Blue Water Women: Making the Leap from Landlubber to a Life at Sea

Blue Water Women: Making the Leap from Landlubber to a Life at Sea

by Georgina de Vere


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This book is for the young and young at heart who yearn for adventure. It is written for those women considering a life-changing direction and those seeking a career at sea.  It is not an instruction book, but you will learn from the experience of other blue water women what you need to know to have your own adventures.  
Interviewed within are other blue water sailing women. Shared advice and experiences show you how to make the most of your adventure This book will see you safely and confidently make that leap of faith to experience the joys of a life lived at sea.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781681571485
Publisher: Blue River Press
Publication date: 11/01/2018
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 388,305
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Georgina de Vere set sail thirteen years ago at age 58, bitten by the bug to “Go Cruising” and has been wife and first mate living full time aboard her and her husband’s yacht, sailing the Pacific and Asia where they now sail on our second boat, “Stardancer”, a Gib Sea 47’ monohull.

Table of Contents

Dedication v

Preface vii

Introduction xi

The Dream and You

1 Why Do We Go? 3

2 Is It Truly Your Dream Too? 9

3 Your Role on Board 11

4 Becoming Your Own Captain 16

5 Interpersonal Communication 18

6 Ways of Having a Life at Sea 22

7 Sailing with Limited Budgets 26

8 No Boat at All 31

9 Getting Started 34

10 The Sailing Lifestyle 39

11 A Normal Day 42

12 How We Learn 45

13 Learning about Maintenance and Repairs 52

14 Practice Is an Important Part of Learning 55

15 Learning the Basics 57

16 Are You Ready to Set Sail? 59

17 Some of the Things We Fear 65

18 To Carry or Not to Carry? 87

You and Your Boat

19 Making Comparisons 95

20 Our Boat Buying Experience 98

21 Main Construction Types 103

22 Changing Needs 106

23 Interiors 110

24 Exterior of Your Boat 121

Before You Set Sail

25 Arranging Your Watch-Keeping Schedule 135

26 Arrangements for Communication and Email 138

27 Arranging Skeds 141

28 Safety Items on Your Boat 144

29 Desk Work 147

30 Health Matters; Which Medicines to Take? 156

31 Sailing Etiquette 167

Life at Sea

32 Long Passages 173

33 Provisioning for the Voyage 175

34 Fun on Board 184

35 You and Kids at Sea 188

36 Women's Matters 205

37 The End of the Dream-Swallowing the Anchor 232

You and a Career at Sea

38 Careers at Sea 241

Acknowledgements 261

Resources 263

Shutdown Checklist for Star dancer 289

Star dancer Maintenance List 291

Contributors 299

About the Author 323

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