Blood Type and Personality 3.0: Reality Proved by 300,000 people and AI

Blood Type and Personality 3.0: Reality Proved by 300,000 people and AI

by Masayuki Kanazawa


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Which blood type is suitable for athletes or politicians? Is there blood type compatibility? Can psychology explain blood type personality theory? Does blood type affect brain waves? Can AI predict your blood type?
The answers are here!

A bold approach to the core of blood type and personality mystery, based on surveys of over 300,000 people.
Uncover dozens of evidences: World political and economic leaders, Asian athletes, Japanese artists, love & marriage, brain waves, personality tests and more...
Also include a pioneering personality analysis with AI and genes.
Updated and enhanced in July 2019.

* Contents *
1. Introduction to Blood Type Humanics
2. Blood Type Moves World Politics
3. Blood Type Moves Asian Sports
4. Basics of Blood Type and Personality
5. Characteristics of Your Blood Type
6. Blood Type and Love Affairs
7. Blood Type and Psychology
8. Toward Blood Type and Personality 3.0

* Data Lists *
US: Presidents, Billionaires, CEOs
UK: Royal Family
Japan: Imperial Family, Billionaires
Prime, Foreign, Defense and Education Ministers
Sumo, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Sync Swimming
Curling, Table Tennis
National Honor Award, Popular Female Artists
AKB Elections, Manga Artists
Korea: Presidents, Baseball
Taiwan: Presidents

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About the Author

AB+ Japanese male born in the 1960s. Interested in blood type and personality since reading Mr. Masahiko Nomi's book when in elementary school. Majored in computer sciences. Have Japanese math teacher license.

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