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Blood Rose

Blood Rose

by Danielle Rose


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There’s no wrath like that of a witch scorned.

As one of the only spirit users in her coven, Avah has been chosen to wield The Power, the ultimate weapon against the immortal vampire species witches have been at war with for centuries.

But on the night of her birth rite, Avah’s coven is attacked. Forced to seek refuge among the very beings she’s sworn to kill, Avah vows revenge on those who took her former life from her.

As Avah slowly transitions into a life of blood and war, she realizes everything she’s been told is a lie.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780995679276
Publisher: Oftomes Publishing
Publication date: 06/21/2017
Series: Blood Books Series , #1
Pages: 334
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Danielle Rose is writer of fiction and travel, as well as the owner of Narrative Ink Editing LLC. Danielle currently resides in the Midwest, where she spends her days at a local coffee shop planning her next vacation or plotting her next novel.

Danielle holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine's Stonecoast program. In addition to her Master of Fine Arts, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and certification in professional writing from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

When not writing, traveling, or writing about traveling, Danielle enjoys being outdoors, cheering for her favorite football team (Go Packers!), and spending time with her husband and their furbabies: two dogs and a cat. For more information about Danielle Rose, visit her website:

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Blood Rose 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Rainne More than 1 year ago
This quick and easy read was interesting and kept my attention. The storyline is well thought out, well written and cracks along at a good pace. You get a detailed insight into what it's like for Avah, a witch who has been brought up to hate all vampires, to become a vampire. The characters are well-developed and brought to life. Avah especially is an interesting and complex character I’d like to see what happens next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this book as The Blood War trilogy as the box set, I’m reviewing the books individually. I’m new to Danielle Rose’s writing, and I was thrilled after reading the Blood War trilogy. Having no prior knowledge about Danielle Rose’s stories I found her to be a very talented storyteller. Avah and Jasik are serious, funny, and extremely sexy with a little biting and lots of devouring, fiery sex. Her sub characters are snarky and funny as they accompany Avah and Jasik on their journey of find that all-encompassing love. You won’t want to miss a word of all two/three books since they are beautifully written. In Blood Rose book one in the Blood War Trilogy; we meet Avah a young witch chosen upon her eighteenth birthday to accept the gift of power from the goddess. A war is raging with their old enemy, the vampires. Avah has been training for this day all her life along with hunting vampires. When out patrolling she comes across four very unique vampires, but the leader is the one she couldn’t take her eyes off. The sexual chemistry between the two confused her so she pushed it aside. Jasik the leader of his Elite Vampire Hunters couldn’t take his eyes away from the young witch. He watched in wonder as she fought his fellow hunters, his brothers. She was brave, graceful and gorgeous taking on four much older, wiser and more experienced foe than herself. He saw her again as her coven was being attack by vampire abominations. Jasik saw her falter and ran to her side. He couldn’t allow her to die so he took it upon himself to change her into one of them.
KittyWolfie8884 More than 1 year ago
This book is not usually my niche but in saying that: ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR STORY!!!!! A well developed heroine and story kept me wanting more and more. I actually felt Avah's emotions. Her power of spirit felt like I was using it at the same time she was using it. Jasik could very well knock my BBF favorite who is Aragorn from Lord of the Rings off the pedestal lol. I mean I wanted to meld with him just like Avah. I thought that the courage and bravery it took for her to stand and fight for her new family was so reminiscent of what my mom taught me and what I need to teach my daughter. Time for Blood Magic :)
DarqueDreamer More than 1 year ago
Blood Rose is fast paced, heart pumping, and intensely magical. This one has witches, vampires, romance, and danger! Rose draws you in with a rich writing style, and a powerful roller coaster ride. Prepare to be drawn in to the fight! The Plot: Avah has grown up in a family of witches. As a witch herself, and the chosen one for The Power, she is destined to receive the ultimate weapon against the vampires. Witches and vampires have been at war for centuries. But, on the night of the ritual, the coven is attacked, and Avah is left on the brink of death. One choice can save her life, but it will cost her everything, and nothing will ever be the same again as Avah is forced to find refuge with the very creatures she sought to destroy. I really enjoyed this one! I felt like there were characteristics of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Underworld, The Mortal Instruments, and Twilight mixed in to the story! I liked the writing style in which we got a little bit of the backstory and character personalities mixed in with the present story. The plot was unique, fast paced, and full of surprising twists and turns! The romance was a little predictable, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I also really loved the incorporation of pagan magic and rituals found in the book. I felt like that made the story stand out compared to what I have read lately. The fact that Avah had to recite incantations, rather than just have something magically happen, added another layer to the story and her character. I really liked Avah's character. I find it very unique to get the plot and character twist we saw with her. She had a mixture of personality traits from the heroines in the above mentioned titles, so I felt like that gave her depth because I liked her most of time, found her slightly annoying at times, and found her to have her fierce, kick ass moments throughout the book. She felt like a real person. I liked the names of the characters. especially Jasik and Malik. Though I would have liked to learn more about each of the characters and their histories, I enjoyed how they had different personalities, roles in the coven, and meshed well together in the story. I especially loved the mysterious, conflicted, bad boy traits in Jasik. I will admit that there may be a few things a highly critical reader could pick out in this one, but I enjoyed it and definitely got lost in the magic of the story. Danielle Rose has an enticing, well developed writing style that gives the appeal and excitement of a YA novel and the maturity level of a New Adult novel. I immediately purchased the next two books, upon finishing this one, because I am dying to know what happens next!
Denisemouse More than 1 year ago
Blood Rose is the first book of the Blood Books trilogy is written by the author Daniel Rose. I love how each character of the story line was used. First there is Avah a 21year old witch in her coven and her mother is the high priestess in the coven. On the day before Avah is suppose to receive a special gift Avah and her 2 cousins Nina and Everly go out hunting Vampires. Then that's when things go a wry. The action that is involved is amazing, I love how Avah handles things... Her magic skills are awesome as same with her fighting skills with the Vampires. The surprises are shocking as ever and once you start reading Blood Rose you wont be able to stop till you get to the end. I read it and loved it... I can't wait till the next book comes out...
Cali-Jewel More than 1 year ago
Highly entertaining, action packed, magical and dangerously addicting thrill ride. Loved every twist and turn in this enchanting, mystery filled adventure to save her people. witches and vampires all kinds of "who is the real bad guy here" feelings, loved it. Avah Taylor is a strong, sassy, take charge kinda leading lady I am a total sucker for. The attack on the night of her birth rite ritual more than turns the world on its ear. Don't want to give to much away but was a very thrilling read and might not be the best idea for a right before bed read unless you like crazy wild dreams. Looking forward to more from this wild and heart pounding magical world.
Masbjs More than 1 year ago
Loved it! Avah is about to undergo a ritual that will change the course of her life... She goes out hunting to calm herself the night before and things don't go as smoothly as she anticipated. The pacing kept me turning those pages and as always I love books that give me whiplash with the twists and turns! All I will say is, be prepared for the ending! I received this as an ARC which I voluntarily read in exchange for an honest review.
Jazzie More than 1 year ago
A Creative Pairing of Supernatural Lore Note: This review contains NO spoilers Huh... Intriguing first book in a series! Diving into Vampire and Witch lore, Danielle Rose created a unique and interesting pairing of a paranormal romance infused with some action. Her character development and world building worked fluidly creating this story which swirled with some mystery and suspense. It is apparent that there are secrets that these characters are keeping and are discovering. We have a strong female lead of whom has been thrust into a world that she learned to despise. But then circumstances change, this main character, Avah, has no choice but to learn and accept what lies before her. Told from her point of view, readers are able to follow Avah's journey into a life that has led her to discover more than she really wanted to admit was not what she thought. I found the romance was not overbearing, and did not dominate the entire story. I enjoyed the fact that it was subtle and underlying the storyline of Avah learning to be something she only learned to hate. I love that this first book consistently hints at a "bigger picture"...or as is said in the book a "prophecy." Hmmm...make me wonder. Now, the end of the book!!! Really!!! A cliffhanger!?! Ugh!!! I am now at the "edge of my seat" wanting more! But... NO!!! I have to wait for the next book! Seriously!!! Yes! Blood Rose has a cliffhanger... Blood Rose is an interesting and creative pairing of supernatural stories that came together giving readers a captivating and thrilling new narrative of vampires and witches. This is definitely a delightful read for fans of this genre.
Michaela_18 More than 1 year ago
I love a good paranormal book. And this Blood Rose was it. I actually thought I posted my review already, but as I was going through... it disappeared. This was a great debut novel with neat twists and turn with book good and bad creatures. Avah, one of the main characters changed into something she normally kills. She had powers before, but has even more special powers now. It was a great read; beginning to end. Book 2, Blood Magic will be coming out soon, so I won’t give too much away of the Blood Rose. You’ll have to read this fantastic number to find out what happens to Avah and her journey.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
y kind of paranormal read, witches and vampires just dripping with action. Whew . . . fast action speed, Avah a spitfire the chosen one. Decisions must be made and so she did, now the truth unfolds can she accept it? What was instilled in her will it matter in the end? Now that’s a good question and getting to the matter of things became the thrill for me. Poor thing torn with a past life and befuddled with the present. One part I had to laugh at, “The willing? Why are they so willing anyway? Are you offering immortality as a perk to being an on-call meals-on-wheels or something?” I adore Avah’s strength and agility mix in her tough spirit, it had all the paranormal action and reaction I look for to make me smile after a good read. I received a free book from the author through a giveaway. Thank you so much, Darlene Cruz