Blood Feud

Blood Feud

by Alyxandra Harvey


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ISBN-13: 9780802720962
Publisher: Walker & Company
Publication date: 06/22/2010
Series: Drake Chronicles Series , #2
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 8.42(w) x 5.56(h) x 0.75(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Alyxandra Harvey is the author of Hearts at Stake, the first book in the Drake Chronicles. She studied creative writing and literature at York University and has had her poetry published in several magazines. When not writing, she is a belly dancer and jewelry-maker. She lives in an old farmhouse with her husband, hawk, and two dogs.

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It had been a hell of a week.

Cleaning up after a psychotic vampire queen wasn't easy at the best of times. It was much worse when your mother was the one who'd dispatched the old queen, you and your brothers were suddenly princes, and your baby sister was being stalked by a centuries-old homicidal vampire.

Like I said, hell of a week.

At least we'd all survived, even Aunt Hyacinth, whose face was now so scarred she wouldn't lift the veil off her Victorian hat or leave her room. Helios-Ra vampire hunters did that to her — right before one of their new agents started dating my baby sister.

That's just weird.

Still, he saved her life less than two weeks ago, so we're willing to overlook a little making out.

As long as I never, ever have to know about it.

I mean, sure, Kieran's a good enough guy — but Solange is my only sister. Enough said.

"Quit brooding, Lord Byron." My brother Quinn smirked at me, shoving me with his shoulder. "There are no girls here to impress with your Prince of Darkness routine."

"As if." Quinn was the one who used the whole vampire mystique thing to get the girls. I just happened to like dressing in old frock coats and pirate shirts; that some girls liked it was incidental. Well, mostly.

"Any word yet on the Hound princess?" Quinn asked.

"Nothing yet." Dad had invited the reclusive Hound tribe to the table for negotiations now that Mom was the new vampire queen, ruler of all the disparate tribes. Sounds melodramatic and medieval, but that's a vampire for you.

"Think she's cute?"

"Aren't they all?"

Quinn grinned. "Mostly."

The royal caves behind us had been left in shambles after the battle that took out Lady Natasha. The dust of staked vampires was swept up and the shards of broken mirrors carted out in boxfuls. There were still at least a dozen left hanging on the wall. Lady Natasha had really liked looking at herself. Some of the ravens carved on her whitethorn throne were chipped, some decapitated. Everyone was busy with some task or another, cleaning, arranging, or just staring at my mother as she sat at the end of the hall scowling at my father, who wouldn't stop talking about peace treaties.

The tension vibrating the air was harder to clean out than the ashes of our dead.

Everyone was watching their backs: the old royalists loyal to Lady Natasha, the ones loyal to the House of Drake and my mother, and the ones caught in between. Lucy would have been running around with white sage chanting some Vedic mantra to cleanse our auras if she were here. But she was forbidden to come to the caves until the worst of the politics had been sorted out. She shouldn't have been staying with us either, but her parents' drive home was interrupted by their ancient van and some ancient part that fell out on the highway. They were stuck in a small town and Lucy was stuck with us. Humans were fragile at the best of times, and Solange's best friend didn't have the basic self-preservation of a gnat. If there was trouble, she always jumped right in feetfirst. If she hadn't started it in the first place, of course.

Between her and my sister, we had our hands full. Vampire politics paled in comparison.

"Now she's cute," Quinn murmured appreciatively as one of the courtiers dragged a box of what looked like the remains of a broken table. "I'll just go help her out. It's the princely thing to do."

"You're an ass," I told him fondly.

"You're just jealous because I'm so much prettier," he tossed out over his shoulder as he left to charm yet another girl.

He never reached her.

She straightened suddenly, stepping onto a footstool that gave her a good view of the length of the hall, and my parents in particular. She pulled a crossbow loaded with three wickedly pointed stakes out of the bag.

Not a broken table after all.

And no matter how prepared you are, or how careful, there's always an opening somewhere.

Mom taught us that.

The girl aimed and squeezed the trigger, barely making a sound. We might not even have noticed her at all if we hadn't been actively watching her. The stakes hissed out of the crossbow, hurtling through the air with deadly accuracy.

Or what would have been deadly accuracy had Quinn not been close enough to grab her leg and yank her off the stool.

The shot went wide, but not quite wide enough. She tumbled to the hand- embroidered rug, Quinn's fangs extending so fast they caught the lamplight. My own stung my gums, my lips lifting off the rest of my teeth.

I didn't have time to reach her or my parents.

I only had time enough to whip the dagger at my belt out into the trajectory of the stakes. It caught one and split it into two, the pieces biting into a huge wooden cupboard, the knife into the back of a chair. My nostrils burned.


Everyone else seemed to be moving in slow motion. Guards turned, eyes widening, fangs flashing. Swords gleamed, lace ribbons fluttered, and boots clomped onto the wall as the best of them flipped out of the way of the other two stakes. A wire birdcage toppled, spilling the stubs of half-burned candles. Beeswax joined the sharp, sweet smell of the poison. One of the stakes caught a thin pale courtier in the shoulder when he failed to lean backward quickly enough. He yelled and even that sound seemed too slow and stretched out until it distorted. His blood splattered onto the tiles laid into the ground between the edges of the carpets.

The third stake went unerringly on its way, straight toward my mother's heart.

The girl smiled once, even as she fought to free herself from Quinn's grim hold.

Which just went to show how little she knew my mother.

My father whirled to put himself between her and the stake, as two of my other brothers, Marcus and Connor, somersaulted to his side to form a wider barrier.

Even as my mother leaped into the air and tumbled over their heads, refusing to use a shield made of her husband and sons.

She landed a little to the left and stuck out her arm, safely encased in a leather bracer, and knocked the stake right out of the air. It hit a tapestry and fell into a basket, looking innocuous. Guards closed in. There was so much snarling, the royal caves sounded more like cougar enclosures at the zoo. Mom fought her way free of her overeager guards as the girl was hauled away from Quinn.

"I want her alive!" Dad was shouting.

Too late.

The assassin-girl was clearly prepared, and knew enough not to be captured and questioned by the enemy. The inside of her vest was rigged with a slender hidden stake. She pulled a small piece of rope sewn into the armhole of her vest and smiled. There was a very small thwack sound and then she crumbled into ashes. Her clothes fell into a pile.

Dad swore, very loudly and very creatively.

Mom's fists clenched. "Quinn, Logan. With me. Now." She shot a glare at Marcus and Connor. "You too."

Mom did not like being saved by her children.

We followed her into a small private antechamber. Adrenaline was still coursing through me. Quinn's jaw was clenched so tightly he looked like a marble statue, pale and cold. I knew just how he felt.

We had a short reprieve as Dad cupped Mom's face and ran his hands down her neck, over her shoulders. "Helena, are you hurt?"

She waved that away. "I'm fine." She smiled briefly, then turned hard eyes on us. Each of us took a healthy step backward and not a single one of us felt any less manly for the wise retreat.

"I distinctly remember," she said softly, her long black braid swinging behind her as she crossed her arms over her chest, "after the events of last week, ordering you never to step between me and a weapon again."

"Mom," Quinn ground out. "Give me a break."

Her glare could have sizzled steak. "I will not have my sons killed by some third-rate assassin."

"And we won't have our mother killed by one either," I added.

She closed her eyes briefly. She looked less like an ancient Fury, pale as fire and just as angry, when she opened them again.

"Thank you, boys," she said finally. "I'm very proud of you. Don't ever do that again." She leaned against Dad. "You either, Liam."

"Shut up, dear," he said affectionately, kissing the top of her head. He looked at the guard standing in the doorway, under the string of small glass lanterns. The candles flickered. "Well?"

I recognized Sophie when she stepped forward. She had a mass of curly brown hair and scars on the side of her face from when she'd been human. No one knew how she'd gotten them. She bowed sharply. "The girl belonged to Montmartre. His insignia was stitched on the inside of her vest."


"And that's all we know."

"That's not nearly enough," Helena snapped.

"I agree, Your Highness."

Helena sighed. "Don't 'Your Highness' me."

"Yes, Your Highness."

"Wait." Quinn frowned. "She had a tattoo."

"You're sure?" Mom asked. "Where?"

"Under her collarbone, above her left breast." To his credit, he didn't blush. Exactly.

Mom's eyes narrowed on his face. "You were looking down her shirt?"

Quinn swallowed. "No, ma'am."

"Mmm-hmmm. What was the tattoo?"

"A red rose with three daggers or stakes through it. I didn't get a very good look."

Dad frowned. "I don't know that insignia. I wonder if it's new?" He glanced at Sophie. "Find out. And double the patrols, and set another guard on my wife."

Sophie bowed and left the antechamber just as Mom started to bristle.

"Liam Drake, I can look after myself."

"Helena Drake, I love you, take the extra guard."

They glowered at each other. I knew Dad would win. Mom was vicious when cornered, but Dad had a way about him, like a snake hypnotizing his supper. His glower softened. "Please, love."

Her fangs lengthened with her annoyance. "Don't do that," she muttered, but we knew Dad would get his way. "Only until the coronation," she said finally, firmly.

Dad nodded. "Deal." He'd find some other argument come the coronation. The walkie-talkie on his belt burbled some garbled sentence. He pressed the button. "Repeat."

"You asked us to let you know when it was midnight."

Dad looked at his watch. "Right," he said to the rest of us. "The Hound delegation should be here any minute. Logan, you'll go meet them. If what we know about this Isabeau is true, she was turned just after the French Revolution. You'll be more familiar to her in that frock coat."

"Okay." I ignored my brothers' smirks out of long habit. They were strictly the jeans and T-shirt types. I couldn't help it if they had no style.

"The mountainside guards know to expect them, but no one else does," he added. "We didn't want the drama."

"All we get is drama." I rolled my eyes, leaving to make my way down to the main cave entrance. Dad's walkie-talkie warbled again. His voice went grim when he called out to me.






I hadn't expected the ambush. And that's saying something.

I hadn't become a Hound princess in the year and a half since I'd been dug out of the ground because I was a trusting sort. If the French Revolution hadn't cured me of that, being bitten and abandoned by one of Montmartre's Host would have.

And I might have been taken by surprise, but I wasn't an idiot.

I was, however, armed to the teeth.

The guards outnumbered us. I'd only traveled with two others, Magda and Finn, since it was difficult to find a Hound who had the temper to deal with the vampire royal courts and the associated unrelenting arrogance. Magda's temperament was hardly stable, but she was beautiful and just, which mostly balanced everything else out. Finn was as serene as the cedar woods he loved so much. And I was just me: lonely and vengeful but still as polite as the French lady I'd been raised to be. I was both eighteen years old and more than two hundred years old. As if this wasn't confusing enough, I'd been pulled out of the grave by a pack of witch's dogs.

Kala preferred shamanka to witch. Most of the princes and lordlings respected her and since she'd been the one to send me to the meeting, no one had argued or offered to take my place. I was her apprentice and that was enough for the others, even if I wasn't sure it was enough for me. I'd have been happier fading into the background, but I owed Kala my life, such as it was. She'd pulled me through the madness and made sure I didn't turn feral or fall prey to Montmartre. She claimed if I was strong enough to last two hundred years in a coffin, I was strong enough not to go savage too. I didn't remember the centuries in the cemetery, only brief images before I lost consciousness. But I definitely remembered the pain of being pulled out and reawakened. And it wasn't strength of character that had seen me through, or even Kala's considerable magic.

It was the need to find the Earl of Greyhaven and my thirst for revenge.

For the sake of outsiders, I'd been labeled a Hound "princess" even though we didn't have princesses or other royalty. It was a useful title though, since the new queen would be more apt to listen to me, even if they were probably expecting a savage girl with mud on her face who ate babies for dinner.

That was why Kala had sent me to the courts for the coronation of Helena Drake and her husband, Liam Drake; that and the fact that I and the other Hounds had kind of saved their daughter's life. Unfortunately Montmartre had gotten away, so I didn't consider the mission a complete success, even if everyone else seemed to.

I was here to represent the best of the Hounds, and I had a wolfhound puppy to present as a gift. Kala's wolfhounds were legendary; I had a full- grown one as a companion: Charlemagne.

And he was growling low in his throat, muscles bunched under his wiry gray fur.

"La," I murmured, pointing for him to stay behind me. I had no problem releasing him to attack, but only if I knew he wouldn't be hurt. And right now there was an arrow aimed at his throat.

"Hounds." One of the guards sneered. I knew that half- disgusted, half-fearful tone intimately. We weren't exactly famous for our elegant table manners. It hardly mattered that half the rumors weren't true. We used them to our advantage. The more the others disdained us, the more they left us alone, which was all we really wanted in the first place. Let them worry about politics and hunters. We only wanted the caves and the quiet.

Well, most of us.

The puppy in the basket slung over my shoulder barked and I set him down. I drew the long slender sword strapped to my back, which the guards hadn't noticed yet. The moment I touched the hilt, both Magda and Finn sprung into action.

Learning to fight was no different than learning to waltz or dance the quadrille, in my opinion. It was all about the tension between you and your partner, about footwork and balance and timing.

And I preferred the long deadly sword to any silk ball gown I'd ever worn. I wasn't sure what that said about me, but I had bigger worries.

Like the polished mahogany stake flying through the air toward my heart.

I leaned back as far as I could. It passed over me, close enough that I could see the wood grain. Trust the damned royals to polish their stakes to a high gloss. We just sharpened sticks.

I popped back up again to crack my opponent on the side of the head with the hilt of my sword. I might have stabbed him into a pile of ash but Kala had warned us time and time again that we were here for negotiations.

Someone might try telling the guards that.

Magda took one out before I could stop her. It was hard to feel regret since he'd been about to snap her neck. Charlemagne whined with the need to jump into the fight.

"Non," I told him sharply. "We were invited!" I added, shouting as I cracked my boot into the guard's heel. He stumbled, dropping his stake.

"Stop!" Someone else hurled himself into the melee. Great, just what we needed.

He leaped between us, lace cuffs fluttering. He was pretty, like the boys I'd known at my uncle's parties, but not nearly as soft, even in his velvet frock coat. His fangs were extended, gleaming like opals. I didn't know who he was but the guards eased back, weapons raised respectfully even if they were still snarling.

"She killed Jonas," one of them spat.

"Because he was trying to kill me," Magda spat back unrepentantly.

The guard snarled. The boy turned to him, speaking blandly. "Don't you recognize them?" He pointed at me. "This girl saved your life not too long ago."

That hardly got the snarls to subside.


Excerpted from "Blood Feud"
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Blood Feud 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 168 reviews.
kittydanza More than 1 year ago
BLOOD FEUD, Alyxandra Harvey, is the second installment in The Drake Chronicles. This book alternates the POV of Logan Drake and Isabeau St. Croix. I got really attached to Lucy and Solange narrating in the first book so I was a bit hesitant for different POV's but I immediately fell in love with these two. Logan and Isabeau have much in common in terms of taste. Logan's style and actions reflected the era that Isabeau grew up in when she was human. They are one of my top favorite YA couples at the moment. That alone should make you want to read this book. Another aspect that set this book apart in this series was the introduction of a different type of vampire clan, the Hounds. These vampires were very unique in how they were very cultured and connected well with nature and dogs. They were very spiritual and I really enjoyed reading the customs that were performed. It was great reading from Logan's POV during that specific part because he was new to it as well and Harvey pulled me along for the ride with him. Also, the flashes to Isabeau's past life before becoming a vampire kept my heart pounding with anticipation. I am not fond of the cover choice. Harvey described Isabeau with tattoos and scaring on her body and this model did not follow suit. I don't tend to like books that tell me how the character is supposed to look, I like to visualize it for myself. Overall, if you liked My Love Lies Bleeding (AKA Hearts At Stake: my Review) I think you will really enjoy this one.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
BLOOD FEUD picks up just under two weeks after HEARTS AT STAKE ended, and the Drake family has had a lot to deal with. All the vampire tribes are beginning to assemble and treaties are being made now that Lady Natasha is gone and the courts are preparing for Helena's coronation. With the state that Lady Natasha left things between the tribes, this means all kinds of cleaning up for Liam and Helena to do, and that doesn't take into consideration the state the caves and the farmhouse were both left in. That just means that Solange, Lucy, and the Drake brothers have quite a journey ahead of them. We meet Isabeau St. Croix (kind of weird, but totally cool name, right?). Isabeau is a Hound, which means she is part of the tribe of vampires that Montmartre created and basically left for dead. The catch is, Montmartre didn't change Isabeau: his lieutenant, Greyhaven, did, somewhere around 200 years ago. Isabeau has spent years waiting until she could get revenge on Greyhaven, and for all intents and purposes she still plans to do so, until she meets Logan Drake. Now, she must join forces with the Drakes' and fight against the common enemy, Montmartre, who's still after Solange, the crown, and the power both would bring him. Logan shows Isabeau that not all vampires, outside of the Hounds, are as bad as she seems to think, and that she doesn't have to be so guarded all the time. But can Isabeau's quest for revenge survive when it's all over with? Will Logan be able to show her that there is more to life than living for revenge? I was so excited to revisit the Drake family - and Lucy, of course. When I first learned that BLOOD FEUD wouldn't be from Lucy and Solange's voices I was a bit disappointed, but since I was going to hear from Logan and this new, interesting Isabeau, I decided it would be alright. And it pretty much was. First, I must admit, I totally missed Lucy. But Logan, while not being as reckless and funny as Lucy, filled a different void, since I did adore him in HEARTS AT STAKE. Isabeau is a very interesting character, with an even more interesting past. Her voice isn't as prominent as I would have thought it would be, seeing as she is a totally fierce character, but they can't all be Lucy. Sprinkled throughout are these chapters that are memories from Isabeau's past, and those take you back into the 1700s and are pretty neat, although the French sprinkled throughout was not as fun for me since I don't know French. Oh, and just a tip, the French word "merde" is used a lot, and finally I looked it up - just so you know, it means "crap". I loved Logan's voice. He's funny and kind of sarcastic and a bit insane, but so are all the Drakes and so I love it, and it was a nice balance against the guardedness and proper way Isabeau's voice was. I really enjoyed the romance between Logan and Isabeau that you could see coming before they ever met, but I didn't like the fact that BLOOD FEUD covers a matter of days, and you don't really fall in love over only a few days. It just so doesn't work like that, and while I know that a lot happened between them in those few days, and that it was obviously in the cards for them, it just was a bit unrealistic (and yes, I'm totally aware that it is a vampire novel and so unrealistic in the first place)... Read the full review at
newbethlibrarian More than 1 year ago
I actually read this book before the first in the series, so it is possible to read them independently. All essential plot points are covered again. The action is fast-paced and delves into more sectors of the vampire world. In particular, the Hounds are represented via Isabeau, who alternates chapters with Logan Drake. Predictably, the two have a romantic connection. Pleasantly, the interactions are natural and in some ways unexpected. The characters of the previous book in the series are not forgotten, but rather seen through new eyes. I am anxious for more developments in the series. I see this series as a younger alternative to the "House of Night" series. *I received this as an advanced review copy from the publisher.
joeyJS More than 1 year ago
Even better the 1st book :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
quick and easy read that keeps you interested until the very end
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
Just like the first novel, The Drake brothers never let you down. Logan meets and is immediately intrigued by Isabeau. The Drake family and the Hounds end up working together to help stop a crazy vampire by the name of Montmarte. He will stop at nothing till he has the crown and Solange Drake. This book was great. The romance between Logan and Isabeau, I felt lack a little. I was glad to see the working together and getting to know one another but I would have really like to see them get some downtime instead of fighting by side each other all the time. Logan was immediately protective of Isabeau vowing nothing or no one will hurt her. While Isabeau did finds this somewhat comforting she still felt the need to do things on her own. I love the action in this book. The action was great. I love the sword fighting and the ambushes. There was always a surprise around the corner awaiting them. The humor in the books was great. I had a few good laughs while reading this. I was also happy that she included other characters from the past book in as well. I like to know what happens to Nicholas when he lets Lucy out of the closet. LOL Alyxandra did a great job writing this. This book was an easy read, had some curse words, and I love the fighting. I adored Isabeau strong fighting character. She truly was an survivor. Alyxandra delivered a great action pack, non-stop page turner. I can't wait to see what the next Drake bother has in store for us!
danizinha on LibraryThing 5 months ago
This book was so much better than the first one in the series. The first part "My Love Lies Bleeding", otherwise known as "Hearts at Stake" was all fluffy mindless teenage stuff. This one, however, has a lot more consistent writing and an actual story, instead of the perpetual whining and the Romeo and Juliet like rendition, nothing against Romeo and Juliet, but Shakespeare has already done it, it's over, leave it alone. Now back to the novel at hand, it's centered around Isabeau St. Croix and Logan Drake, as well as the clash between Monmartre, his constant aspiration to marry Solange and make her a queen, and the Drake Family. It also depicts Isabeau's conflict with Greyhound, and his evil plans to rule. It offers some back story on Isabeau's life during the French Revolution and her turning to vampire. The book is action-packed and without too much needless information.All in all it was a pretty good story and as it seems all the parts of the series will deal with each member of the Drake Family. Let's hope the upward trend of the follow-ups will continue with the next installments.
DamarisGCR on LibraryThing 5 months ago
I am really feeling this series! I think Logan is my favorite so far. I loved his personality and the way he just accepted Isabeau for who she is. He was not really worried about her and could some how sense she was not the enemy. He admits right away that it's just something about Isabeau that pulls him to her. I am a huge fan of witches and magic, so it was also a plus to read about all the magic Isabeau knew about. The characters are awesome! Lucy is still my favorite of course, but I now have a spot for Isabeau. The Plot was very entertaining and fun to read. Alyxandra's writing is also really good. While you're reading, everything just seems to run so smoothly. Only thing I had a little trouble with was the all the different names their enemies had. I got thrown off a bit on who was fighting who and would have to go back and read who the Hunter was etc. Other than that I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book and learn more about The Drake family. Great Read!
TheLibraryhag on LibraryThing 5 months ago
This series is getting interesting. This time we still have two narators but they are different people. We have Logan, one of the Drake hunks, and Isabeau, a hound princess (hound is a type of vampire in this series). Lots of action and still some time for romance. This story picks up shortly after the end of the first book. I like the change of perspective. I am really looking forward to the next in the series. on LibraryThing 5 months ago
** Warning if you haven¿t read My Love Lies Bleeding (or Hearts at Stake depending on where you live) I don¿t recommend reading this review as there are some spoilery details from the first book that are discussed in this review. You have been warned.** I¿d been waiting over a week for this book to arrive in my mailbox (bookdepository you were very slow) and then suddenly it appeared (queue trumpets), I squealed a bit when I took it out of the letterbox. Unfortunately I had to work :( so I started it on the train which was a bad idea because I had to stop reading once I reached work and wait a whole 6 hours until I finished, by the time work was over it was like I needed a really bad sugar fix I was that jumpy to finish work and read (yes that¿s how much I wanted to read this book!). With my little rant over I shall get to my review of the book which whilst not being as good as My Love Lies Bleeding was still a page turner for me. Blood Feud beings soon after the events that took place in My Love Lies Bleeding. Helena Drake is Queen after having killed Lady Natasha however we soon find out that many are not happy about this change when an assassination attempt on the Queens life is foiled. In order to try and stabilise the vampire community Liam Drake is trying to bring the Hounds (a tribe of reclusive vampires) and Helios-Ra (vampire hunting society) to the bargaining table in order to agree on a treaty with the main goal of stopping Montmartre and the Hel-Blar. Just like My Love Lies Bleeding, Blood Feud is told in altering points of view between two characters except this time instead of Lucy and Solange we have Logan (another one of the Drake brothers) and Isabeau St.Croix (a vampire who has suffered a great deal including being buried alive for over 200 years). Logan first meets Isabeau when he is asked to escort her to meet his mother and father, as Isabeau is part of the Hound delegation. Logan takes an immediate fancy to Isabeau telling her ¿I feel like I know you¿ basically a couple of hours after meeting her, I mean give it a day or two, sheesh. Isabeau also likes Logan however she¿s more torn I suspect because of all she has gone through. I really liked how Alyxandra included flashbacks on Isabeau¿s previous life before she was turned, I learnt some things about the French Revolution, yay! Isabeau was a strong character who was no wall flower, she¿s not one to sit back and let someone else do work for her she was always in the thick of it. She was hell bent on revenge against Greyhaven, the vampire who turned her and left her buried alive for over 200 years, that¿s a lot of time to come up with novel ways to punish someone. Logan was very caring and protective of Isabeau which was very sweet, he also can kick some evil vampire butt when he has to though. We learn a lot more about the Hounds in this book, particularly about their beliefs which I found interesting. Apparently the next book in the series will be focusing on Helios-Ra, particularly Hunter Wild who we meet in this book. Crazy evil Montmartre still wants to marry Solange and is still leaving gifts for her (I mean can you say creepy), and those fine Drake brothers are all here as well as Kieran and Lucy, who was my favourite character from the first book, she cracks me up I love her. Fear not all you Lucy fans she is in this book as well (although not as much as I would have liked) and just as witty as ever. I found myself wanting more time with Lucy and Nicholas in this book whenever they appeared. But alas we cannot always get what we want. However, according to Alyxandra¿s website half of books 4 and 5 in the series are told in Lucy¿s point of view, so yippee! Also, I wasn¿t expecting the ending in this book at all. I have no idea what¿s going to happen next. Oohh, there is also a nifty family tree included in the book which I found really helpful, it can get confusing trying to remember who is who sometimes. Blood Feud is a quick enjoyable read with ac
monsterofbooks on LibraryThing 5 months ago
Why is this series not on the NYT Bestsellers yet? Seriously, who doesn't love reading about the Drake Chronicles? One, I got to applaud the author for giving a entertaining sequel that surpassed it's predecessor. All the complaints I had from the previous novel (in terms of writing and stuff) was gone from this book, which I was happy about.When I first heard that this novel wouldn't be in Lucy/Solange POV, I was a bit apprehensive. Questions like, how would she do it? Would I still have the same love for the series, if it's in different characters POV? In the end Alyxandra did a excellent job at keeping the series excellent (maybe even better) with different characters POV. I also found it a refreshing writing style. I've never seen a author who has each book (series) in 2 different character POV. I really enjoyed it.In this book, the POV are Logan and Isabeau. Isabeau is the girl you see at the end of Hearts At Stake. In the previous book I had problems with the characters POV being too similar, but that's not the case in this book. Logan and Isabeau POVs are so well written and developed throughout the novel that I really didn't need the name of who POV it was at the beginning of each chapter. Logan's quickly developed love for Isabeau is so well brought up and shown that you feel how passionate it is for him. Isabeau on the other hand has been through some major trauma, and is one determined/strong chick. You really connect with the pain she is feeling, you sympathize for her greatly. In the end Logan was my favorite character to read from, he's also probably my favorite brother in the Drake Clan.The Information that was so quickly packed and confusing in the previous novel, because more clear in this novel. It's easier to understand the different species of vampires, though I think this novel would do greatly with a glossary instead of a family tree.Something in end will happen to one or more of the antagonist, and it shocked me greatly. I couldn't believe it, and am now pondering how the series will continue. I thought this antagonist would be a main, reoccurring villain throughout it all but I guessed wrong. But I think this just makes me like the author even more, because I'm eager to find out what will happen next with the family. Though I did not enjoy the fact that this character was only shown only one or two pages in this book and then is killed. I wished we could of seen this person more.The novel has less of Solange, Lucy, Kieran and Nicholas and I was kind of sad about that. I think my favorite line was went Solange was explaining how Nicholas locked Lucy in a closet to Logan. Quite hysterical.I also got confused at some of the jokes/dialogue, but other then that the book was perfect. Like the previous one it's fast paced and there's never a dull moment. So overall I really enjoyed Blood Feud, more then Hearts at Stake. I found it was more entertaining, beautifully written and easier to understand. I definitely recommend this one, and I'll be on the look out for # 3 Out For Blood which comes out in Dec.2010.
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Summary: Isabeau St. Croix is a survivor. She survived the in the streets of the French Revolution after she was orphaned by the Terror, she survived the trials of becoming a debutante after making her way to her uncle's home in England... and she survived two centuries left for dead in her coffin after being turned by a charming and callous vampire. She was rescued by the wild and magical vampires known as the Hounds, and has been sent as an envoy to the royal courts after the violent battle that put the matriarch of the Drake clan on the throne. Logan is the second-youngest Drake son, worried about protecting his mother from assassins, and his sister from the vampire Montmartre who wants to claim her as his bride, and thus claim the crown for himself. Isabeau is like no one that Logan has ever met, and he must find a way to break through the shell that she's built around herself if they - or any of their loved ones - are going to survive the schemes against them.Review: There were three things I loved about the first book in The Drake Chronicles: it was fast-moving and full of well-written exciting action, it provided a solid dose of sweet romance, and it was really funny, full of snarky, snappy banter. Blood Feud retained two out of the three: I can't fault the action or the romance in this book, and it was fast-moving and sweet, a very nicely fluffy summer read. However, I found myself really missing the snarkiness that made the first book so appealing. I think part of that was due to the shift in main characters. I can understand why Harvey wanted to focus on another Drake sibling rather than stay with the two she'd already built up, but Logan never really got much more of an individual personality other than "idealized teen paranormal romance male lead (who happens to wear frock coats)." The contrast was most evident whenever Nick and Lucy were in the scene; their humor made the writing spark in a way that Logan and Isabeau never quite did for me. Although, to be fair, I did also enjoy the historical fiction segments (from Isabeau's human life) that rounded out this book. Harvey's just as good at describing historical settings as she is at depicting vampire fight scenes and the tingly nature of a new crush. The individual pieces were all enjoyable, but they just didn't quite come together in Blood Feud with the same sparkle that they had in Hearts at Stake. 3.5 out of 5 stars.Recommendation: Overall, while it didn't quite gel for me the way I'd hoped it would, Blood Feud was a fun, fast read, and perfect for kicking back on a summer day when you don't feel like anything too serious. The same is true for its predecessor, Hearts at Stake, too, though, and they really should be read in order.
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I really enjoyed this book cant wait till i get the next one.
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I loved this 2nd book just as much as the 1st one. It was fun to get to know one of the Drake brothers better. Plenty of action packed, fast paced, funny and entertainment. It was a feel good, page turner. Very good for everyone, even if you are not a vampire fan. It is refreshingly clean and interesting.
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