Bloody Sunrise

Bloody Sunrise

by Gregg Bell


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Denny O'Callaghan is afraid to open his eyes.

He'd been out drinking last night with the guys, and his head throbs, his arms hurt, and he can't remember what he's done.

He opens his eyes. Blood. On his sheets. His pillowcase.

Then he gets a call: his ex-wife was murdered last night.

He desperately tries to piece together what happened. But he can't explain how he got the scratches on his arms, the police want to know about the domestic violence report his ex filed against him, and his buddies say he was raging against her last night before he stormed off on his own.

Right about the time she was murdered.

What readers are saying about Bloody Sunrise:

'My involvement was total...I read this book straight through twice.' -suziqnb

'Read in one sitting (family had to fend for themselves). Warning: If you start this at night plan on losing sleep!!!!' -Karen

'Brilliant story that keeps you guessing until the final twist at the end.' -susagi

'Great thriller! Hang on for a very suspenseful ride.' -teresa

'Gregg Bell yanks you into the story and keeps the action and mystery going so that you don't want to let go.' -ltgmsg

'You will not see the ending coming...' -Alan Lynn

'Be ready to think one way and have it turn the other way.' -Kellie Harrington

' amazing read. You feel such a sense of relief at the place where the story ends.' -Sri

'The book grabbed me and would not let go. I didn't want to stop reading even when I could barely keep my eyes open.' -dikrem

'Who? Why? What really happened that night? I could not sleep until I had the answers.' -Jessica Edwards

'DID HE DO IT?' -Becky

'A mystery from beginning to end. A must read with a surprise ending. Loved every exciting minute!' -Georganne Lynch

'Terrifying...a remarkable portrait of somebody on the edge...a non-stop read.' -Robert Adam Follis

'If you want to go for a thrilling ride that will also pull your emotional strings read this book.' -Elizabeth D.

'Don't miss it.' -Sylvia

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781546906940
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2017
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.52(d)

About the Author

Gregg Bell writes suspense. Suspense loaded with intrigue and excitement but lacking gratuitous violence, sex and profanity. Gregg likes reading books that entertain but also challenge him and would like to think he writes the same.

Gregg was born in Chicago, Illinois. He's done everything from selling puka shells on the beach in Florida to working for Sears in their corporate headquarters at Sears (now Willis) Tower. A lifelong Midwesterner he lives in suburban Chicago. He's a biking enthusiast, a photographer, and insists he would be a good golfer if only he could putt.

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