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The Blue in the Air

The Blue in the Air

by Marcello Carlin


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A former widower whose life was saved by writing about music spends a year waiting for his new wife to fly over from Toronto and join him in London. While he waits he observes that the world is subtly changing and that music has played a key part in these changes. A galaxy of characters, ranging from Marty Wilde to Jay-Z via Glenn Gould, Dorothy Squires, Britney Spears, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Patrick Cargill, Orson Welles and many forgotten others, conspire to alter his perspective, leading to a climax where he is finally united with his wife and the world chooses a new and better leader. The Blue in the Air is a gesture of defiance from a tiny but meaningful tugboat of resistance. At a time when we are repeatedly encouraged for reasons of demographic convenience to believe that music can change nothing and mean nothing, this writer demonstrates comprehensively that for those who stay awake, alert and alive, music still retains the power to change the fabric of the air we choose to breathe.

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ISBN-13: 9781846945960
Publisher: Hunt, John Publishing
Publication date: 04/16/2011
Pages: 149
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Marty Wilde: Abergavenny 5

Marcel King: Reach For Love 8

Kevin Rowland: This Guy's In Love With You 11

Sally Shapiro: Hold Me So Tight 13

Pink Floyd: Apples And Oranges 15

Funky Monkey: Peaceman 18

Paolo Conte: La Casa Cinese 20

East River Pipe: Party Drive 22

Lesley Duncan: Love Song 24

Blur: Popscene 27

Mari Wilson & the Wilsations: Baby It's True 29

The Blue Nile: Family Life 31

Simon Warner: Waiting Rooms 34

The Serpent Power: Endless Tunnel 36

J Walter Negro & the Loose Jointz: Shoot The Pump 39

Dorothy Squires: My Way 41

Ultrasound: Kurt Russell 45

Britney Spears: Heaven On Earth 47

John Stevens and Evan Parker: 23.40 50

Roy Harper: McGoohan's Blues 53

Insides: Walking In Straight Lines 56

Nat "King" Cole: Unforgettable 58

Kylie Minogue: Wow 61

The Zombies: The Way I Feel Inside 63

Was (Not Was) Starring Mel Torme: Zaz Turned Blue 66

The Faces: You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything (Even Take The Dog For A Walk, Mend A Fuse, Fold Away The Ironing Board Or Any Other Domestic Shortcomings) 68

American Music Club: Last Harbor 70

Van Morrison: Come Here My Love 72

Mott The Hoople: Ballad Of Mott (March 26th 1972 Zurich) 74

Barry Manilow: Could It Be Magic? 76

Dion: Born To Be With You 80

Reparata: Shoes 83

Patsy Ann Noble: I Did Nothing Wrong 85

Billy Fury: Run To My Loving Arms 87

Michael Crawford: The Music Of The Night 92

Glenn Gould/Bach: Fugue For Keyboard No 20 in A Minor (BWV 865) 95

Ray Noble and the New Mayfair Novelty Orchestra with vocal refrain by Al Bowlly: Twentieth Century Blues 97

Donna Summer: This Time I Know It's For Real 99

Alma Cogan: If Love Were All 101

Jose Afonso: Grândola Vila Morena 104

Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater: War Of The Worlds 106

No-Man: Days In The Trees 109

Jay-Z: Wonderwall 112

Monchy Y Alexandra: Hoja En Blanco 116

The Bug: Freak Freak 119

The Cuban Boys: Theme For Prim & Proper 126

Karlheinz Stockhausen/Theatre Of Voices: Stimmung (Copenhagen Version) 128

Giggs: Tempa Tempa! 130

Patrick Cargill: Alone On The Telephone 134

T.I. and Jay-Z with Kanye West and Li'l Wayne: Swagga Like Us 138

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