Bloodspell (Cruentus Curse Series #1)

Bloodspell (Cruentus Curse Series #1)

by Amalie Howard


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ISBN-13: 9780996958424
Publisher: RAH Media LLC
Publication date: 04/01/2017
Series: Cruentus Curse Series , #1
Pages: 396
Sales rank: 1,322,211
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.88(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

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Bloodspell 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 40 reviews.
Roxy_Rae More than 1 year ago
I seriously loved this book... It was worth ever penny. I couldn't believe how amazing it was. :) Seriously buy this book!!!
RavenswoodPublishing on LibraryThing 7 months ago
AMALIE HOWARD'S "BLOODSPELL" (A REVIEW)Move over Stephenie Meyer! I must say that I enjoyed this book much better. The fact that the heroine is not so completely dependent on others to always save her was not only refreshing but much more exciting! Victoria is a young woman on the brink of losing everything when she finds out that her heritage is far more than it seems. She's tortured by the history of her grandmother and in complete denial until she learns from her familiar, a cat by the name of Leto that all is not lost. Meeting Christian Devereux is just the tip of the iceberg as she starts to feel as though she's finally found someone that can fully understand her, only to realize that their relationship is ill-fated and definitely not condoned by either side of the vast spectrum of the supernatural world. It's a story that grabs you up and holds on tight giving you no choice but to stay the course and see what happens next. The pain and anguish of being a teen on the verge of graduation and womanhood mixes triumphantly with the added angst of not knowing exactly who you are and finding out that you have vast power that is not always under your complete control. There is action in this book! Something I found sadly lacking in Stephenie Meyer's novels. Amalie is capable of writing great fight scenes that you have no choice but to envision perfectly in your mind's eye. This story is different and exciting and not your average run of the mill YA supernatural fiction. It has teeth that aren't afraid to bite! You don't feel as though the characters in this story are all vulnerable as they each have their own vivid qualities that make them unique and in some cases deadly!Amalie Howard is definitely destined to become the next big thing in YA supernatural writing. I can't wait to see what she brings to the table next and after reading this story I hope to see far more of Christian and Victoria in the near future!
thebookwormsorg on LibraryThing 7 months ago
I enjoyed this new take of the supernatural world filled with danger and romance! Amalie Howard¿s Bloodspell showed me a brand new take on a world full of vampires and witches and what is forbidden by the laws. I initially expected it to be all about witches, but was pleasantly surprised that it mixes with vampires!Bloodspell started off slow and got more interesting when I learned more about Victoria and her abilities. Howard knows how to intertwine the supernatural with the feelings of a normal everyday girl. Tori is overwhelmed and doesn¿t want what she was born with. I think that Tori was easy to relate to on the level of unexpectedly finding friendship and love in a new place. She¿s unsure of everything when she finds out her family history turns out to be bizarre and dangerous and Tori has to learn to overcome to darkness she possesses. I loved that Tori had a dark side, no not evil, but something she had to overcome within herself.Christian was definitely attractive at points in the story. I didn¿t like him most of the time. He acts as though he owns Tori, although his real intentions were just to protect her from the other vampires seeking Le Sang Noir. Their relationship is essentially forbidden and can result in death and exile¿something unbearable for both of them. The romance to me was bitter-sweet because at times I just didn¿t like Christian.On the other hand though I loved the fantasy world. I loved the vampire council and Lucian (Christian angry brother). I most of all loved the complicated relationship that Tori and Christian have. They are true to each other although everyone else wants them apart.Read this book! It is a good summer read for those paranormal romance lovers. I think you will like the new things Amalie Howard has incorporated into the supernatural/vampire-witch world.Review based on ARC copy
Dranea on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Blood that can kill a vampire and give it wielder the power over all paranormals. Put me down for two, please!Tori was once a loner, the whole, "I'm wearing black and stay away from me because I'm moody" kind of loner. She was teased by the popular kids, and she got along better when left to her own devices. One day the popular kids pushed her a bit too far. What happens next shocks Tori and almost leaves her dead. Days later she wakes up in the hospital, learning that she almost died, and that she may possibly have some sort of blood disease. The good news: she is alive. The doctors can't explain it and do not seem to be overly concerned about her previous condition because it miraculously disappeared. With the accident on the lips of all of the students in her school, the best remedy for Tori is to relocate. She was a social outcast before - this would turn her into a social leper. Her new school not only provides her with a new outlook on life, but a small group of new friends, and one incredibly hot band geek. This particular band geek doesn't go to her school, but makes guest appearances at the school playing with their band. He's hot, he's hunky, he's mysterious, he's artistic, and he's a vamp. All teenage girls pull out your Mr. Hunky, Christian, is instantly smitten with Tori, he knows what she is, and knows that any "smitten-ness" is strictly forbidden. But of course, the story could not possibly end there; we all know we will have some action, adventure, blood sucking, snogging, and important lessons to learn. This book has them all and pulls them off elegantly.This book grabbed my attention from the first chapter. There was something happening right from the starting line, and I was one happy reader. I love when the author feels that there is no set up necessary for the book, but can jump right in tell you the story, and fill you in on the important details as you go. This is my kind of story. I took a few days to read this story, not because I wanted to put it down, but because I had to. (work calls at time to time, and I must do what I gotta do...) I will say that the characters grew on me through the book, and by the time we reached the end of the book, I felt I reached the ending with them, not just simply reading about it. The connections about the characters were fantastic. There are only 2 regrets that I have with this book, one - I wish some of the hints that were thrown in in regards to the story line had been left out. I had one part of the plot line figured out WAY in advance, and I wish there had been a bit more time to Tori to have learned about her abilities. It seemed she became way too comfortable too quickly, especially for the amount of change that occurred.Well - I lied, I do have one more regret, that I am not sure if this is a stand alone novel, or if we will hear more from Tori. I did love the organization of the book, the structure, the cover, the scenery, the adventure and the romance. I was sad when I turned the last page.
danisnell on LibraryThing 7 months ago
4.5/5 starsOrphaned at an early age and unaccepted by her peers, Victoria Warrick is accustomed to hardship and has always felt removed from those around her. As she finishes out her junior year of high school she becomes more aware of a darker, hidden side of her personality ¿ a side that terrifies her. When she becomes the target of bullying at school, that unknown side of her emerges resulting in disastrous consequences. Things only get worse when she inherits a box of family heirlooms on her seventeenth birthday, confirming Tori¿s suspicions that she is far from a normal teenage girl. Instead, she discovers that she is descended from a bloodline of incredibly powerful witches, a power that demands much in return. In a desperate attempt to retain some measure of normalcy, Tori enrolls at a new school at the start of her senior year, determined to reinvent herself and to forget about the family history she fears she¿s doomed to repeat. However, when she meets the mysterious and maddening Christian Devereux, whose beverage of choice just happens to be of the bloody variety, her already strange life takes a decided turn for the completely abnormal. In the midst of an centuries-old feud, surrounded by betrayal, secrets and the inescapable curse that flows through her veins, will Tori overcome all that threatens to destroy her? Wow. I don¿t know what exactly I was expecting from this book, perhaps just a fun, but run-of-the-mill, witch or vampire story? What I ended up with far exceeded my expectations. It rocked my socks. Howard has taken two cliche and overdone paranormal sub-genres and has created something entirely new and exciting in Bloodspell. There are so many elements of the story that could have fallen into ¿been there, read that¿ territory; new girl at school meets boy, they are inexplicably drawn to one another, boy keeps pushing away girl because they ¿shouldn¿t be together,¿ boy is ¿dangerous¿ and not who he seems, etc. However, Howard repeatedly puts her own little creative twists on these oft-used story foundations and turns what could have been ¿Eh.¿ into an unique page turner. And no, I¿m not going to go into more detail about what makes it such a well-crafted story. I¿m purposefully being cryptic so that I don¿t spoil anything and that you, Dear Reader, will pick up this book and read it for yourself. Because you should. You really, really should. Because most of my love for books is so character-driven, we¿ll start with Victoria. She was so desperate to be normal, so afraid to accept her magical heritage, so afraid of the potential her power holds and what it might make her. She¿s an easy character for me to relate to, and I could easily understand her fear and her reluctance to accept who and what she is. As she gets better acquainted with Christian, knowing him helps to awaken her own strength as she learns more about herself and how the curse applies to her. She¿s insightful, intelligent, and despite her initial ostrich-like behavior, is quite daring and courageous. Howard develops her so well throughout the book and I really enjoyed reading Tori¿s journey to who she becomes. Also, in regards to the characters, I loved how both Victoria and Christian struggle with the reality of what they are and question if what they are makes them inherently evil. It¿s interesting to watch both of them attempt to fight against what fate has made them, their successes and failures. And of course, it¿s the fact that Howard allows these lapses in her characters that make them all the more interesting. In addition to their individual struggles, Christian & Victoria¿s romance is an added complication throughout the story. A little bit of a modern-day, paranormal Romeo and Juliet, their love is not supposed to be. Due to an ancient treaty between vampires and witches, it¿s not only frowned upon by both their races, but is illegal as well, and the consequences to their races discovering such a relationship are, shall we sa
DamarisGCR on LibraryThing 7 months ago
This was definitely a very unique and entertaining story. Amalie Howard has created a refreshing and twisted new look on witches. Bloodspell is truly a book that will take you by surprise.There were so many unexpected moments that I just had to keep reading. I would love to go into detail, but I feel that any little bit I reveal will give away a key point in the story. The characters were very believable and easy to picture throughout the book.I enjoyed the chemistry between Christian and Victoria, however I just didn't care for the back and forth of their relationship. But overall I felt that the author did a great job of describing a couple who are in love and I thought the plot was fantastic. It was unpredictable and very different from anything I've read about witches.I'm looking forward to the next book in this series, and I'm anxious to see how Amalie Howard will manage to top herself.4 out of 5 Stars!
joemmama on LibraryThing 7 months ago
My 13 year old granddaughter has written a review on a terrific YA book, "Bloodspell".Victoria Warrick had just moved to a new school after an incident at her old school. Then, on her seventeenth birthday she discovers a secret hidden in a gift from her grandmother. She¿s a witch. And that¿s just the beginning! At her new school she meets Christian Devereux. Someone who actually understands her. Though she soon learns their romance is doomed, each of them bound by the laws of the supernatural world. This book has so many twists and turns. Its got everything a good fantasy book needs. A compelling story, easily relatable, yet different, unique characters, magic and action. This book is so well written that you may just go into hysterics over it. I know I did. This is definitely an amazing book and my new favorite.-Vamp ChildWe received this book from Marissa at JKS Communications.We both thank you very much for the chance to read and review this book! This was a wonderful read!
Candacemom2two on LibraryThing 7 months ago
This book gave me lots of mixed feelings. There were parts I liked, parts I felt kind of 'blah' about and parts I really strongly disliked. I was kind of all over the place. The story is told in third person so we see Tori's story but we get to see Christians at times as well. And Amalie did a great job with it, making it all flow effortlessly so we weren't jarred from one person to the next. It wasn't a lot of switching around though, we mostly saw Tori.I liked Tori okay but I didn't always connect with her. I think that the girl we got to know in the very beginning was very different from the girl in the middle who was different from the girl at the end. Her change was maybe just a bit abrupt from beginning to middle. She went from a shy quiet girl who was brutalized and teased to the popular, outgoing and well liked girl in within the first quarter of the book (she switched schools, so it's not implausible). From middle to end she was all about finding out more about herself and her powers and it seemed like everything maybe came just a bit too easy to her. But that wasn't such a big deal to me. I kind of loved the witch aspect of the book. I loved her powers, how they worked, all that. I mentioned that it seemed maybe a bit too easy for her, but there is an explanation for that, so it's easy enough to not let it bother you. Now Christian, I kind of loved him. He was fantastic. BUT the whole relationship aspect drove me nuts. I almost set the book down when that started happening because I kind of knew I would go crazy. They love each other, hate each other.... you know how the story goes. Can't stay together, can't be apart. In Christians defense Tori did it to him too. This aspect of the book drove me nuts. But somehow I kept reading. And I found that I really did love Christian. There were some descriptions of him that totally had me swooning. Totally. HOT.While the beginning of the story felt slow, the middle sped up a bit but then the relationship stuff drove me a bit nuts. But the end- total twists I didn't see coming. And some amazing fight scenes that were very well done. I totally expected different things for the final 'conflict'. And I totally loved how it was done. One little thing that bugged me was that it was SO unexpected that it almost didn't feel real. Like Tori should have known. Suspected something. But that was really very minor issue. After finishing this book that at times had me yawning, other times had me contemplating throwing the book and still others that had me totally and completely enraptured I can say I did like it. If you like young adult paranormal romance, witches, vampires, etc, than give this one a try. I've been a bit picky with the whole relationship dynamic lately, so don't take my opinion too strongly (unless that's something that bothers you too...). And while I point out things that bugged me, I actually flew through this book fairly quickly (and I didn't skim!). So it's not a heavy read. I know many loved it, so if it sounds like something you'd like, give it a try!
missyreadsreviews on LibraryThing 7 months ago
I'll start with the obvious: the cover. I don't comment much on covers but I think this one has to be one of the most beautiful covers I have come across in a while. As soon as I saw it, I had instant cover-lust. The cover does something that some covers forget to do, it describes a bit of the mood inside of the story. So, bravo to the person who designed this cover - they did an incredible job.Moving on. You not only have a beautiful cover but you also have an equally beautiful main character between the covers of the book. Victoria immediately pops out as one of those characters that you can relate to and also empathize with. She hasn't exactly had the greatest life, losing her family members and being bullied. She also struggles with who she is and what she has done and can do. Aside from that, you can see through her actions that she is a very strong character with a very vibrant personality.Christian Devereux is everything you want in the male lead that you can swoon over. He's handsome, brave and follows his heart instead of the rules given to him. But, like all good swoon-worthy guys, he comes with some baggage - in the form of an evil twin. I have to say it: Lucian is the perfect villain. He's vile, uncaring and relentless, only thinking about what he wants and he doesn't give two cents about what may happen to the people in his path between him and his wants. He made the read even more interesting, giving the story elements of drama and suspense that could have been missed had he not been there.Bloodspell is dark and brooding with the perfect story of forbidden love intertwined into it, along with feuding families and a never-ending power struggle for supremacy. It's an incredible read that will keep you flipping until the very end, with a promise of more from its sequel that we will have to wait for until 2012. All in all, this is a read that I would definitely recommend to my YA paranormal fans - especially those that are fond of vampires and witches.
BookishBrunette on LibraryThing 7 months ago
First off... HOW freaking awesome is this cover? Right?The tension building in this book is awesome! It was like... I'm dying! I'm dying! Oh my God!!!Tori and Christian are so sweet together, but wicked sexy at the same time and they are completely forbidden to be together by a centuries old law. Obviously, a major win...Bloodspell is loaded with compelling characters, not just Tori and Christian either! Gabe... Charla... Angie... Lucian... they are all amazing secondary characters, very intricately written and deliciously mysterious!Witches, Vampires, war, love and a blood curse all wrapped into one amazingly told story. Seriously a must read of 2011! I only had one complaint- I found it easy to put down. You know what I mean? Like I wasn't dying to get back to it at every available moment I had. You know what I mean.In any event, Bloodspell was awesome and I totally can't wait for the next one!
JamesterCK on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Review: I received this book as an ARC for review through the publicist and I was extremely excited to dive into it after reading the synopsis. Also, I absolutely fell in love with the cover of this book. I think it¿s so gorgeous, one of the best I¿ve seen so far this year!I loved the characters in this book. Victoria ¿Tori¿ Warrick finds out on her 17th birthday that she is a witch. Not just any witch, an extremely powerful one for which a prophecy foretold was coming. A revelation such as this would be enough to overwhelm anyone and at first Tori is extremely resistant to using her new-found powers. Throughout the book we really see her grow and mature, slowly embracing the magic that was handed down to her from her ancestors. I really enjoyed seeing her become more confident and she certainly was a great deal stronger than she gave herself credit for. Christian Devereux is a bit of a mystery at the beginning but we quickly learn more about who and what he is. Tori and Christian are drawn to each other almost immediately and I liked how their relationship developed slowly. It turns me off when a book has it¿s main characters profess their love for each other within the first couple chapters, so I was glad that this book wasn¿t like that. Their relationship grew slowly which made it very believable; you couldn¿t help but want them to be happy together. You¿ll see as you read the book though that Tori and Christian¿s won¿t come easily (and that¿s all I¿m saying about that!). All of the supporting characters added a lot of depth and mystery to the story, especially Tori¿s friend Gabriel, and Christian¿s brother, Lucian. I think you¿ll definitely see why I loved the characters so much when you read the book.I liked the author¿s writing style; it really sucked me in and I had trouble putting this book down! The only real complaint I had was that within the same chapter, even within a few paragraphs, the point of view would change from Tori, to Chrstian, and then to Gabriel. It got a little confusing at times. I prefer when a book sticks with one character for a chapter, or at least uses a page break before moving on to another character. I can say though that at least you get a good idea of what everyone¿s thinking at a specific moment in time when you jump around to different characters; you aren¿t left wondering what the other person was thinking/feeling at that intense part of the book. I found this book to have a unique storyline, despite the fact that it involves the usual supernatural creatures. Tori¿s having inherited the ¿black blood¿ from her ancestors and the fact that the blood kind of had a mind of it¿s own was really interesting. My favorite part of the entire book was the ending. I can¿t even describe how amazing it was, it had my blood pounding and I refused to put the book down until I finished it. It stayed with me for awhile after I had flipped the last page. Definitely the most intense scene I¿ve read in a long time!To finish out my review, I'd like to share one of my favorite quotes from the book:"A wise friend once told me 'you are who you are.'" Victoria traced a line from the scar on the corner of his eyebrow across his cheekbone. "I know what you are, but I also know who you are too. And the 'who' is the part that defines us."Overall I really enjoyed this book. The characters were amazing and several scenes had me on the edge of my seat, desperate to find out what happened next. I am hoping that there will be a sequel because I want more Tori and Christian! This is definitely one book that you don¿t want to miss this year.
reading_crystal on LibraryThing 7 months ago
One thing I think sums this book up best is a statement in the Langdon Street Press' publicity page for Bloodspell and it says this: "Bloodspell is a story of feeling like an outsider, a love story and a story of triumph over adversity. Don't fall victim to what you are, but find the courage and strength to define who you are."That truly sums up this book. But in a way it oversimplifies. I found this book to be very complex and engaging. It does hold true to the above statement. Victoria or "Tori" is an outsider and she is trying to figure out why and how to come to terms with who and what she is. When she starts attending a new school, she starts to fit in better and finds herself intrigued by a student at the nearby college who is often at the high school helping out, Christian. And there begins their love story. But their love story if fraught with difficulties. I like how this book made it different by each of them having their doubts at different times. It wasn't him always saying they couldn't be together or her always saying it. They both had doubts because of what they were and laws that governed witches and vampires.I also found the witch and vampire element to be refreshing. I know there are witches in the Sookie Stackhouse series along with the vampires but I haven't seen this element as much in young adult fiction. It felt fresh and new. I especially like that the main focus was on Victoria and her learning to be a witch and control her special powers.The first third of the book starts the world building and the defining of the characters which is enjoyable. But after about 100 pages this book really takes off and is action-filled. No long sappy scenes for the whole book - this is more about Tori finding herself and helping Christian and others as well. There are some great scenes where these two declare their love and while it's always in the background, I never felt the love story was the true focus. The focus was more on the inner struggles and that really made the book.If you enjoy books with good character development and a lot of action then this is a book for you. I like how the ending is pretty much sewn up, but there are some open threads I could see possibly leading to another book, which would be awesome, but if there is not another book in the works involving Christian and Tori, I would be okay with that as well.Some of my favorite quotes, first one that shows the struggle Tori faces (and how well the author puts it in Tori's words): "Tori, she attacked you. You defended yourself and she lost. That was it," he said. "You don't understand. I took her magic into myself, and even though it was filthy and cloying, I liked it. I liked the feeling of power and when I killed her I liked it even more! I loved it. It was so easy ... I reveled in taking ... the taking ..." Victoria gasped, unable to finish. "The blood takes and feeds ... and I am helpless against it." Another fun quote that pokes fun at vampire lore and mainstream media at the moment (I think it shows the author has a great sense of humor). This is Christian talking about hiding being a vampire with Tori: "Their scientists and forensic experts have the tools and technology now, not to mention all the books and films flaunting our secrets!"
ilikethesebooks on LibraryThing 7 months ago
When I first set eyes on this cover, I was immediately interested. Then I read the plot description, and I am not going to lie, I was a bit hesitant. I mean, witches? It's been done before... but not quite like this. Amalie Howard does a fantastic job at changing up a "witch" story and turning it into something completely different, new and interesting.Victoria Warrick has always been on the outside, she had sort of started to get used to it - it was normal, usual. After a near death experience, strange things start happening. She finds she can do incredible things, like blast people with an energy force, heal extremely fast, and hear her cat talking to her? She also notices that her blood is a strange color; black and oily... When her aunt gives her an amulet and a diary passed down from her grandmother, the pieces start to fall into place. Tori is a witch of immense power, passed down thorough her blood for generations. Her powers are not a gift, they are a curse... and she's not the only one who wishes to control her power. I really liked how the author made Tori's abilities into a curse. Reading this book you don't think, "Oh hey, I wish I was a witch" which I will admit to feeling with many paranormal/fantasy books. This book is very dark, which makes the paranormal world of witches and vampires really come alive as something scary and unwanted. I was pretty interested throughout the whole novel, but the climax at the end is amazing. I really want this book to be made into a movie just so I can witness the crazy fight scene at the end. Best. Fight. Ever. I also liked how the relationship in this book was virtually impossible. Not just because it was an illicit relationship, but because the characters understood the gravity of the situation. Although they may have gone for it anyways at certain times, they weren't ignoring the possible outcomes and they weren't unaware of them either. It made their relationship seem more powerful.Overall, I would recommend this book. It really can't be related to other books with witches and vampires, which was refreshing. I will have to say that I was perfectly content with this book thinking it was a standalone. I am happy to discover that it is not and is only the first in a series, but it definitely could have been. This is a super fast read, filled with action, blood, romance, magic... and more blood. If that sounds interesting - pick it up.
Angelscryhavoc on LibraryThing 7 months ago
I won this book in a contest on my book clubs forums, it by no degree sets my decision against this book. However when I first read this book, I was enthralled the writer pulled me in with my fondness of paranormal and my worry that as with much of witches and vampires it would glamoure to the new regime of Twilight lust. I was pleased to find that this is in no way a Twilight knock off. I know some people swear by Twilight and I'm cool with that. To each their own but it was not one of my favorites. However, this book Bloodspell was in my thoughts and mind a way better story and something I urge others to read. The characters are thought out, the surprise ending is something you wouldn't expect and not everything is a perfect ending. It's good but it leaves it open for more to follow for there to be a chance to see more in Tori's life and to have options open to her as well as her beloved Christian. All in all I recommend picking this book up and reading it. I don't want to divulge to much but I say you will most certainly not be disappointed. At least I know I wasn't.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Victoria has had a rough go with life after her parents died in a car accident. She also has been the odd person out with bullying at school. But when she turns 17, Tori is giving a music box, a book, an amulet, and learns that she is a very powerful witch. The problem is that through her veins runs a darkness, a murderous rage that she calls Cruentus Curse. Then she meets Christian. Christian is a vampire that is trying to control his fangs. They have fallen for each other but of course vampires and witches are at war. Tori has just joined the paranormal world but with her powers she is now a target. People are going to hunt her, friends will abandon her, and others will stand up to help her. Christian has been part of this world for awhile and wants to protect Tori. But Tori is no wilting flower; she has the abilities to stand on her own, if she can find some way to control the curse. This story is rich with realistic characters. Tori and Christian both have great powers and no matter how hard they try, the power takes over and people die. All they can do is pick up the pieces and try again. My only complaint was Tori and Christian both drove me up the wall with their hot/cold relationship. One moment they just have to be together then the next they want to kill each other. It got to be a bit much. Beyond that I loved how this story is centered around the dark witches and vampires. There is no sparkle and there is no Glenda the good witch. This is a great, killer story. I loved the fight scenes. There were plenty with lots of action. This is a good story and one that I recommend you check out if you like fantasy paranormal stories. I received Bloodspell for free from Charlie Roger in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Talk about cravings. This book will do it. Loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Witches & vampires. Blood thirsty frightening and compeling love will keep you hooked till the end
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
I wanted to love this book. I really did. But it just fell short for me. Which is a shame because it had a really cool storyline- girl finds out she is a witch (a powerful one at that) who is involved in a mega prophecy and happens to fall in love with a vampire- which is completely forbidden according to the vampire/witch rules of old. We are introduced to Tori's character and you can't help but feel for the girl. She is the social outcast at her stuck-up prep school and the novel opens with her being taunted and teased by the 'Stepford' girls and the jerk football players. Tori unleashes her blood magic for the first time at the beginning of the novel and she is completely unaware of who and what she truly is. Upon transferring schools, she runs into (literally) Christian Devereaux, who she instantly feels a connection to. Sigh. Christian's character was just so hot and cold for me. Yes, I understood his reasonings for being the way he was, but I hated the playing with emotions. Tori was guilty of it too, though, so I can't place all the blame on him. And I know Howard didn't want the focal piece to be their romance, but I could've used a little bit more, not just allusions to it. Though, they both do have some really sweet moments with each other. I think part of what frustrated me the most was the back and forth between Tori and Christian. They're both all, "Heeeeey we're attracted to each other', and then it's all 'I want to drink your blood' and 'My witch blood wants to kill you'. So, we can't be together. But we can't stay away from each other. But we can't be together. BUT WE CAN'T STAY AWAY! Oi. I also had trouble with the book's pacing. One minute I'd be really interested in what was happening and the next I felt like it was dragging and I just wanted to get through the pages to an interesting part. But then the END! Whew! The last 50 pages or so I just kept barreling through! There are a few unexpected twists, that I definitely didn't see coming. (Though I probably should have.) I read ALOT of great reviews for this book, however, so I would definitely recommend giving it a try to see if its your cup of tea. It just wasn't mine, sadly. *Thank you to Langdon Street Press for providing a copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review.*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished Bloodspell, well done Amalie. I suggest this book to YA readers who loves a good witch/vampire book. Strong characters, great story.
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
A pleasant surprise. Bloodspell was a wonderful YA that featured a new idea beyond witches and vampires. I loved that this book had such an interesting magical element. There are tons of YA books out there about witches and vampires, but  this one adds a different element. The whole thing about the cursed blood and how it seems to have a mind of its own was brilliant.  On the flip side, this book didn't stray from predictability in terms of story line. It followed a certain vampire series *cough*Twilight*cough* a little too closely at times. Girl goes to a new school. Girl meets mysterious, ridiculously attractive guy. Guy is  nice to girl and girl gets a huge crush. Guy ignores girl for her own good for, like, 5 chapters. Need I go on? However, after that first bit that was huge deja vu for me, Bloodspell did go off on its own and it became a unique, interesting story. So, that trouble in the beginning was soon forgotten. Victoria was a great heroine. I loved that she wasn't a powerless girl among fantastically powerful mythical beings. She had a hell of a  lot of power and she could take anyone out with it. Her magic as a witch combined with her cursed blood made her extremely powerful.  And that allowed her to be a strong heroine.  Christian was positively dreamy, and not just because of his amazing  name (which I adore). He was a total sweetheart. He has a lot of  power himself, though he gave it up because he never wanted it. That in itself said a lot about his character. I also loved the fact that he  helped Victoria learn how to use her powers instead of trying to keep her ignorant "for her own good." That happens way to much in YA.  I adored Christian. He was so sweet and an absolutely perfect hero. I liked Victoria and Christian together. I thought they were a great couple and I liked how they were saving each other rather than having  a damsel in distress all the time. But, there was some serious insta-love going on. I don't mind if characters fall in love quickly, after only a few days of knowing each other. As long as I feel like they spent enough time together to get to know each other, I don't mind characters falling in love quickly. I don't think love is a matter of time, but a matter of knowing someone. Christian and Victoria fell in love after just a few-very short-conversations, so I didn't feel like they actually got to know each other. And, thus, they fell into one of the biggest pitfalls in YA. However, I felt like their functionality as a couple made up for it, somewhat. They worked well as a couple, so I didn't mind their rushed  beginning too much. The plot was fast paced and I was totally hooked the entire way through. There were thrills that had me on the edge of my seat and surprises that had my jaw dropping. And the ending has me insanely curious to find out what happens in the next book. Bloodspell was a lovely book. Though it fell into a few pitfalls, in the end, it was a wonderful YA. Lovers of the genre, you should give this  book a read. *Thanks to Netgalley and Langdon Street Press for a copy!
CherylM-M More than 1 year ago
It would have been interesting to see Howard explore the blood in connection with her heritage a little more deeply. What exactly makes it so powerful? Is there a genetic combination or link from the outside that makes it so omnipotent? I didn't find the love story between the main character and Christian very convincing perhaps because he was very borderline ignorant in his approach to her. That seems to be a plot element many authors in the YA genre are reproducing like bees to pollen and honey. Making their male main leads more or less bad as in abusive as opposed to bad boy attitude. I also found the main character or rather her personality was written with some inconsistency. The book starts out describing her as someone who avoids confrontation. An outsider with no friends. The next school she attends she is almost overly flirtatious and a social butterfly. I will concede that this could be attributed to her awakening. Overall it was a pleasant teenagey type read, but I found it lacked something. It was very predictable. The author needs to delve a little deeper into her own quarry of ideas, which are obviously there and evident in the blood sub-plot, she just needs to let that creativity be a little bolder. I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.
Sailon More than 1 year ago
Victoria Warrick was orphaned at an early age. Raised by her grandmother’s friend, she lives her life on the outside of society because she is “different”. On her 17th birthday, she receives a special gift from her deceased grandmother…a pendant and a journal which unlocks the secrets to her very powerful blood. But is her blood and its power a blessing or a curse? Christian Devereux, vampire with a conscience, and Victoria quickly develop strong feelings for each other but they can’t be together. 1st – It is forbidden by vampire and witch law. 2nd – Victoria’s blood calls and kills vampires. I was sold from the beginning on this new and exciting plot but got a little discouraged by the... I love you but I can’t have you... I’m going to have you anyway...I can’t have you... the ping ponging between Christian and Victoria happens through out most of this book and became a bit of an overkill for me. Yes, it did have similarities to Bella and Edward although Victoria had her own powers and abilities which was definitely a plus.  Bloodspell is a very interesting and original twist to a vampire/teen girl love story. I enjoyed reading this book overlooking the ping pong issue. I appreciated the new story line and take on the vampire/witch dynamic and will be interested to see where it goes from here. This copy of Bloodspell was given to me by Langdon Street Press in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication on June 1, 2012.
ABookVacation More than 1 year ago
According to Tori Warrick, she’s just an average teenager trying to survive the “mean girl” society that is high school. But as she soon finds out, Tori is anything but average—in fact, she comes from a long line of extremely powerful witches, and as she comes into her powers she realizes that there are much worse things in life than a few bullies in high school. This was a really interesting read. I enjoyed the twist on vampires and witches, and while some of the novel was predictable, Howard does a great job making her debut novel stand apart from other vampire/witch novels. I really enjoyed Tori, though some of the decisions she makes drove me batty. She does, however, begin to come of age in this novel, and I enjoyed seeing her come to terms with herself and her love for Christian. Admittedly, the on again, off again relationship between Tori and Christian did get a little old after a while, and I wouldn’t have minded if some of that were cut out. But overall, I think the climax of the novel was extremely worth it, especially as it becomes clear who the true enemies are and we learn just how sinister and evil warlocks, witches, vampires, and even humans, can be. For a debut novel, Howard really blew me away, and I’m excited to read the next book in the Bloodspell series, Bloodcraft, when it comes out next year. I love the idea that Tori’s blood is so powerful and can cause such devastation, and I love that we get to see so many different paranormal factions in action throughout this novel.
BookWhales More than 1 year ago
I have to say that the blurb was really interesting because this book made a different turn from the usual paranormal stories, although it still has the same elements such as hot vampires, powerful warlocks and deadly witches. But Ms. Howard did an excellent job making this novel really different from the others. As I continued reading, I’m starting to have this love-hate feeling about the book because of some cliché stuffs here and there. And so I’m going to summarize everything with what I liked and disliked. What I liked: ♦ Unique twist to the paranormal genre ♦ The concept about the blood and it’s rather deadly desires ♦ A not-so-wimpy heroine (although she only seemed so kick-ass near the end of the novel) ♦ The author’s writing style which made it so easy to read and understand ♦ Leto! I love you, you sly little cat :D ♦ The witch spells are really cool, especially their chants What I didn’t liked: ♦ The insta- love between our heroine and this hot guy. I’m getting tired of those ♦ The novel focused a lot on romance and it’s more about Tori and Christian’s dramatic moment where they love each other so much that they can’t be together. They break up, make up, break up, and so on. ♦ Too much drama But overall, I still enjoyed reading this. I recommend this to all who loves the paranormal genre so do give this a shot.