Blue-Eyed Devil

Blue-Eyed Devil

by Lisa Kleypas
4.5 257

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Blue-Eyed Devil 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 257 reviews.
jelybean_2010 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book. This is my favorite of Lisa Kleypas hands down. It takes a serious issue(abuse) and takes it to a whole nother level, I didn't really like Haven OR Hardy in Sugar Daddy so I didn't have high expectations for this book, but I fell in love with Haven, and by the end I was in love with Hardy too. These characters grow so much. Most books about spousal abuse are very depressing and sad to read, but in this book Lisa makes Haven overcome a great deal,without making the readers feel that Haven is weak. Most times when you read about spousal abuse you get very frustrated when the victim doesn't just leave, but Lisa writes this in a way where you understand Haven and why at first stays. I couldn't put this book down and I have reread it a dozen times. You have to read this. The plot was and characters were very well developed. This book keeps you hooked no doubt. I would recommend many of Lisa Kleypas but this one is by far one of her best.
poosie More than 1 year ago
This is a contemporary romance where Haven Travis, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, the daughter of a Houston Energy Tycoon, has issues with her family, her abusive spouse and herself. This in an insightful peek at the impact the aftermath of abuse has, then there's Hardy Cates who is her opposite, having grown up in East Texas poverty. They meet and sparks fly, but she is engaged to Nick Tanner, who her dad believes is not good enough for his beloved daughter in spite of his affluent background. The bond is that Hardy and Haven are both survivors. This is a wonderful, realistic look at abuse, survival, real passion, courage and strength, an exciting read to please. This reminds me of another perfect and exciting read, EXPLOSION IN PARIS, that I am still seeing in my dreams!
Eternal--Love78 More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Blue-Eyed Devil was an amazing book. This book is powerful, romantic, and tackles a very prevalent issue plaguing our society. The book, which finds our heroine, Haven, in a physically abusive marriage, takes a deep look at both the psychological trauma experienced by victims as well as the healing process. More than anything, this book is a testament to the healing power of love. The characters were well-developed and truly human. You feel like you know these people. The secondary characters are also developed well. Lisa Kleypas has done a beautiful job taking a difficult topic and creating a story that is hard to put down and powerful to the last page. You cannot help but find the hero, Hardy Cates, irresistible. You find yourself rooting for these two characters from the get-go. While the story line is a bit heavy, Kleypas does a great job of not overwhelming the reader. Definitely a must read.
fitnesst More than 1 year ago
I have read all of Lisa's books and this is by far the best one. It is so intense. Themes of narcissistic personality disorder and domestic violence were addressed in a way that made you feel for both characters. Haven goes through a lot and her hero, Hardy is there to rescue her and give her a shoulder to lean on. The development of characters and plot is very strong in this novel. It is a must read. It is the second book in three. Sugar Daddy is the first, Blue-Eyed Devil is the second, and Smooth Talking Stranger is the third. If you read Sugar Daddy first, it will give you more detail about Hardy. The story in Blue-Eyed Devil begins where Sugar Daddy leaves off. It truly is a must read. Loved it! Sugar Daddy, in my opinion, was not Lisa's strongest book, but it is important to read this one to have a better understanding of the characters and their life experiences. However, I absolutely loved Smooth Talking Stranger. Very Hot! The issues in these books are very real. Smooth Talking Stranger deals with mental illness, narcissism, and child abandonment. I love all Lisa Kleypas books.
PeachesTB More than 1 year ago
This book is sooo good. Lisa Kleypas delivers again. She makes Hardy Cates delicious. This story is soooo romantic. I had to read this book again it was so good. It will remain in my permanent library. Along with all her others. Ms. Kleypas has switched over to contempory admirably. I hope she continues to keep the balance of her switches from romance to contempory romance in the future... so far so good. Keep up the good work.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have never written one of these reviews before and am an avid reader..especially romance, but had to take a minute to tell everyone if you do not read this you are missing out! Sensational is one of the few words that comes close to summing up the book. I read her first one sugar daddy a while ago and walked away smiling and loving it, but this I could not put down. I started reading it at 10pm before bed and was still reading it at 6 am. I read straight through the night and finished early morning. the only problem was at the end I felt depressed because I wanted something equally as good and heart warming to pick up that night and knew I just would not find it. Its heartwarming and romantic without any of that cheezy stuff. I like how kleypas introduced the abuse into the book, seeing domestic violence is so prevelant but yet unspoken about. MUSY READ THIS BOOK. You will put down the book feeling happy, giddy and like a true romantic. True love and fairy tale is out there and this book just makes every little girl believe in it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book synopsis on the Nook tablet does not match the book nor does the cover give it justice. I have passed this book over many times until I decided to read the book reviews. This book made me cry. There were some passages that were so intense that my skin felt cold as if I was dumped over the head with ice water. Yet, I was compelled to read more of Haven's tragic story. As a survivor of domestic violence myself the story was a powerful reminder of how someone else can take another person's power. However, this book was also a testament of how a victim can take their power back. Lisa Kleypas showed herself to be a master storyteller and not just a historical romance writer. She proved that she could be current and flexible. I am her biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!
LyssaD More than 1 year ago
The author really did her research for this book. Yeah it was a fun, quick read romance, but it also had deep insight into the narcissitic pesonality. The book very quickly throws you into the twisted marriage of Haven and Nick, and his controlling ways. The author also knows how to create a character for any girl to drool over. The bad-boy with the secret sensitive side always draws in the romantic. The story was fun, but at the same time it allowed you to sit back and wonder if you know anyone like Nick who could turn your life from fairy tale to nightmare in a blink. This was the first book by Lisa Kleypas that I read, but I will no doubt be reading more, and suggest anyone else to do the same.
Teach1 More than 1 year ago
Lisa does it again in this 2nd book in the Travis family trilogy! I could not put it down. I read it in one day. This one is a real emotional read. I love this series. Hope there will be a fourth for Joe!! Highly, highly recommend!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put this book down. The first line of this book immediately grabbed my attention and it only got better. There is never a dull moment. If you love romance and drama and REAL men you will love this book!
sweetpotato101 More than 1 year ago
This was an all-nighter for me! I couldn't get away from the book! Kleyplas gave us real characters and a real situation. It dealt a lot with domestic violence, which is the most underreported violence committed against women. I was enchanted by Haven's character who showed, admitted, and dealt with her flaws. I also loved Hardy Cates. He was the perfect hero. Despite past troubles with the Travis family and Haven's past history with abuse, he deals with everything that comes his way. We even see a more vulnerable side of him. Finally, a book where the female isn't the only one emotionally involved. It also helped that I fell in love with both characters. I felt connected to them as real people. A great story lets me feel every emotion; this book did more in bringing reality with all its emotions and a overwhelming sense of hope in life and in other people.
TheodosiaIngrid More than 1 year ago
I loved reading Blue-Eyed Devil. The characters were smart and witty. The protagonist, the hard working blue-eyed devil, and the heiress were electric. The twist to the poor guy/ rich girl plot was neat. The novel is a winner, and I can't wait for another Lisa Kleypas's book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It has been awhile since I read this book. I enjoyed it very much and hiighly recommend it
Rose_in_Bloom More than 1 year ago
Havens Travis character in this book was beautiful, shes strong but kinda stumbles along the way, and hardy helps her overcome her struggles. Hardy Cates is that smoldering sexy Texas man, and he is Delicious!!! (probably my favorite male character in kleypas's books) A must read, it even gave some insight on Liberty and Gage!! you will not be disappointed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book very much, it's better than watching soap opera. The scenes are unforgetable and vivid. This is one of my favorite novels by Lisa Kleypas. I also reccommend Sugar Daddy, Lisa's first contemporary novel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The charcters in this book are just about as real as you can get, and to be able to see what the main character is seeing through this whole book is just amazing. It made me feel that I was with her throughout.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Blue-Eyed Devil impressed me, but then again, Lisa Kleypas's writing touches me. Female authority and the importance of relationships are topics she analyzes with depth and appetite. This is a book to enjoy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read all of Lisa's books and have yet to read one that I don't like. I could not put this book down. I have been looking forward to this book since I heard it was coming out and was not disappointed. I love the reality of the book with its real situations that are going on in the world today. This book will give abused women hope that there is something better out there.
harstan More than 1 year ago
The daughter of a Houston energy tycoon, Haven Travis was born with a golden spoon. Hardy Cates is her opposite having grownup in East Texas poverty. They meet and sparks fly, but she is engaged to marry Nick Tanner, who her dad believes is not good enough for his beloved daughter in spite of his affluent background.------- When Haven elopes with Nick her father cuts her off without a cent. An angry Nick blames Haven and batters her. She flees for the safety of her home where she finds her father and Hardy squabbling over a business deal. Hardy offers her comfort as they fall in love, but she fears commitment following the beatings Nick gave her and the estrangement with her family especially her father.------------- The key to this entertaining strong contemporary romance is the lead female character who has issues with her family, her abusive spouse and herself that show up at her job and even in bed. Readers who appreciate reality in their romances will want to read this insightful look at the aftermath impact of abuse long after the physical wounds have healed love and passion do not necessarily heal the mental trauma even with the nurturing passionate care of a loving person.----------------- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous 5 months ago
I have read this series and this particular story multiple times. I must say I seem to get something out of it each time. I especially appreciate the the situations pointing toward some of the very real problems many people have to deal with on a regular basis. Bringing awareness to these situations is the first step in getting people help.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I still haven't read a novel I love as much as this one. This is my absolute favorite. Everything about this booked is so perfectly balanced. I hope to read more like this but have yet to find one that compares. Its a must read if you like romance. I re read it almost every year. Love this book!
Crazybooknerd More than 1 year ago
Blue Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas (Audio Edition) Narrated by Renée Raudman Travises series #2 4.5 Stars - I thought this book was very well written. It brought out a range of emotions in me. What Haven has to go through in the first part of this book is not pleasant,(abuse: verbal and physical) and no one should ever have to experience that, but the author wrote it perfectly making me feel what Haven was feeling. Hardy is a good guy. I liked that the sparks fly right from the first time they met. I was a little disappointed in Haven when she basically falls back into the same demeaning relationship with her boss instead of just standing up to her right away, and she even knows her boss is treating her this way and why! But for the sake of the story I can let that slide. Lisa Kleypas is a wonderful storyteller and I am looking forward to the next books in the series. The Narration was done by Renée Raudman and I felt she fit Haven’s character perfectly, however as I had just listened to the first book in the series I liked Jeannie Stith’s version of Hardy in the last book a bit more. Not to say Renée did a bad voice for him… I was just used to the previous one. I do wish Renée’s male character voices were a bit more varied as sometimes it was hard to tell them apart. Her voice was easy to listen to though and I would buy another book she narrated.
dutcheja More than 1 year ago
I loved this story!!! It is not your typical love story, the main character in this story, Haven has been badly abused this is her story of getting back to herself, finding her strength and her heart again. Hardy Cates is just the man to help her do that. He is patient and strong, he knows just what to do to help her. He loves her!!!!! He isn't the most popular choice with her family but he grows on them as he helps Haven. I really didn't want this story to end. I loved the strength and softness of Hardy. He was so patient and steadfast in his love for Haven and in helping her find her heart again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SEP'S trademark storytelling about a painful topic. Satisfying like good food.