Blue on the Horizon: Troll

Blue on the Horizon: Troll

by Rebecca Ferrell Porter


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Blue on the Horizon: Troll by Rebecca Ferrell Porter

When there's nowhere left to run, Stand Your Ground.

Branded an Abomination, yet unable to protect herself, Gaven submits to the blue fairy of Torv, and under the fairy's expert guidance, she easily harnesses the magic seeping through the earth. But when her father reveals the truth of her origins, the gentle trolless is crushed.
With nothing left to lose, Gaven and two squabbling friends flee to the fringes of human a settlement, and then across the ocean in a desperate attempt to outrun her past.
But Gaven knows the blue fairy is out there, lingering along the horizon, waiting to take her revenge.

Blue on the Horizon is the first entry in the Legends of the Aurora series. It all begins with Gaven, but each title in the trilogy encompasses a complete story. However, to truly understand the deeper mystery at the core of the trilogy, you must read all three books.

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ISBN-13: 9781482000870
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/18/2013
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Rebecca Ferrell Porter has always loved fairy tales, but she's also felt cheated by the one-sided vision of the classics. Are fairies really be kind and inherently good, while trolls are ignorant and devious by nature?
What if the truth was more complex?
It often is.
And thus was born, Legends of the Aurora. A trilogy where the ancient myths of the Norse are blended seamlessly into modern discoveries to capture the spirit of a forgotten world. The adventure begins with Blue on the Horizon with Porter's unique trolls. Forget the slimy, evil creatures you remember, and step into a world populated by colorful creatures you will never forget.
As a contributor to The Stoughton Press, Rebecca Ferrell Porter writes an ongoing serial about trolls living near a small Wisconsin town.
She also blogs and shares her photography at:
Rebecca lives with two crazy mutts,
a perplexed husband,
and an overactive imagination.

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Blue on the Horizon: Troll 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Msdafnee More than 1 year ago
Blue on the Horizon (Legends of the Aurora Book # 1) by Rebecca Ferrell Porter *****SPOILER ALERT*****SPOILER ALERT*****SPOILER ALERT*****SPOILER ALERT***** Blue on the Horizon (Legends of the Aurora Book # 1) by Rebecca Ferrell Porter is about the journey that Gaven and Uredd take together and the friends they make along the way. Gaven is a blue eyed troll who's kin has labeled her an eyesore and a disgrace to her kind. Gaven is made fun of and harassed her entire life and because of this she keeps to herself. All is not lost for Gaven though because Azool, the most feared fairy in the valley, takes an interest in her Gaven becomes Azool's apprentice. Gaven learns a lot from Azool but is afraid of her. Uredd of Breen is a troll from the lushest valley and the story of his birth is legendary in Breen. Uredd has decided that he wanted to join his Mother and become a seeker(of treasure,gems,metals). Uredd was training with his mother and fairies who were seated on the backs of dragons came into the Valley of Breen and burnt down everything. The fairies and dragons did not think there were any survivors but they were wrong. Uredd survived and left the valley because his parents were dead along with everyone and everything else. Along the way he found an abandoned baby dragon that he kept and named Stump. As they walked through the woods, Uredd became lost and ended up at the front of the Skummels Mountain. Stump turned himself into a tortoise so he could be carried but he also then could speak with Uredd. Uredd knew the inevitability that they would be captured so he strapped Stump to his back and told the trolls of Skummel that it was his stepping stone. Uredd is the placed in a cell. Gaven is captured by the the trolls of Skummel and taken to their mountain where she becomes a cook. One day while in the kitchen she meets Uredd who thinks she is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Gaven tells him that he should forget about her, that she is cursed. The King of the trolls has a dinner party for some fairies and it is then when Gaven and Uredd(and Stump, the dragon) escaped from the mountain. They travel back through the forest but Gaven thinks about leaving Uredd and Stump because she doesn't want them to know she was a changeling. The Trio end up staying together and have many adventures together. They end up taking a trip oversees with the little girl they met on the farm (Anna). She put them in her suitcase. The trio then takes refuge in a village of trolls that escaped from Skummels Mountain. They build a life with their new friends and family. That's right; Gaven and Uredd have their own little bundle of joy named Leaf. Azool comes looking for them however; the village joins together and fights the wicked fairy and Azool gets what is coming to her. Leaf loses someone she loves and Stump reveals who he really is. Blue on the Horizon (Legends of the Aurora Book # 1) is an amazing read that will take its readers on an incredible adventure that was creative as well as inspired. The book will leave its readers of all ages wanting more. Rebecca Ferrell Porter has done a brilliant job and giving her readers a peek into the world of trolls and showing that what some may consider a flaw others find beautiful. Porter has written a story that teaches her readers without them realizing it. The characters are imaginative and resourceful. They are well rounded and full of life. The story illustrates to its readers that everyone "has their secrets" and are not perfect. Through the characters we learn to look past each other's flaws and find their true beauty. Blue on the Horizon (Legends of the Aurora Book # 1) is a great adventure from the beginning and starts the series off with a bang. You don't want to miss reading this book. 4.5 Stars *I won this book through Goodreads First Reads giveaway. In no way has this influenced my rating or opinion of this book.*