Block and Strike

Block and Strike

by Kelly Jensen

Paperback(First Edition,New edition)



Jacob Kendricks is three months out of prison, estranged from his daughter, and ready to get his life on track. Taking care of the bum curled up on his doorstep isn’t part of the plan. When he realizes the man has been assaulted, Jake takes him to the hospital, where he learns that Max is his downstairs neighbor… and that he could really use a friend. Keeping Max in the friend-zone would be easier if he wasn’t so damned cute. Maxwell Wilson has been bullied for years, and the only person who ever cared lives too far away to come to his rescue. Now his upstairs neighbor is offering support. Max remains cautious, suspecting he is little more than a project for the handsome Jake. When he learns Jake has had boyfriends as well as girlfriends, Max has to reevaluate his priorities—and muster the courage to take a chance at love. Just when a happy future is within their grasp, life knocks them back down. A devastating blow leaves Max lower than ever and Jake wrestling with regret. They both have to find the strength to stand on their own before they can stand together.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781635332285
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC
Publication date: 01/06/2017
Edition description: First Edition,New edition
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Kelly Jensen will not be prepared if aliens ever land on Earth, despite having read over a hundred stories of the apocalypse. Still, she will pack her precious books into a box and carry them with her as she strives to survive. It's what bibliophiles do. In the meantime, she plans to keep reading, writing about reading, and writing stories of her own.

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Block and Strike 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
debbiereadsbook More than 1 year ago
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. Finding Max on his doorstep was not what Jake needed. But after he realises Max is not drunk, but injured, Jake comes over all mother hen and his protective instincts go into overdrive. But Jake might be the cause of Max' injuries, and he doesn't know how to tell Max why. When something happens to Max that pushes their relationship to the very limit, Jake and Max have to dig deep. *this is one of those times I wish I'd written the review right after finishing the book!* I started to write this review, at work. I got sidetracked. All that is on the page is 5 stars. Which is a good good thing, because now, after reading 4 books since this one, I've gotta dig deep to find what I really enjoyed about it!! Ok, Its told from both men's point of view, check. In the third person, check. It has lots of angst, check. It has lots of love, check. It has an amazing family for Jake, check. A not so nice one for Max, check. It has Jake falling apart, check. It has Max pulling himself back together, check. Oh, you know what?? It has a little bit of every emotion known to man, and then some. Its painful in places, its joyous in others. Dark in places, yet delightful in other. It has Jake seeking redemption, but not giving it those he wronged. Its brilliant!! Now I'm actually typing the review up, I know why I wrote those 5 stars at the top of the page, and I just wanna gush. And gushing does not a decent review make. I seriously really enjoyed this book. I've not read anything by Jensen before, she is now firmly sat on my ever-growing wish list!!! so, as I said... 5 stars **same worded review will appear on Goodreads, Booklikes, Dreamspinner Press,,, Barnes and Noble and Kobo**