Blood on The I-90: A Tale of Murder and Mayhem

Blood on The I-90: A Tale of Murder and Mayhem

by Julie M. Dryja


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BLOOD ON THE I-90 is second in a series of three novels in which detectives Melanie Abrams and Tom Lavin rule as feared and respected modern-day crime-busters.
The plot unfolds in the city of Buffalo, NY, in the fall of 2029, when Melanie Abrams, a 39-year-old Buffalo PD detective, becomes the victim of a murderous stalker whose calling card is explosives.
As the trail goes cold in Buffalo, Abrams, deliberately playing into her stalker's hands, heads to Boston after enlisting the help of her ex-partner, Tommy Lavin-a boozing, over-the-hill, much-feared legend who comes roaring out of retirement to hunt down and kill the suspect.
Traveling on the I-90 to Boston, the couple encounters more mayhem; brutally accosted by bogus State Police, they are forced into hiding. Abrams flees to the upscale island of Puckshaw-Boston's playground for the rich and famous-where she takes an apartment alone, and prepares to flush out the killer.
The plot reaches a chaotic climax when a colorful cast of characters comes together to apprehend the demonic stalker-dead or alive.
Unpredictably thrilling and filled with suspense, BLOOD ON THE I-90 is further engrossing by its secondary plot: the poignant, tender, and humorous relationship that develops between Tom Lavin-burley, over-the-hill detective-and Melanie Abrams-young, modern crime-buster.
Crime fans-enjoy!

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ISBN-13: 9781470120504
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/02/2016
Pages: 376
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.84(d)

About the Author

Meet the Author

Born the youngest of fourteen children to immigrant parents, Julie Dryja was raised and educated in Western New York. By the age of twelve, scribbling into spiral notebooks to detail special events or landmark occurrences became a reliable creative and emotional outlet for her. In time, poetry, essays, and short stories followed. As an adult, frequent detailed journaling became her treasured pastime, eventually serving as the basis of her future style of writing. Many years would pass before her efforts were channeled into three full length novels.
After thirteen productive years in a religious community, she returned to Niagara University to complete her Master's Degree. Her professional career included teaching, founding an early childhood center in Lewiston, NY, and ownership of an historical travel agency in Niagara Falls, NY. Upon her retirement, she traveled extensively and returned to her most creative undertaking-completing her novels.
BLOOD ON THE I-90 is the second in a series of three novels in which Detectives Tom Lavin and Melanie Abrams solve tough crimes, in their inimitable style. PUCKSHAW and A BRIDE FOR PETER complete the trilogy.
Julie is married and has one daughter. She resides with her husband in Lewiston, NY and Miami Beach, Florida.

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