Blue Water Red Blood

Blue Water Red Blood

by D L Havlin


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Havllin simultaneously peeks at the events of the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane that struck Florida and how Don Roebling was determined to invent a rescue boat that can conquer the swamps, the flooding, and the debris to save lives. The partnership that followed became history, and the creation of what would soon be known as the AMTRAKs and Higgins Boats would change the course of not only the war but the world.BLUE WATER RED BLOOD is the poignant story of how, together, these two Americans faced and conquered red tape, engineering obstacles, corruption and personal trials to train and equip Marines for their greatest challenges..

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781943789771
Publisher: Taylor and Seale Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/07/2018
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

DL Havlin is an eclectic author whose rich, varied background mirrors his novels, novellas and short stories. Mr. Havlin packed three lifetimes of experiences into one brim-full existence. He believes, "The one big advantage writing at an advanced age provides is that life is what you know and not what you project it might be." Schooled in Ft Myers, Florida, Anderson H.S., in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the University of Cincinnati, his widely varied career includes: systems analyst, procedure writer, production manager, materials manager, licensed boat captain, high school football coach, product sales manager, manufacturing manager, worldwide divisional customer service director, chemicals distributor general manager, call center tech service rep, newspaper reporter, president and general manager of a small manufacturing company,
An avid lover of the outdoor and a sports enhusiast, his passion for fishing, hunting, and camping are frequently included in his writing. A deep love for nature and especially wild Florida often furnish settings for his work, but his travels make places such as Kiev, Singapore, London, New York, Modena, or Saxonhausen backgrounds for his stories as well.
His unique combination of vivid imagination and ability to weave intricate plot lines, seasoned by his lifetime exposure to fascinating story possibilities, provides the heartfelt, enjoyable reading his novels provide. DL is dedicated to the theory that readers are thinkers and one of his favorite responses to anyone questioning the assertion is "open minds, open books."
He answers "Why do you write?" by saying, "To entertain--that's first, but to provoke thought is a close second. I firmly believe both are done through the heart, for the mind is seldom opened until it is emotionally conditioned to respond."

Table of Contents

1. Return to Tarawa (Ben Bennett, Kiribati, the Island of Betio Tarawa atoll) 2. Learning About War (Holland Smith, Pershing's Headquarters, France) 3. Nature's War 4. Planting a Seed for a Machine and a Man (1932, Don Roebling, Lake Placid, Florida) 5. A New "Science" (1932 Holland Smith, Oahu, Hawaii) 6. Searching for a Solution (1934, Holland Smith, Marine Corp Barracks, Washing DC 7. Birth Pains (1935, Don Roebling Clearwater, Florida) 8. A Warning to a "Mad" genius (1935 Hollad Smith) 9. Testing...1,2,3 (hoosing T's and Dotting I's (1936, Don Roebling, Pauline Marsh, West Central Florida) 10. Obstacles, but Light at the End of the Tunnel (1937, Holland Smith, USMC Headquarters, Washington, DC 11. The Ugliest Side of War (The Rape of Nanking, 1937, Nanking, China 12. Cocktails and Coincience Christmas 1937, San Diego, California 13. Unveiling a Masterpiece (1938, Holland Smith, Clearwater Bay, FL) 14. Dress Rehearsal for Death And a Possible Savior (1938 Holland Smith, Island of Culebra, the Caribbean) 15. Getting Ready for the Inevitable (1939, Holland Smith, Island of Culebra, the Caribbean) 16. A Young Man's Choice (1940, BenBennett, Green Mountain, N. Carolina) 17. An Extraordinary Machine and Man (1940, Donald roebling , roebling's Development Shed, clearwater, FL) 18. Unmovable Object 1941 19.Cutting Through the clutter 1941 (Don Roebling, Naval Headquarters, Washington, DC) 20 Leading the "Leader 1942 (Andrew Higgins, the White House, Washington, DC) 21. An Old Man Gets his Chance (1943 Holland Smith Naval Offices, San Francisco 22. "No Vehicles, No Invasion" (1939, Holland Smith, Kelly Turner's Office, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii 23. "I Have Seen Hell and it is this Island" (1943, Ben Bennett, Island of Betio, Tarawa atoll) 24. An Old Scar. A Renewed Man (1009, Ben Bennett Kiribari, the Island of Betio, Tarawa atoll) DL Havlin's

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