Blood Spilled for Freedom: Americas Struggle for Survival 1776-1815

Blood Spilled for Freedom: Americas Struggle for Survival 1776-1815

by Gar Olson


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Governments around the world were realizing the disproportionate advantages Great Britain were taking by imposing trade restriction on the American colonies. These restrictions were also affecting their economies in a negative way. "British have made it known they want a piece of us. Our defiance of their demands to pay portions of our profit to them had the British Royal Navy looking for us." "We will be at war with England in the near future but not until our spineless Congress arms a Navy, as per the Constitution we adopted, to be governed by and following the language of the Constitution." Captain Thomas Williams was exercising his Economic independence but other than his efforts, free trade did not exist in the United States. Captain Williams did not recognize Great Britain as having any rights of legislation over America. America cannot be just a service economy with an expanding government subservient to the British. We need to allow the development of new small businesses that can succeed and employ those who need to work. We can only achieve this by removing all the mountains of British rules and regulations that have been killing entrepreneurs off. Government must allow the economy to grow; not create more Socialism. "I want to put a stop to this American. What is his name and what is his vessel?" "Sir, the name of the American vessel is Tossea and the name if the ship's captain is Thomas Williams. Blood Spilled for Freedom by Gar Olson Historical Fiction: The factious story of Captain Thomas Williams (1776-1815) is fun, informative, emotional, and adventurous.

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Publication date: 02/05/2014
Pages: 544
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