Blood and Treasure: Daniel Boone and the Fight for America's First Frontier

Blood and Treasure: Daniel Boone and the Fight for America's First Frontier

by Bob Drury, Tom Clavin

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The explosive true saga of the legendary figure Daniel Boone and the bloody struggle for America's frontier by two bestselling authors at the height of their writing power—Bob Drury and Tom Clavin.

It is the mid-eighteenth century, and in the 13 colonies founded by Great Britain, anxious colonists desperate to conquer and settle North America’s “First Frontier” beyond the Appalachian Mountains commence a series of bloody battles. These violent conflicts are waged against the Native American tribes whose lands they covet, the French, and finally against the mother country itself in an American Revolution destined to reverberate around the world.

This is the setting of Blood and Treasure, and the guide to this epic narrative is America’s first and arguably greatest pathfinder, Daniel Boone—not the coonskin cap-wearing caricature of popular culture but the flesh-and-blood frontiersman and Revolutionary War hero whose explorations into the forested frontier beyond the great mountains would become the stuff of legend. Now, thanks to painstaking research by two award-winning authors, the story of the brutal birth of the United States is told through the eyes of both the ordinary and larger-than-life men and women, white and red, who witnessed it.

This fast-paced and fiery narrative, fueled by contemporary diaries and journals, newspaper reports, and eyewitness accounts, is a stirring chronicle of the conflict over America’s “First Frontier” that places the listener at the center of this remarkable epoch and its gripping tales of courage and sacrifice.

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“Bob Drury and Tom Clavin together have given us a half-dozen elegantly written narratives of exhilarating episodes in American history. [Blood and Treasure] may be the authors’ finest work to date. Redolent of time and place, a raw and rugged tale.” — Wall Street Journal

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ISBN-13: 9781250788122
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Publication date: 04/20/2021
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About the Author

BOB DRURY and TOM CLAVIN are the #1 New York Times bestselling authors of The Heart of Everything That Is, Lucky 666, Halsey's Typhoon, Last Men Out, and The Last Stand of Fox Company, which won the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation's General Wallace M. Greene Jr. Award. They live in Manasquan, New Jersey, and Sag Harbor, New York, respectively.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


PART I: The Frontier

CHAPTER 1: A Patient Pathfinder
CHAPTER 2: “The Single Nation to Fear”
CHAPTER 3: The Long Hunters
CHAPTER 4: Into the Yadkin
CHAPTER 5: The Ohio Country
CHAPTER 6: Kanta-Ke
CHAPTER 7: Braddock’s Folly
CHAPTER 8: Rebecca Bryan
CHAPTER 9: The Cherokee Wars
CHAPTER 10: “Boone’s Surprise”

PART II: The Explorers

CHAPTER 11: Pontiac’s Rebellion
CHAPTER 12: “An Execrable Race”
CHAPTER 13: By Royal Proclamation
CHAPTER 14: The Gap
CHAPTER 15: The Warrior’s Path
CHAPTER 16: “Without Even A Horse or a Dog”
CHAPTER 17: “A Second Paradise”
CHAPTER 18: Cold Rain Mixed With the Tears

PART III: The Settlers

CHAPTER 19: A White Invasion
CHAPTER 20: Lord Dunmore’s War
CHAPTER 21: Logan’s Lament
CHAPTER 22: Boone’s Trace
CHAPTER 23: A New World
CHAPTER 24 – Revolution
CHAPTER 25: Kidnapped
CHAPTER 26: An Indian Army
CHAPTER 27: Abandoned Settlements
CHAPTER 28: “The Best Little Indian Fight”

PART IV: The Conquest

CHAPTER 29: Taken
CHAPTER 30: Sheltowee
CHAPTER 31: A Mistrusted Hero
CHAPTER 32: Prelude To a Siege
CHAPTER 33: A Haze of Stinking Sulfurous Smoke
CHAPTER 34: “Widder-Makers”
CHAPTER 35: War In the West
CHAPTER 36: Boone’s Station
CHAPTER 37: The Moravian Massacre
CHAPTER 38: Death at Blue Licks
CHAPTER 39: ‘Blood and Treasure’


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