Blood on His Hands

Blood on His Hands

by Mark P. Sadler
4.0 6

Paperback(FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General)

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Blood on his Hands 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Will36us More than 1 year ago
Blood on His Hands by Mark P. Sadler a book review A crime of passion set to the background of dust and revenge. Mark Sadler weaves his story of betrayal with a pace of desperate anticipation. Michael the husband works hard for the money as he takes care of his wife, Bonnie, and two boys, Seth and Caleb. The money pays well and he does his best to take care of his family. Mike would do anything for Bonnie and the boys-even go to counseling with Bonnie so he could keep the flames of his marriage alive. Mike leaves for a weeklong job, which angers Bonnie, but she seems to take it well for when he's gone she gets with her sister and plans a night out with the girls. Enter Ian.the private love interest for Bonnie, who doesn't waste any time at all leading Ian into her clutches. Their relationship moves fast and the two begin to move in together. As they have sex for what seems like the first time.Mike comes home. Mike's back early due to a damaged machine at his job. When he pulls up to the trailer, he doesn't see Bonnie's car, but someone else's (Ian's) and proceeds to believe he is being robbed. Mike grabs his gun and enters the house through a hatch he made that came up into the bedroom from under the trailer. You can guess what happens from here, which has Mike on the run from the law. But the law is the least of Mike's worries, as there is someone who wants him to pay for what he had done and is going to stop at nothing to make sure payback is served. The story has its moments and is well paced, though there are moments to where the character's are detached and you wish to know more of their inner motivations. The sex scene was detached as well. I felt as though they were not really into each other-I didn't feel their passion. But that's me. Overall, I think the character's were just existing and not experiencing their surroundings. The tensions between the characters were none existent as well. Tension is conflict.I didn't feel it. But please don't get me wrong.Blood on His Hands is a great story and is a good read. It is worth being on anyone's bookshelf. And for a debut novel, it's definitely a good start. I'm going to be looking for more from this author.
Suspensemag More than 1 year ago
A hunt for payback-predator vs. prey-is the underlying electrical current coursing through this colorful debut thriller by Mark Sadler. The movement of the storyline, written so vividly, straddles the lines between dark thriller and in-your-face horror, as Sadler's descriptions spill out with shocking intensity. Michael Renton was just a typical working Joe with a wife and two sons and while his life was not the pinnacle of excitement, he was proud of his accomplishments.their accomplishments as a family. A hard worker, he understands that being away from the wife and kids was a strain on the family unit, but it would have been much more difficult without the money from hours of overtime. Unfortunately, all that time away made it tricky to appreciate his wife's needs and desires for more. Much more than Michael, a simple man, could ever offer. Michael could never have prepared himself-even had he fully understood the true toll his schedule had taken-for the day he walked in on his wife and her lover. His American dream was over in an instant...within seconds of a shotgun blast. Not for the faint of heart, "Blood on his Hands" can make your stomach roll as well as a roller coaster while Sadler zigzags you on a frenzied chase across the country. Reviewed by Shannon Raab with Suspense Magazine
RobinCain More than 1 year ago
What are a husband's choices when he comes face to face with his wife's infidelity? The answer lies in Mark P Sadler's debut novel, BLOOD ON HIS HANDS, and it's far more complicated and satisfying than the reader would imagine. Both a tale of bitter choices and sweet surrender, BLOOD ON HIS HANDS is a fine examination of the human spirit and soul. Sadler weaves a tale that begins in the dirty, dusty flat lands of Oklahoma and heads out to the majestic beauty and solitude of the Appalachian Trail. While the main character treks into the desolate woods to find answers that can only be found within his heart, the reader is allowed to wallow in the unfamiliar splendor of all he encounters. Author Sadler certainly knows how to engage the reader in these scenes. Though there is no mystery as to who's the killer, the answer we ultimately seek is who will actually pay for the crime and, unlike the previous reviewer, I found the ending to be extremely satisfying and fresh. Remorse and reconciliation comes in many forms and Sadler has done a first-rate job at portraying this to his readers. BLOOD ON HIS HANDS is a very good read from a talented new author.
ApexReviews More than 1 year ago
A hardworking Oklahoma oil rigger, Mike has a tough enough time just getting through each day; so, when he comes home one night and finds his wife enthralled in the throes of rapture with her lover - he loses any remaining composure he has left and shoots them both. Fully aware of the severity of his actions, Mike soon skips town, embarking on an extended fugitive run from justice that takes him all the way to the Appalachian Trail in North Georgia. Little does he know, though, his wife's lover somehow managed to survive the shotgun blast, and he soon pursues Mike cross-country - determined not to let his assailant get away scot-free. What follows for both men is an introspective journey of pain, struggle, and the opportunity for ultimate atonement. Blood On His Hands is an engrossing, well-crafted read. The solid debut from author Mark Sadler, Blood doubles as a suspenseful murder mystery and compelling morality tale. Through the heartfelt earnestness of his protagonist, Sadler provides the reader with a vicarious look into the mind and soul of a flawed, yet sympathetic figure who struggles with the same problems that plague each of us every day. As a result, readers from all backgrounds will readily identify with Mark's spiritual and emotional plight, which will only draw them even further into the unfolding action of the story - as well as its surprisingly shocking ending. With a well-paced storyline and powerful characters, Blood On His Hands is a welcome first effort from a promising new literary talent. Renee Washburn Apex Reviews
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago