Blood Rock

Blood Rock

by Anthony Francis


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Book Two in the Skindancer series.

Dakota Frost is back, and the ink is about to hit the fan-again.

Graffiti comes to life in the dark heart of Atlanta's oldest cemetery, slaying one of the city's best loved vampires before the eyes of his friend Dakota Frost. Deadly magick is at work on the city's walls, challenging even the amazing power of Dakota's tattoos to contain it. The hungry, graffiti magick loves to kill, and the Edgeworld is no longer safe from its own kind.

Dakota begins a harrowing journey to save those she loves and to discover the truth behind the spreading graffiti-even if that truth offends the vampires, alienates the werekin and creates police suspicion of her every action.

Saving Atlanta may cost her everything, including custody of her "adopted" weretiger daughter, Cinnamon. But failure is not an option. If the graffiti isn't stopped, Cinnamon could be the next victim.

Epic Award winner Anthony Francis writes the Skindancer series while working fulltime for "that famous search engine whose name begins with a 'G'."

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ISBN-13: 9781611940138
Publisher: BelleBooks
Publication date: 08/01/2011
Series: Skindancer
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

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Blood Rock: Review Copy Only 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Reannon More than 1 year ago
Title Blood Rock Author Anthony Francis Tags series, paranormal, dakota frost, tattoos, magic, shapeshifters, vampires, graffiti Rating ****1/2 Your review This is the second in Francis' Skindancer series about magical tattoo artist Dakota Frost. The magic in the tattoos is literal. They can move, transfer from Dakota to someone else, and store and release magical energy. Frost Moon was an impressive debut, yet Blood Rock easily passes it as a truly unique and inventive novel. Dakota is called to a horrifying scene by the police. She arrives to find Revenance, a vampire she likes and respects, captured and attacked by magical graffiti. Dakota does her best to rescue him but he is killed. The situation quickly becomes a crisis when others - humans, vampires, and shapeshifters - are attacked. To stop the attacks Dakota must first figure out how the graffiti works. Being the police's main suspect is a hindrance, to say the least, and she also loses custody of her adopted teenage daughter, Cinnamon. Cinnamon is a weretiger and her school has just discovered she is a mathematical genius. Blood Rock is one of the most fascinating reading experiences I've ever had, and I read a lot. It is rare one finds a truly unique plot. Ally that with compelling characters, a delving into the science behind magic, and the brilliant use of the Atlanta setting and you have a book with a stunning impact. The only downside is a tendency to throw too much at the main character. Most humans would curl up into a fetal ball and whimper. I would also have recommended a different title. Since I read a lot of mysteries and a lot of paranormal fiction, I'm all too aware how many books have blood in the title, and that it makes it harder for a title to stand out. It is recommended you read Frost Moon first, which isn't a hardship as it is also a very good book. Anthony Francis deserves to become a highly recognized author, and I hope that happens with the publication of Blood Rock. He is going to be in Atlanta in September 2011 for a talk at the Georgia Tech Library (which, full disclosure, I'm helping organize) and for DragonCon. Go see - he is an author to watch.
JosephLYoung on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book was my introduction to the "Skindancer" Series and the author, "Anthony Francis". I found the descriptions of the characters, the environments, the actions and the interplay between them all to be involving, inventive and complementary to the pleasure of reading this delicious story. I was captured once I opened the title page and started reading. I would have finished it in one sitting but, my wife insisted that I come to bed about midnight of the first day and I had to wait until this morning to reach the wholly satisfying conclusion. I really enjoyed the range of characters, their interplay and the vivid description of their association. I really appreciated the author's imaginative placement in the story and the large number of competing characters that were filled out and playing their unique part in the overall play. I thought the juvenile characters played an essential role and appreciated that their feelings, thoughts and actions contributed to the whole in a manner that emphasized their individual importance to the story (not just filler). I enjoyed the rapid pace of the book and the authors use of tension to hold the reader. I will definitely look for the early book and any additional books by Anthony Francis. If this author is defining the future of Urban Fantasy, I'm excited and jumping aboard this popular reading direction! Many thanks for a great read, I highly recommend this a required reading for anyone wanting a few hours away from the physical world.
pither on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I was eager to start the second in the Skindancer series, as I really enjoyed the first one, Frost Moon. Dakota is a great protagonist, sharp and intriguing and well-written. I also wanted to see where Francis would take Cinnamon, Dakota's newly-adopted werecat daughter.Blood Rock follows Dakota Frost, tattoo artists and magical skindancer, and her wide variety of friends through an alternate Atlanta. This time the city is beset by magical graffiti, and she's tasks with cleaning it up and the magical mess that follows. Got to say though, Blood Rock was a big disappointment for me. I got about halfway through and wanted to put it down, but a dogged determination to see what would happen to the characters kept me going.The action in Frost Moon was well-written, keeping your interest level high without bogging you down in the finer details of magic and science. Blood Rock though, you have to positively wade through. At several points I felt like I had to have a degree in physics or engineering just to know what they were talking about. The magic is explained through scientific terms, but if you're not quite sure how the scientific concepts work that Francis using as comparison, you're out of luck.The plot also fell kind of flat for me. Bad things kept happening to Dakota, one after the other after the other. I get that her life isn't sunshine and lollipops, especially with having to fight the magical graffiti, but often I had the reaction of "Oh NOW what?" At some points it felt like a whole range of plot points being strung along together without a lot connecting them.Between the stodgy plot and difficulty of scientific concepts, Blood Rock was more work than pleasure for me. I'm not sure yet if I'll read the third, Liquid Fire; I'm reserving judgment.
Cats57 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Blood Rock - Francis, AnthonyWith this second Dakota Frost book, we find that Dakota is facing multiple enemies or so it seems. So much happens in this book that is is nearly too much for the average brain to process. Dakota is facing graffiti that is coming alive and killing vamps and weres and also just plain humans. Dakota has here adopted daughter taken away from her. She loses her new lover because of the graffiti. The Genty is after her and she ends up with a new position on the Council.There are many surprises in this book even if there is so much action you nearly can¿t process it. I just wish that the author, who is a computer scientist and a PHD, would take the mere mortals that may not have PHD.¿s into consideration and just a tone down the Math and scientific stuff. But that¿s just me. I would appreciate it so I don¿t feel the need to skim so much! With that complaint aside, I love this series. The characters are fascinating, well drawn and some of them feel like I would be good friends with them if they were real. The pacing is brisk but not mind numbingly so. The action is nearly non-stop. The plotting and story line, while almost comic book like in spots, leaves you wanting more. I can easily see this becoming a very long running series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PracticalPorche More than 1 year ago
Anthony Francis is a creative and colorful storyteller. Blood Rock is amazing! You must stay on your toes, because just when you think the machine is out of balls, it whips out a curve ball that leaves you yelling "WHAT!?!?" into your NOOK. There is an excellent mix of action, drama and twists that incite whiplash. I truly enjoyed the unexpected love, loss, and magical battles. I could barely wait for the villain and his secrets to be revealed and was not disappointed when it all exploded in the end. The characters were all so lively and entertaining, especially the Gentry. They were quite an interesting bunch to meet. The icy Iadimus was my favorite. This book is an extremely satisfying read, and I must say my appetite for adventure was filled after following Frost through hers.
Katya_Sozaeva More than 1 year ago
In this sequel to “Frost Moon,” Dakota Frost now has Cinnamon living with her. As the story opens, they are trying to find a school that can handle Cinnamon – a “compulsory” weretiger (which means she cannot pass as human) who has never attended school and will need to start basically from scratch – when Dakota receives a call from the police to come quickly. She arrives only to find their friend Revenance, a vampire, trapped in some sort of magical graffiti and, despite all her best efforts, he is killed right in front of her. Things go from bad to worse as Dakota discovers this magical graffiti is turning up all over Atlanta, and that vampires, werekin and humans are all being killed by it – or have gone missing. Can Dakota figure out what is powering the magical graffiti, and how to stop it in time? This book was intense - I can’t even count the number of times that I started yelling while reading this book: “What??? Why is he doing this to her? Can’t she get a break?” etc. - Mr. Francis is just mean to his characters in this book! It makes me super nervous about the next book, as he’s escalating the danger and problems very quickly from book one to book two – book three, “Liquid Fire,” will probably be a real doozy. Unfortunately I do not, at this time, have any information as to when that book will be finished or available. I will say that I was again impressed with the characterizations and plot flow, and that I really love this series! Highly recommended for fans of urban fantasy and magical reality!
SheilaCE More than 1 year ago
Dakota Frost is back in the latest novel from Anthony Francis... ...Dakota is ready for her life to be on track. This skindancer, a magical tattoo artist whose ink comes to life, has a new car, a new house, and she has just gained custody of her "daughter," the were-tiger Cinnamon. But dark and menacing magic is starting to claim lives in Atlanta-magical graffiti has become more than a nuisance for Edgeworlders, members of the magical alternative culture in Dakota's world, and now vampires and werewolves everywhere are starting to feel great mistrust. Even law enforcement agencies have no idea where to turn. It seems like the very security of Dakota's city rests in her hands, but she knows what it will take to save Atlanta from the encroaching artwork. She has to swallow her pride. Dakota must seek the help of her mentor...Blood Rock. Blood Rock is the second installment in the Skindancer series from Anthony Francis, who is by day a computer scientist and by night a science fiction writer. This dark and exciting urban fantasy is evidence of Francis at his best. It also shows his knack for developing complete and comprehensive systems of magic-in this particular novel, Dakota explores the idea of magic and its true nature. Eventually she receives aid from an unlikely source. For fans of fantasy everywhere and especially avid readers of urban fantasy, Anthony Francis gives you Blood Rock, which is now available in bookstores.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NiinaCs_Blog More than 1 year ago
Wow, this was a quick read! Fast moving, quirky and so much fun to read - this book can definitely be a stand-alone one. I read "Frost Moon" few weeks ago, but I can say it's not necessarily to read it beforehand if you don't want to. And look at the Cover - I love it! Sets the mood so well for the book! I still love seeing Dakota handle Cinnamon, it's probably my favorite relationship throughout the two books. Her "becoming" a mother for self-proclaimed were-tigger is so much fun to read! Don't get me wrong I love seeing her in a more romantic mood as well with not one but two interests! Of course that can never last which makes reading the book even more fun. And the suspence and invetigating well I'm a sucker for well written mystery getting resolved, and adding vampires, weres and magic to that - sold! Francis has a way about his writing that is just refreshing and intriguing, he has created a world of unique vampires and weres and isn't shy about making Dakota appreciate the female form as well. I love Dakota and definitely liked this book! So wither you want to check out "Frost Moon" first or just read Blood Rock, I recommend them both.
crystalrclass More than 1 year ago
Dakota Frost, the best magical tattooist in the Southeast, is back with her second adventure. This time out, she and Cinnamon, her soon-to-be-adopted, were-tiger daughter are trying to settle into a new life together. Their hunt for a new school for Cinnamon is interrupted when Dakota answers a call for help and discovers a new dark magic is spinning treachery into magical graffiti which begins showing up all over Atlanta. Dakota may be the only one with enough power to help defeat this new threat, but her friends, her own life and even the future of Cinnamon is in danger as she struggles to unravel the mysterious source of the graffiti's magical power. I didn't think it possible, but the second Dakota Frost book is even better than the first. Now that we are familiar with Dakota's world and the people and beings that surround her, we are ready to delve more deeply into the possibilities of her magical power. Like Dakota, we struggle to keep up with changing relationships as friends seemingly become more foe-like, and evil foes offer surprising opportunities for uncomfortable alliances. I am thrilled to see the many directions and areas of interest that Francis introduces to us, both making the current book more interesting and leaving room for the possibility of future stories and spin-offs from this series. I am also very intrigued by the way that Francis interweaves magic with real science - this time with quantum physics, but don't worry, you won't need an advanced degree to love this action-packed story! Francis is also beginning to set a reoccurring theme in his books by introducing characters with various medical or physical challenges into the storyline. They always have a critical role to play, and I love how their "disability" becomes a necessary talent for good to prevail. In Frost Moon the challenge was blindness. In Blood Rock, a character with Tourette's syndrome has a pivotal role. I can't wait to see where Francis takes Dakota and her friends in the next installment of the Skindancer series. I highly recommend this series. This review is posted here courtesy of the website ck2skwipsandkritiques.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AngiGA More than 1 year ago
I am truly loving this series!!!!!
KiwiKim More than 1 year ago
I was very excited for this novel to come out. 1 chapter into the first book and I knew I was hooked. This novel continues along the same thread. Great characters, strong plot and the perfect mix of magic and sarcasm. I look forward for more novels to come!
bookaddictHW More than 1 year ago
Couldn't put this book down. Fresh gritty concept of living killer grafitti. Dakota, a skindancer with magical tattoos, fights for the magical and human lives of her city.A really fresh story with Weres, vampires, and tattoos that lift off her skin to protect her. This book could stand alone, but grab Frost Moon book 1 and start there. This is a female Harry Dresden. Anthony Francis has freakishly good worldbuilding skills.