at the high school where they met--their four children, and a German shepherd. When she's not telling her kids to put their shoes on...again, you can find her catching up with her latest book boyfriend or on Pinterest pinning meals she'll probably never make. Her first book, Intercepted, was inspired by the eight years she spent as an NFL wife.

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Present day


How did I get here?

I look around my little bar. When I found this building, I had hoped HERS would bring in a moderate crowd and not put me in bankruptcy court. Now it's packed to the brim with reality stars and professional athletes. I never imagined that hiring Marlee would get me here, but holy shit am I glad it did.

"Hey, Brynn," Maxwell Lewis-with his brown eyes that I swear can see to my soul, and full lips that always look so soft and sweet-says, sliding into the barstool across from me. "Wild night."

I smile my brightest lipstickless smile at him and try to not let his overall sexiness cause me to forget how to speak. "Yeah, it's a little crowded."

Understatement of the century.

Tonight is the premiere of Love the Player, the newest reality show on TV following the lives of a handful of Denver Mustangs WAGS-wives and girlfriends of sports players, if you've been living under the same rock I was. I assumed the viewing party would be in LA or Miami or someplace super glamorous, but the producers thought since so much of the drama happens at HERS, this was the perfect place to host the party.

Knowing how much publicity I'm going to get from this show sends a thrill up my spine.

Being a "female-centered bar" is a concept not a ton of people understand, but now it won't need to be explained, it will be seen, nationwide.

Fucking amazing.

I never thought I'd love Aviana and her flair for the dramatic so much. I've practically been floating in my Vans all day long. When photographers from a major magazine came to take behind-the-scenes photos and started snapping shots of the bar I spent blood, sweat, tears, and my entire life savings on, I almost wept.

And now, as the cherry on top of the already decadent sundae that's becoming my life, I get to talk to Maxwell Lewis, defensive back extraordinaire, whom I've been crushing on since he walked into HERS all those years ago, despite the fact that getting him to talk in a group setting is like pulling teeth.

If you know me, you know I don't do boyfriends and I most certainly do not do crushes.

I'm too old and jaded to act like a twelve-year-old girl anymore. But there's always an exception to the rule. And Maxwell is my four-years-and-counting exception. Plus, I'm always listening to my friends and their stories with entirely too much information. Now I can't look at Maxwell without thinking he probably really knows how to lay down the D. I'm also totally on board for a friends-with-benefits situation, something I assume a professional athlete is very familiar with.

"How'd you get talked into coming to this tonight?" I ask, doing my best flirty eyes and trying to squeeze together my barely there cleavage. "You don't seem like the typical reality show fan."

Ever since our first encounter, whenever he comes to HERS, I try my hardest to get him to flirt with me. And I think maybe, in his quiet Maxwell style, him sitting at the bar is him flirting.

He watches me through thick, dark lashes that I know women pay for, and his throaty chuckle, which I've come to the conclusion is so raspy because he never does it, washes over me. "I'm not. But I promised Crosby I'd swing by, he wanted this to be perfect for Aviana and thought a big showing of his teammates would help out."

"That's nice of you." I pull out the lowball glasses I bought just for this event. "Being around the Lady Mustangs without all the extras of tonight can be draining. I feel like Crosby might owe you one." I place an old-fashioned he didn't order in front of him. I know it's not exactly playing it coy, memorizing his drink order and all, but I'm not ashamed to let him know I see him and I'm interested.

"Well, if I get to spend the night talking to you, I think I'll owe him," he says, his light brown eyes never leaving mine.

My stomach does backflips like I climbed onto a roller coaster and just went spiraling toward the ground.

In a room filled with women who have literally been cover girls, Maxwell's attention is on me. And even more than that, he's not the kind of guy who says things he doesn't mean. In all the years I've known him, he's never been this forward. I don't know what changed, but I'm not mad at it.

Maybe a friends-with-benefits situation is actually in the cards. My stomach muscles tense in anticipation.

"So I obviously have to see this through tonight, but maybe-" I start, but the shrill sound of his phone cuts me off.

He cringes. "Shit, I meant to put this on silent. Sorry," he apologizes.

He grabs his phone from his pocket, hitting Answer before even looking at the screen.

"Hello?" he greets, a goofy smile aimed my way.

Then it's gone and the happy-go-lucky, painfully shy man I've come to know disappears right along with it. His shoulders square like he's preparing for a fight, and shutters fall across his kind eyes.

"What?" he growls, his grip so tight on his phone that his knuckles go white. "No," he says after a long pause.

His eyes glaze over as he stares right through me. I know I should walk away, let him have this moment without a witness, but my feet are frozen in place as a ripple of unease flows through my veins. Even my eyes are glued to him, focusing on the twitching of his jaw and grinding of his teeth.

"Don't you fucking dare." He whispers it into his phone so quietly that if I wasn't staring at his mouth so intently, I would've never known what he said.

Then, without any warning, he leaps out of his seat, his phone flying through the air so close to my head that it blows the strand of hair in my face out of my eyes. The glass screen explodes in time with the top-shelf tequila it hit. Then, before I can react, his whiskey in my brand-new glass sails past me, hitting my shelves with the power of a bowling ball and-unfortunately for me-getting a strike. Bottles shatter around me, the bar that I prided myself on for so many years crumbling to the floor in a mess of dangerous shards doused in amber and clear liquids.

Blood roars between my ears. Shock prevents me from lashing out the way I always assumed I would if something so unbelievable happened in my beloved HERS.

I turn wide eyes to Max, hoping that at least a look of remorse would be written across his face, but when I see him, there's nothing except the blind rage of a man who only moments prior I was preparing to ask to go home with me.

I open my mouth to say something or maybe just emit the bloodcurdling scream that's trapped in my throat, but before I can get there, TK is yanking Maxwell out of his seat and dragging him out of HERS.

Through the red veil that has fallen over my vision, I see my friends rushing toward me. But I can't. I can't take their calming words or worried glances.

Not right now.

So I move as fast as my long legs will take me until I'm in the quiet comfort of my office, slamming the door shut and locking it behind me.

And then, only then, do I let the tears fall and my hand-muffled scream escape.


Some people call me a workaholic.

And they're right.

But considering I own a bar, it's the best kind of "holic" I could be. Plus, my job consists of listening to other people's dramas and hanging out with my girls damn near every day.

"Oh my god! Brynn!" Vonnie's eyes scrunch and her entire face twists into an abstract painting. "Did you put anything besides vodka in there?"

"Gin." I wink and write the latest failed martini recipe down in my notebook.

"Why are we taste testing again?" Charli asks as she leans across the bar and grabs the martini from Vonnie. Vonnie narrows her eyes, probably ready to scold her for her table manners . . . but when Charli gives it a sniff, takes a deep sip, shrugs, and then finishes it, Vonnie's eyes grow wide and her jaw drops.

"Damn, Charli!" I don't know if I'm impressed or disturbed. "I didn't know you had that in you!"

"Don't worry." Poppy snatches the glass away from Charli and walks it around the bar like she still works here even though she quit months ago to go to school and better herself like a selfish jerk. "Shawn's on standby. Final roster cuts come in tomorrow and he's been bracing Charli for bad news . . ." She leans in closer as she passes behind me. "Something she's clearly not handling well."

Reason 8,634 why I could never date a football player.

Basketball? Maybe. At least their contracts are guaranteed and they're gone so often I'd barely have to see them. Baseball? Possibly. I do love sitting outside and eating pretzels and drinking beer. Hockey? Nope, it's basically football on skates-with more broken noses and less teeth.

Luckily for all these athletes I'd have to let down ever so gently, none of them know who I am.

"Your crazy ass better drink some water," Vonnie, always the mom of the group, tells her. "Besides, I think Aviana is coming, and who knows if she's still filming."

"Oh, fucking fuck me," Charli moans. "That damn show is going to be the death of me and I'm not even on it."

I can see Charli is clearly in a fragile state of mind, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love everything about Love the Player. I kinda feel like, even though I'm not a cast member, I manifested the shit out of that show. I mean, the concept for HERS came to life as I was sitting on a shitty-ass date, watching a shitty-ass game, sipping shitty beer. All I wanted was to be out with my girls, drinking a fantastic specialty cocktail, and watching the latest Bravo reality show with a roomful of strangers.

And now, not only do we watch reality shows, HERS is a regular fucking setting for one. It just started to air, but the increase in customers is already noticeable. And people tried to tell me my love of trash television was a waste of my time. To that I say, HA!

"Speaking of the show, that's what we're doing here." I push a much lighter and brighter (hot-pink) cocktail down to Jacqueline, who, even though she's always with us, is still the quietest person I know, and I'm pretty sure she thinks we're all in need of serious therapy . . . which might be accurate. How Aviana talked her into starring in Love the Player is still a mystery. "I want to have a few cocktails named after the show ready."

"Great, now the show gives me alcohol poisoning too." Charli lays her head on the bar.

"You're giving yourself alcohol poisoning." Poppy pushes a glass of water to her and starts mixing up a drink of her own. "I know you and Shawn are smart with your money. If he gets cut, it won't be the worst thing in the world. TK loves not playing anymore."

I watch Jacqueline take a small sip of the drink, and almost do a happy dance when her eyes widen. She looks at the drink as if the recipe's written in the cocktail, and takes another sip.

"Success, Jac?" I ask, even though I already know her answer.

"So good, Brynn," she says in her usual, muted voice.

"Yeah it is!" We do an air high five. "I'm naming that one Peter's Angel. Wait . . . no!" I shout like she's not right in front of me. "Fuck Peter. This is your drink. Model Behavior!"

"Oh my god." Poppy jumps up and down, almost spilling her creation all over my potion recipes. "Do you remember that movie? You guys have to come over later and we'll watch a young Justin Timberlake be bamboozled by an artsy high school student!"

"If there were a game show that revolved around random shit, you'd be the fucking queen," Vonnie says to Poppy, tossing a couple of cherries into her Shirley Temple.

"Do you not remember Marlee? She's a trivia freak. The two of them together could rule the world." If world domination were dependent on Disney original movies and pointless trivia.

"Please warn me if they are getting together. I'm not sure I could handle that." Vonnie laughs, but I can see it in her eyes that she means it. "Anyway, the bar looks great. You can't even tell anything happened."

And there it is.

The thing I wanted to avoid for the rest of my life.

"It really does," Poppy pipes in, admiring the handiwork my dad and Mr. Harper spent all night doing.

"Thanks. I'm lucky my dad lives around the corner and that Marlee's will do anything to get an inside scoop."

"What even happened?" Charli sits up, miraculously cured from her earlier bout of drunkenness and gloom. "Max is legit the nicest person I've ever met, and I'm including you bitches and Shawn in that statement. Something had to have happened."

"I don't know and I don't care." I put my nose in the air. Hoity-toity is my go-to attitude for things that make me uncomfortable. "There was a check under the door the next morning and I cashed it before he could change his mind. Plus, because I had free labor, I now have enough to take a trip to the Container Store."

And I don't feel the littlest bit guilty about not giving him the leftover funds. I mean, I had to open late while everything was being finished, so I'm calling it even.

I still don't understand what happened. I thought we were finally getting to the place I'd been fantasizing about for years, and then, bam! A glass whizzed past my head.

Whiplash and rage don't go well together.

"The Container Store? I'm coming!" Poppy invites herself. "Ace and TK have started collecting football and baseball cards, and if I come home to my dining room table covered in them again, I'm going to scream. Plus, I saw some blogger organize her pantry and I want to try."

"Look at you, Holly Homemaker, being all domestic and shit," I tease, and duck to avoid the piece of ice she throws at my face. "What? It's cute."

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Blitzed 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
LynnLTX 6 months ago
Bar owner Brynn Larson has been living her dream by owning an establishment called HERS which is geared to toward women who enjoy good drinks and watching sports without having guys mansplaing or taking up all the best seats. She had been quite successful especially since the local pro football’s Lady Mustangs have made HERS their watering hole. The gals have embraced Brynn as one of their own; this glamorous and sometimes goofy group of women have determined that Brynn needs a man. And not just any man but one Maxwell Lewis who despite his hulk and NFL fame, seems quite shy and not at all part of the glam life. Maxwell had been eyeing Brynn for years now and before he can finally make a move, he does something to further torpedo any hope of a relationship. Brynn’s friends are determined though to get these two crazy kids together so much interference, and not of the football kind, happens to push them towards each other. Brynn has some abandonment issues because of a bad parent so she has spent most of her adult life eschewing any kind of permanent relationship. Maxwell finally makes his move only to be tackled by some issues from his past that threaten their fragile, newly formed personal huddle. Brynn’s group of women friends who are sisters of the heart, present an attractive dynamic for being part of such an extended family where love, laughter and sometimes mischief rule. Ms. Martin’s writing is clever and engaging with a good mix of humor, romance, and the drama that follows the ups and downs of relationships for those in the spotlight. This is the third story in the Playbook series from Alexa Martin who has the inside track on the lives of football players, their women.
Lori Bradbury 18 days ago
Anonymous 5 months ago
This is Maxwell and Brynn book, this is the third book in the playbook series. Maxwell is a hot shot NFL player and is a sexy sexy man!! Lol I need me a Maxwell! He knew from the moment he met Brynn that she would change his life! So he makes his move but fate conspires against him at every turn! Brynn owns the local bar and hot spot for NFL players and their wives. She owes a lot to her bar being so busy to the latest reality show! She inadvertently ends up being on the show! From her past she knows better than to fall for a player! Even though Maxwell turns her into a tongue tied mess! This book was really good and I’ve read The whole series, I still think the first book is my favorite but I did enjoy it all three! The only thing I didn’t like too much was Maxwell doesn’t talk very much I would’ve like to hear more from him and the book lagged a little in the beginning but it’s definitely worth reading! I loved hearing from all the wags I would love to be a part of their group that are a trip!! Lol Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for sharing this book with me!
miztrebor 5 months ago
For those who follow my reviews, you know that I’ve really enjoyed the first two books of the Playbook series. The same is the case with Blitzed. I’ve been waiting months for this one to come out, and the wait was worth it. What I enjoyed the most about this one was seeing more of Brynn. She’s always been a great character, as the owner of the bar Hers, and a force to be reckoned with. But now we know more about her and what makes her tick. This is something I enjoy the most about reading a series; seeing the secondary characters developed more as main characters. Along with that we get many characters from previous books showing up. This helps make it easy to dive back into the series, while expanding on those storylines. One thing that’s amazed me with the Martin’s books is that while I care nothing about football, the way it’s portrayed in this series doesn’t make me run away. I’m drawn in, even to the more football heavy scenes. I can feel the energy of the crowds of fans. And the author doesn’t shy away from the dangers of the sport, including in concerns of getting seriously injured or a career after retirement. While some of the more serious issues were touched on in the previous book, Fumbled, it wasn’t ignored in Blitzed. And Martin’s able to include it in her books without it feeling forced or heavy handed. I really hope there are more Playbook releases in store. I’m not ready to leave this series. Whatever’s next from Alexa Martin, even if it’s a new series, I’m looking forward to it.
eleventhirteenpm 6 months ago
I’ve enjoyed the previous books in this series and Brynn has been a character I’ve loved, so I was excited to see she was getting her own book. I liked Brynn well enough. Her inner monologue was very odd to me as it came across like she was telling a story to someone. Every time she clarified something or argued with herself, it would take me out of the story. I liked Maxwell. He’s charming and considerate and I would have loved more open communication between the two of them. Of course, Vonnie is always fun and the relationship of all of the Lady Mustangs is delightful. Plot wise, it felt flimsy. There wasn’t a lot of direction and the few scenes of conflict that were supposed to keep things going felt out of place. The big reveals slash secrets slash surprises all happened so close to the ending, the resolution was immediate and it didn’t feel as satisfying. The entire thread about Maxwell and his brother was weird. I don’t want to go into details, but Brynn’s actions and reactions to what should have been red flags were a little disappointing. And there were a lot of strange hints with Eloise that were either not addressed or added for no reason. So much of this story felt like an afterthought to me. Overall, it was the characters that kept me reading, even if I wasn’t into the actual story of it. I’m hopeful that Eloise will be the next book, but regardless of who it’s, I’ll be reading it. FYI: talk of sexual assault **Huge thanks to Berkley for providing the arc free of charge**
lenorewastaken 6 months ago
4 stars — Another one where I’m debating between 3.5 and 4, but the good stuff that delighted me really delighted me, so I’m giving it the boost. I enjoy these books by Ms. Martin in this series, but I can’t say I’m particularly blown away. There’s something about the writing that feels a bit disjointed or something, and for this one in particular, I wasn’t a fan of the conflict/climax and how that played out. But there are other things that, like I said above, just absolutely delighted me. One of the things that truly stands out is how Ms. Martin takes a group of women I would probably NEVER be friends with, have VERY little in common with, but still makes me care about them. I love that she presents a view on women that might normally be seen as catty or superficial, and gives them dimension and depth. I’m so tired of how society tears down one group to make another group feel better, instead of just celebrating our differences. And I honestly felt that way about the Mustang Ladies. I don’t watch reality TV. I don’t care about Louboutins (or however you spell that), or any of those “designer” things. I’m also not big on makeup and glamour and all that shiznit. But we got elements of all of those in the Lady Mustangs, and I still cared about them, and I got to see different sides to them. I also got to see a group of ladies SUPPORTING one another, and being there for one another, which was a major element of this story (particularly since Brynn provided a place for them to all meet and celebrate women together). I think the part that delighted me the most was the way Eloise’s characters role played out in the story. I was expecting it to go the same mean girl way, and it didn’t! Yay for delightful surprises! Brynn was pretty easy to like on the whole. I particularly connected with her ability to get ridiculously excited about the things she loves (Hamilton, Parks and Rec, Louboutin sneakers). Maybe not her need to force others to like the same things, but it was all in good fun. I also appreciated how genuine she was. She truly loves the people in her life (despite how snarky she is with them), and wants them to succeed. And when she meets new people, in general she delights in learning about them (with exceptions). My disconnect with her is how quickly she jumps to conclusions, and just doesn’t think things through all the way. This came to play in both her Dad and Maxwell…she’s passionate, but also volatile in her emotions. It made me cringe occasionally, and I was particularly bummed with how little she thought about the Theo/Maxwell stuff. Basically, I was disappointed in her, and I kind of wished she’d figured it out on her own a bit more. Maxwell was pretty sweet and endearing in general. I loved his shy self, and how kind and caring he was. His crush and pursuit of Brynn was nothing short of adorable. It made the bouts of temper and the secrets a bit harder to believe…like, I got it a bit, but not to that extent. He definitely didn’t help the situation, though I understood there was more at play than just trust. And the two of them together were pretty sweet actually. It was definitely fun watching their courtship. So yeah. A solid sports romance, with a bit more of a beta hero (which I love), and some good girl power thrown in.
AmyM43 6 months ago
4.5 Despite being friends with quite a few of the WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends) of the Denver Mustangs, Brynn Larson is almost determined not to follow suit. Despite the enticing Maxwell Lewis, defensive back for the Mustangs, checking off all the boxes in what she is attracted to in a man. Brynn is determined not to go there and after an uncomfortable confrontation at her place of work it makes it easier to keep her distance. However, Maxwell has been attracted to Brynn from afar from the moment he first saw her. As he slowly works his way back into her good graces, what starts as a tentative friendship turns into so much more, but will continued secrets and half-truths be their ultimate downfall? I came into this series with Fumbled, but I had no problem picking up the story. They each stand on their own really well, but was nice, now that I know the characters, to see all the familiar faces pop up again. Besides Maxwell and Brynn, I absolutely loved the friendship and interactions between the WAGS. Just the bond the women have. How they'll stand up for each other no matter what. While there were a few small(er) moments of slight female disputes, these are quickly reconciled and it's really nice seeing a welcoming, strong group of women first and foremost. I've read about strong females and female friendships before, but Alex Martin just really makes these friendships so easily accessible. There's no doubt about the devotion each of these women have for one another even when they may not agree with each other, they're supportive of one another. Now, Maxwell was something else all together. I absolutely loved his shy, humbled demeanor. How he clearly loves what he does, but doesn't do it for the spotlight or the recognition. He's very lowkey. He's, dare I say, reserved? Which is a word I don't think I've ever used to describe a romantic hero before. I loved it, I loved him, I loved Maxwell and Brynn together. Brynn is kind of the polar opposite. She's quirky and goofy. She sometimes just blurts things out without thinking, but she's also kind, caring, and conscious of people's feelings. She's a smart and savvy business woman who realized that women needed somewhere they could feel 100% comfortable, hence the idea for HERS. She still carries hurt around due to her mother abandoning her at a very impressionable age, and she's tried her hardest to keep herself from becoming like her mother, someone who leaves the people they are supposed to love unconditionally. What she doesn't recognize, though, is that she's the furthest thing from her mother. The relationship with Maxwell really opens her eyes to the fact that she can have a relationship, she's not predetermined to leave those that she loves. She just needs to open herself up. Blitzed was a near perfect read for me. I was ready to hand out 5 stars easy. The only thing keeping it from reaching that full 5 stars was something that occurs towards the end of the book that I just couldn't get behind, both because I felt it was supremely unwarranted and because it happens to quickly there's little to no development of the after-effects. Readers are supposed to believe that the story has been building up to this moment from the beginning, and I understand that, but it's the reaction that happens that was incongruous with previous events. Sorry to be vague, but avoiding spoiler territory as much as possible here. Overall, though, Blitzed is a great read. Alex Martin has crafted
thereadingchick 6 months ago
Brynn Larson is the owner of the female-centric bar HERS where the Denver Mustangs WAGS hang out to watch their men play. Being on their reality show has brought notoriety and fans to her business and given her a solid group of ladies to call friends. Star player and shy guy Maxwell Lewis, has admired Brynn from the sidelines long enough and has decided to step up his game and make his play, but his past creates mixed signals that gun-shy Brynn has a hard time reading and isn’t sure she wants to open herself up to more betrayal. Yes, once again I picked up a book in the middle of a series. However, this time instead of feeling a bit confused I was intrigued by all of these strong women and immediately went into my Overdrive app to look up the previous two books and bookmarked them. I haven’t read any previous Alexa Martin books before but I love her style of writing! Brynn had depth but she was also really funny, and her fictional friends were more solid than the RHONY group you see on reality TV, and a LOT more hilarious! I was really intrigued by the concept of Brynn’s bar HERS. Created for women to hang out and be themselves, make friends, and stop being so harsh with each other is awesome! I wish I had a neighborhood bar like this one! Brynn also had quite a bit of depth in her character. Being abandoned by her mother gave her strong opinions about relationships and what she would and would not put up with and Maxwell was smart enough to see that he’d have to work through her protective shell to win the prize within. Brynn wasn’t the only one who had some depth, Maxwell also had a secret in his past which isn’t revealed until almost 3/4’s of the way through the book. Surprisingly I didn’t get annoyed at his waffling and instead was intrigued. I think it was because the author did such a great job of making him such a nice, sweet guy. I really bought into his good character. I love these fictional good guys, it seems a rarity in a book world of too many alpha males! I thought Blitzed was thoroughly enjoyable with just enough meat in the story to make it feel real. Brynn also had a solid group of female friends that were fun, funny, and loving. I’m a sucker for female friendships in romance novels! Since I started this series in book #3, I’m excited to go back and read the first two and re-introduce myself to this group of gals and hear their individual stories. I love finding a new to me author! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!
kozbisa 6 months ago
I loved the first two Playbook stories and was excited to see Brynn getting her own book. Brynn was such an important part of Poppy and Marlee's HEAs. She was all about women helping women, and I was so happy to see her finally get her own HEA. Brynn was driven and determined. Her desire to create a place for women by women was something I really admired about her, but deep down, she was dealing with some really deep wounds due her mother's abandonment, and this kept her from having any real romantic relationships. I was glad Maxwell came along and was able to break through her walls. He formed a genuine connection with her, that went beyond attraction. I found their romance very tender and sweet, and I was totally onboard that ship. As much as I enjoyed the romance, I LOVED the focus on our Lady Mustangs. All three books featured a great female friendship, but I feel like Martin really put this one on center stage. I had the best time with these ladies, and Vonnie was such a break out star in this book. I just love that woman! Going to games, having drinks, and even being at the filming for the reality show, Love the Player, made me giddy, because these ladies knew how to have a good time, and they also knew how to be stupendous friends. I got a little emotional during the epilogue. There was a scene, where Brynn was standing, hand-in-hand, with Marlee and Poppy, and it felt a bit final to me. I am not sure if this was the last book in the Playbook series, but if it was, I really enjoyed getting to be part of this world. HOWEVER, I do hope there will be more Playbook stories in my future, and that I will get to spend even more time with the fantastic Lady Mustangs.
kozbisa 6 months ago
I loved the first two Playbook stories and was excited to see Brynn getting her own book. Brynn was such an important part of Poppy and Marlee's HEAs. She was all about women helping women, and I was so happy to see her finally get her own HEA. Brynn was driven and determined. Her desire to create a place for women by women was something I really admired about her, but deep down, she was dealing with some really deep wounds due her mother's abandonment, and this kept her from having any real romantic relationships. I was glad Maxwell came along and was able to break through her walls. He formed a genuine connection with her, that went beyond attraction. I found their romance very tender and sweet, and I was totally onboard that ship. As much as I enjoyed the romance, I LOVED the focus on our Lady Mustangs. All three books featured a great female friendship, but I feel like Martin really put this one on center stage. I had the best time with these ladies, and Vonnie was such a break out star in this book. I just love that woman! Going to games, having drinks, and even being at the filming for the reality show, Love the Player, made me giddy, because these ladies knew how to have a good time, and they also knew how to be stupendous friends. I got a little emotional during the epilogue. There was a scene, where Brynn was standing, hand-in-hand, with Marlee and Poppy, and it felt a bit final to me. I am not sure if this was the last book in the Playbook series, but if it was, I really enjoyed getting to be part of this world. HOWEVER, I do hope there will be more Playbook stories in my future, and that I will get to spend even more time with the fantastic Lady Mustangs.