Blood Diamond [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Blood Diamond [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]




The three cuts at the end of the score and official soundtrack for Blood Diamond are worth the price of the ticket alone: the Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars "Ankala," Emmanuel Jal and Abdel Cadir Salim's "Baai ," and Bal Burea's "When Da Dawg's Come Out to Play," with Masta Kent and Bullets Rhyme. These three cuts are masterful, poignant and rousing. That said, for a change James Newton Howard's score fits the material perfectly. It seems in recent years he's become less afraid of experimenting with world rhythms (check "Crossing the Bridge," "Fall of Freetown" and especially "Archer Sells Diamond") and big ass guitars ("Village Attack"). In other words, this score is a piece of music that truly does stand on its own apart from the film. There is a journey involved in listening as well as thinking of it in terms of the film itself. His cues are tight, circular and never too long. This is one of his most successful scores in a decade.

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Release Date: 12/19/2006
Label: Varese Sarabande
UPC: 0030206678024
catalogNumber: 066780

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Brown   Bass
Sid Page   Soloist
African Children's Choir   Children's Chorus
Abdel Gadir Salim   Track Performer
Alex Acuña   Soloist
Mark Berrow   Violin
Jeffrey Bryant   Horn
Simon Chamberlain   Piano
Nick Cooper   Cello
Caroline Dale   Cello
Richard Edwards   Trombone
Alan Estes   Soloist
Pedro Eustache   Flute
Robin Firman   Cello
Mike Fisher   Soloist
Roger Garland   Violin
Djivan Gasparyan   Duduk
Rusen Gunes   Viola
John Heley   Cello
Tim Jackson   Horn
Paul Kegg   Cello
Gary Kettel   Percussion
Brian Kilgore   Soloist
Michael Landau   Soloist
Martin Loveday   Cello
Kate Musker   Viola
Youssou N'Dour   Vocals
Chris Pitsillides   Viola
Anthony Pleeth   Cello
Simon Rayner   Horn
Johnathan Rees   Violin
Frank Ricotti   Percussion
Sonia Slany   Violin
Robert Smissen   Viola
Jonathan Strange   Violin
Cathy Thompson   Violin
Allen Walley   Bass
Gavyn Wright   Violin
Fenella Barton   Violin
Dudley Bright   Trombone
Dermot Crehan   Violin
David Johnson   Bass
Steve McManus   Bass
Bill Schultz   Soloist
Mary Scully   Bass
Fred Selden   Soloist
Gillian Thoday   Cello
Ben Chappell   Cello
Peter Lale   Viola
Paul Willey   Violin
Richard Clews   Horn
Lionel Handy   Cello
Patrick Kiernan   Violin
Boguslaw Kostecki   Violin
Jackie Shave   Violin
Bruce White   Viola
Martin Owen   Horn
Andrew Parker   Viola
Stephen Henderson   Percussion
Cathy Giles   Cello
Maya Beiser   Cello,Soloist
Gavin Greenaway   Conductor
Julian Leaper   Violin
Jimmy Maynard   Trombone
Donald McVay   Viola
Pete Anthony   Conductor
Michael McMenemy   Violin
Stephen Williams   Bass
Nick Hitchens   Tuba
Everton Nelson   Violin
Metro Voices   Choir, Chorus
Nigel Black   Horn
Simon Benson   Bass
Rachel Bolt   Viola
Deborah Widdup   Violin
Hugh Seenan   Horn
David Johnson   Bass
David Bucknall   Cello
Jim Rattigan   Horn
Emlyn Singleton   Violin
Warren Zielinski   Violin
David Pyatt   Horn
James Maynard   Trombone
David Ayre   Bass
Dominic Black   Bass
Simon Gunton   Trombone
Paddy Lannigan   Bass
Nick Barr   Viola
Simon Fischer   Violin
Jeff Bryant   Horn
Steve "Syco Steve" Williams   Bass
Kala Ramnath   Violin
Declan Daly   Violin
Stacey Watton   Bass
Natalia Bonner   Violin
Gustav Clarkson   Viola
Owen Slade   Tuba
Reiad Chibah   Viola
Manon Derome   Violin
Nansédy Keïta   Soloist
Alan Brown   Bass
Ruth Ehrlich   Violin
Christopher Clad   Violin
Patrick Lannigan   Bass
Simon Baggs   Violin
Laurence Davies   Horn
Beatrix Lovejoy   Violin
Vicci Wardman   Viola
John Fell Ryan   Horn
Emmanuel Jal   Track Performer
Melissa Phelps   Cello
Perry Montague-Mason   Violin
Steve Rossell   Bass
Timothy Grant   Viola
Richard Milone   Violin
Modou Diouf   Soloist
Sharon Beale   Cello
Thomas Bowes   Violin
Toby Deller   Viola
Attab Haddad   Soloist
Joely Koos   Cello
Anna Mudeka   Soloist
Mouncoulou Sawane   Soloist
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars   Track Performer
David Vines   Trombone
David Bucknell   Cello
Joe Knight   Cello
Bob Zimmitti   Soloist
Jacqueline Shave   Violin
Stephen Mair   Bass
Mike McMenemy   Violin
Leon Enrique Bosch   Bass
Ruth Rogers   Violin
Nansady Kieta   Soloist
Chris Clad   Violin
Jon Thorn   Viola
Tom Pigott-Smith   Violin
Mike Fisher   Soloist
Christopher Tombling   Violin
Paul Manley   Violin
James McLeod   Violin
David Woodcock   Violin
Gabrielle Lester   Violin
Ralph de Souza   Violin
Joseph Koos   Cello
William Lockhart   Percussion
Caroline Dearnley   Cello
Jonathan Evans-Jones   Violin
John Ryan   Horn
Mamadou Cissokho   Soloist
Jo Knight   Cello
Jamie Rainey   Choir Director
Rose Warren-Green   Violin
Michael Thompson   Horn
Jenny O'Grady   Choir Master
James Rattigan   Horn
Jonathan Rees   Violin
Ivo Jan van der Werff   Viola
Phillip Eastop   Horn
Katherine Gowers   Violin
Charlie Cross   Viola
Richard Berry   Horn
Mike Landau   Soloist
Steve Morris   Violin

Technical Credits

James Newton Howard   Composer,Producer
Tommy Graham   Engineering
George Acogny   Composer
Rupert Coulson   Engineer
Richard Grant   Auricle Programming
Alan Meyerson   Engineer
Robert Townson   Executive Producer
Mel Wesson   Sound Design
Gavyn Wright   Orchestra Leader
Geoff Foster   Engineering
Wolfgang Amadeus   Engineer
Becky Bentham   Scoring Coordinator
Jim Weidman   Producer
Kevin Globerman   Engineering
Stuart Thomas   Technical Score Advisor
Lisa Margolis   Business Consultant
Keith Zajic   Business Consultant
Chris Cozens   Auricle Programming
Edward Zwick   Composer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Debi Streeter   Music Administrator
Emmanuel Jal   Composer
Chris P. Bacon   Technical Score Advisor
Paul Wilkes   Engineering
Francis John "Franco" Langba   Composer
Eric Solomon   Engineering
Rachel Baranska   Choir Assistant
Sharye Cornmesser   Choir Assistant
Jessica DeMoor   Choir Assistant
Doug Hage   Music Librarian
Alex Kharlamov   Sound Design
Jerusha Loonkosho   Choir Assistant
Lydia Namagembe   Choir Assistant
Julia Newmann   Intern
Michael Prins   Choir Assistant
Rachel Torkelson   Choir Assistant
Barnett Twesigomwe   Choir Assistant
Michele Wilcox   Music Administrator
Robert Houston   Engineering
Tom Graham   Engineering
James T. Hill   Engineer
Rose Warren-Green   Orchestra Leader

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