Blood Money: Book I

Blood Money: Book I

by Rose Marie Ash


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Miriam Cordell would do anything to protect those closest to her, especially her family if put in a position to do so. Many years would pass before she would be put in such a position. Her thinking of protection would include doing things above the law. She had no qualms of doing what she had to do.
Her marriage to Jack Cordell provided her and their children a very comfortable and happy life. This fairy tale existence would abruptly come to an end. After visiting her sister she started that long drive down a dark road in the Hollywood hills home. Miriam picked up a hitchhiker starting the chain of events that would affect the lives of the Cordell family for the next three decades; a child ignored by a father; bribery; sibling rivalry; a mother's mistrust and secrets kept.
Even when the Cordell sons grew into men, Jack continued his animosity toward the younger son Trace, while twins Jack Jr., and Al were doted by their father. Miriam knew aware of her husband's treatment of their youngest son. Was because of that night she was attacked. Jack Jr. and Al had blond hair and blue eyes like their father while Trace had dark brown hair and brown eyes like his mother. It just added into Jack Sr.'s belief that Trace was not his son. Miriam would bide her time for the right time and place to make Jack believe differently.
The end of WWII, bought espionage, infiltration, bribery, to the forefront to prove Traces true paternity to Jack and Miriam free of her explaining her deceptions.

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ISBN-13: 9781796018189
Publisher: Author Solutions Inc
Publication date: 04/25/2019
Pages: 182
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