Blood of the Prime: Predawn (T'nari Renegades--Pleiadian Cycle, Book I, Part I)

Blood of the Prime: Predawn (T'nari Renegades--Pleiadian Cycle, Book I, Part I)

by Erin MacMichael

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The Empire is back. How can the violence be stopped?

Alcyone and Maia – the only systems left in the Pleiadian cluster still free of reptilian control. The last time the Drahks appeared, the Pleiadians lost the Meropean system to the Empire's superior technology. This time, the two fleets are armed with something new: sentient starships, psychic abilities, a commitment to non-violence, and the determination to find an effective defense against the reptilian menace.

After a warband invades Maia's smallest outworld, Alcyoni pilot Rhys Talrésian finds himself plagued by abusive nightmares and guilt until an elusive feminine presence in his dreams helps him discover he is being attacked psychically by the invading warlord, Biak. When the sadistic Drahk moves into his waking world and sends an assailant after one of his closest friends, Rhys steels his resolve and pursues the dreamwalker, instinctively knowing she is the key to opening his own abilities.

Biak steps up his malicious attacks and prepares to advance his invasion into both systems. The Pleiadians search for a bridge of communication with Drahkian captives taken in the battle and the secrets to unlocking the Drahks' technology. As odd synchronicities begin to mount, it becomes increasingly clear that the Pleiadians have unseen allies steering them toward unexpected solutions.

–"You've grown up with the fear. Now the Empire is knocking down the back door. Find a new game, Rhys."

Book I, Part I of the epic science fantasy series T'nari Renegades–Pleiadian Cycle.
EXCERPT INCLUDED from Blood of the Prime: Spark, Book I, Part II: "Ti'angriel"

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BN ID: 2940161986462
Publisher: Reality Raiders Press
Publication date: 12/21/2018
Series: T'nari Renegades--Pleiadian Cycle
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,031,782
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Erin MacMichael is a science fantasy author and artist, creator of the T'nari Renegades series of novellas, novels, covers, and artwork. Her cross-genre fiction infuses far-reaching concepts, vivid characters, and elements of the so-called fantastic into emotionally charged interplanetary drama.

The T'nari series follows a renegade family who infiltrates worlds taken down or threatened by ancient reptilian clans addicted to violence. In the face of crippling pain and anger, the T'nari game masters weave their magic to reclaim realities lost to the repetitive nightmare.

Erin's lifelong personal quest has been to explore past the boundaries of conventional thinking and figure out what really has transpired on this planet. She has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Europe and the British Isles, and ventured into the ancient sites of Egypt, Bali, Java, Peru, Bolivia, and Mexico. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her marvelous offspring and the magnificent Douglas Firs.

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