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Blood Feud: Detroit Red Wings v. Colorado Avalanche

Blood Feud: Detroit Red Wings v. Colorado Avalanche

4.4 15
by Adrian Dater, Scotty Bowman (Foreword by)

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In Blood Feud, Colorado Avalanche beat writer Adrian Dater not only submits that the Red Wings-Avalanche rivalry was the most feverish match-up in recent years, but also that there was none better played. No fewer than twenty players have or will eventually make it to the Hall of Fame; the best scorers were matched up against the best goalies; brilliant coaches


In Blood Feud, Colorado Avalanche beat writer Adrian Dater not only submits that the Red Wings-Avalanche rivalry was the most feverish match-up in recent years, but also that there was none better played. No fewer than twenty players have or will eventually make it to the Hall of Fame; the best scorers were matched up against the best goalies; brilliant coaches could be found on both benches; and two of the league's smartest general managers ruthlessly tried to one-up each other at every NHL trade deadline. Blood Feud is a rollicking story of a fierce, and often violent, rivalry.

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Scotty Bowman
A must-read for all hockey fans.

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Adrian Dater covers the Colorado Avalanche for the Denver Post. He lives in Thornton, Colorado.

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Blood Feud: Detroit Red Wings v. Colorado Avalanche 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Michaeld34 More than 1 year ago
Hockey’s Greatest Rivalry How did a hockey team that just recently moved from Quebec to Denver form one of the most hatred rivalries in sports so quickly with the Detroit Red Wings? Blood Feud by Adrian Dater allows the reader to live out this nasty rivalry. The 1996 Western Conference Finals featured the Avalanche vs. the heavily favorite Detroit Red Wings. The Avalanche with newly loaded talent such as Claude Lemieux and Patrick Roy upset the Red Wings winning the series four games to two, to advance and later win the Stanley Cup. The rivalry lead to writer Woody Paige trash talking the Detroit Red Wings, forced two teams to constantly upgrade their roster for more talent, and for seven seasons after this game, the Stanley Cup would be brought to Detroit three times, and Denver once more. The theme of hatred comes up a lot in Blood Feud. Not only player hatred, but the hatred between Avalanches coach Marc Crawford, and Red Wings coach Scotty Bowman. For instance during a playoff game in the 1997 season, Crawford and Bowman got into a screaming match during the game. The coaches went back and forth yelling while players were out on the ice fighting, proving these teams to be part of one the nastiest rivalries in sports. The stories of coaches fighting, makes the reader really start to feel the emotions of the rivalry. Adrian Dater did a good job of capturing player feeling inside and outside the game in the book. Dater was able to show that the hatred was not only when the teams were playing, but also when the players were away from the game. When Dater writes about Claude Lemieux and his history with the Red Wings, Dater describes an instance when Lemieux confronts a few Red Wings players after a game in front of his family, he makes the reader feel as if they are there. I dislike how Dater gives some information on the players that is unnecessary. The history of some players that don’t have anything to do with the Red Wings or Avalanche rivalry, makes for some long and boring sections to read. Blood Feud deserves three out of five stars. The book was great because many players’ perspectives and thoughts were written down and not just the Dater’s, but some of the unnecessary information is uninteresting. Blood Feud is a must read for hockey lovers and for the casual hockey fans in Denver and Detroit, because of the history of the rivalry and some of the behind the action information that previously no-one knew about. Blood Feud should be read by older more mature readers because of the language used in some interviews and encounters from the players and coaches. Other recommend work for readers who enjoyed the book include Hockey Gods: the Inside Story of the Red Wings by Nicholas Cotsonika to further the readers knowledge on the Detroit Red Wings.
MinTwinsNY More than 1 year ago
Between 1996 and 2002, the best rivalry in professional sports was that between the Detroit Red Wings and the Colorado Avalanche. They were the best two teams in hockey at that time, winning four Stanley Cups between them and facing off in some memorable games in both the regular season and the Stanley Cup playoffs. This rivalry is captured in this book by Denver sports writer Adam Dater. There are short biographies of key personnel from both sides, such as Colorado goaltender Patrick Roy and Detroit coach Scotty Bowman. Memorable fights are relived such as the hit on Red Wing Kris Draper by Claude Lemieux, which was believed by many to be the opening salvo in this bitter feud. Dater covers these seasons fully, especially the Stanley Cup playoffs, mainly through stories about the teams in the major newspapers of the two cities. While a book on any good sports rivalry can be riveting, this book falls a bit short of that because of the frequent use of newspaper articles for the information. Most of the original material is not new insight into the rivalry but instead on short biographies on players and coaches for both teams. The two previously mentioned, Roy and Bowman, make for good information to readers who may not be familiar with their stories, but hardcore fans may be left disappointed with the lack of depth. Dater also injects personal notes into the book, including a passage on how he became a sports writer. Again, this is a mixed bag. Sometimes his personal interactions with players and coaches adds a nice touch, such as the story about Bowman, but other times this comes off as too much self-promotion. Because of the quality of the teams and the rivalry between them, I did finish this book and enjoyed reliving that era of hockey. This book is for readers who are just looking for that type of experience, or if they are fans of either team. Since Dater is a Denver resident, there is a slant toward the Avalanche, but overall the writing is fair to both teams and also fair in overall quality.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Commonly referred to as one of the best sports rivalries to ever exist, Blood Feud allows readers to relive and experience what made the hatred between the Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings so strong. Not only does author Adrian Dater explain the competition that occurred on the ice, he goes in depth into the player’s lives that made the rivalry happen. Fresh off a relocation from Quebec, the Avs made an immediate impact in the NHL with an upset victory against the unstoppable Red Wings during the playoffs. The Red Wings entered the playoffs after a record setting season: a stunning 62 regular season wins. With an instant rivalry set in motion, the teams constantly pushed each other to be better than the other, leading to a combined five Stanley Cups shared between the two teams within a seven year period. One theme seen often within the book is the competition and anger between not only the players, but the coaches and fans as well. Dater does a great job of capturing the hatred between the Avs and Wings, from the ice to the front office. Throughout the book, he explains numerous instances of fights on the ice, screaming arguments between coaches, and even personal attacks at opposing players by the media. The physicality and pure skill on both teams only lead to more and more anger surrounding the rivalry, making each matchup between the Avs and Wings a must see for all hockey fans at the time. Blood Feud also does a great job explaining the players behind the rivalry. Several chapters go into detail about key pieces in the rivalry such as Claude Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Mark Crawford, Scotty Bowman, Chris Draper, among several others. The extra insight that Dater includes about the players and coaches from the Avalanche and Red Wings make you feel more immersed in the rivalry, which is one thing I absolutely loved. I would give Blood Feud five stars out of five. I love how in-depth Dater goes into the team and player history to make you feel as if you were there to witness this heated rivalry. A few things that I didn’t like, however, would be that some sections seemed to drag on a bit, due to extra, unnecessary information. Overall I think this would be a great book to consider for any casual hockey fan, and a “must read” for all fans of the Avs or Red Wings.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tragic also.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
richkyle_62 More than 1 year ago
This book demonstrates one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports history. Better then the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Socks and Broncos and the Raiders. This rivalry started in 1996 in the western conference finals, when Claude Lemieux hit Chris Draper in to the broads and Draper was seriously hurt laying on the ice. This started a war between this two team after this hit both goalies, Chris Osgood and Patrick Roy skated to center ice and engaged in a fight and many of the player that were on the ice got in to fights trying to defend there players honors. After the 2001-2002 season the greatest rivalry in sports history had ended sadly. This was due to many players either getting traded to different teams or players retiring. This story was one of the best stories at telling an in depth story about two teams strong hatred towards each other and the struggles and glory both teams went through during this period of greatness. it also showed the passion and love each team showed for the game through the many detailed description of the playoff games. it also showed the hatred that both teams had for each other, and how they work really hard to show they were the best team.
SlapShot62 More than 1 year ago
I read all kinds of books - history, management, mystery/thrillers, biographies, sports and sports history. Over the years, while a huge hockey fan (Go Isles!), I've not read too too many hockey books. I am so glad that I bought this one. This has to be a "must" read for any Avs or Wings fan, but beyond that, for me it belongs in the "must read" category for any sports fan. The author provides such an in-depth overview of this great hockey rivarly, including insights into many of the main characters. Writing with a style that blends recounting of the games, facts about how the rivalry developed and a good dose of inside "gossip," the author provides a story you can't help but zip through. Even if you think you know all there is about this rivalry - you won't be disappointed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent read for fans from both sides of the rivalry, as well as the general hockey fan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a great book to read. I have followed the Avs-Wings rivalry for years. this really gave me a better insider look.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A fun hockey book to read. Good inside info. I really enjoyed this book a lot.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book. It is the best in like the world. Like all of my family love the avs. Espally me and my couisn. We both play hockey. My team wins most of the time. But the girls on the other teams are such sissys. Anaway I LOVE the avs and HATE the red wings. I am so mad about how the NHL had a lockout. My top four favorite NHL team are (in order) Colorado Avalanche, Chicago Blackhawks, Washintion Captials, and the Boston Bruins. Every body in my school is a big hockey fan mostly the Blackhawks. But I am staying true to my roots. GO AVALANCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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