by Richard Ed. Wells, Belokonov, McPhaul


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ISBN-13: 9781477267356
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/16/2012
Pages: 452
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.01(d)

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By O.D. Wells Arthur Belokonov Kirby McPhaul


Copyright © 2012 O. D. Wells, Arthur Belokonov and Kirby McPhaul
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-6735-6

Chapter One


ALL THROUGHOUT HUMAN HISTORY HAS been the unanswered question as to where did we come from, and who was it that got us to where we are today? There are few who believe that life here on earth started out there, in a galaxy many light years away; these people are known as "Ancient Astronaut Theorists" and their numbers are increasing daily. This tale began in the year 2013 when the first extraterrestrials to show themselves to the humans were the Allun: an all female race that had lost all their men during a vicious war with a race of intelligent insects called the Mantara. They had a mission to save their race by first impersonating earth women, killing them off after taking their place, having sex with earth males, and then finally killing the earth men after getting pregnant. However killing the earth male was a reflex, similar to a black widow where the female kills the male when they finish copulation. This was changed however by a scientist and rebel named Zodoo, daughter of Queen Dozoo. Zodoo surmised that the Allun didn't have to kill during sex if they received a drug called RED-X, which, was manufactured by the enzymes, hormones, and DNA in a human male's system at the moment of sexual gratification. The red-x prevented the Allun from killing their mates, and allowed them to have sex like a human female without exposing their true form based on a horrible looking insectoid. Despite their similarities to humans, the Allun had the ability to bear miniature adult children that could mature in less than five years, and not physically age past 33. Once mature (from the physical age of 21) their metabolisms had the ability to slow down to one tenth that of a human giving them a lifespan of 1000 years or more. Royal Allun like Zodoo could give birth without the use of a man, but the offspring would always exclusively be a female with royal blood.

The Allun were fighting a horrific civil war on their home world at the time where there were three factions: the first was with the queen and Zodoo; they wanted to find a way to coexist with the humans after they discovered that humans were very similar to them. The next faction was with their high council: a group of subversives that wanted to covertly conquer the earth with 144,000 Allun women made to look almost human; their plan was to release a bomb that would kill all fertile human females and leave the men with the most power to vie over the few remaining women left: the Allun. This would put the 144,000 Allun in positions next to the most influential men on the planet and after marrying them, on a certain day all the Allun would kill their husbands and seize their power. Last were insectoids: Allun that had mutated into huge bugs over the years due to their race's indiscreet mating practices; the insectoids reproduce at an alarming rate and swarm when their numbers reach critical mass. Many found their way to earth in the bodies of Allun partisans, but who they are is still a mystery ...

With the help of the organization known as Terrordyne, the Allun were extracted from their dying world through planetary gates called Matter Transport Doorways or MTDs. Now residing here they've explained how both races originated on the earth at the pleasure of gods called Overseers. These original earthlings were our ancestor's missing link to the Maya, Aztec, Inca, Toltec, and Hopi. However they were not the only ones on the planet at the time; these other aliens were known as gods and were the children of the fallen. The Allun shared their technology with Terrordyne and their strange leader named Obediah Trudnich. The year is 2027 and the earth is being invaded by an unknown alien force of over a half million ships; it is suspected that they are the insectoids but so far no one knows for certain ...

It is now zero hour and much has changed since the rescue of the Allun from the insectoids. New doors have opened in research thanks in part to queen Dozoo, and Zodoo has been rebuilt and is on her feet again. James has been heavily trained to be a fighting machine for Terrordyne's earth forces and has been renamed Bolo Strongfellow after he was killed years earlier in Afghanistan in an ambush. Wars on the planet have stopped due to a perceived threat from outer space. There is a one-world government led by Tork Thunderthroat, its world president. Zodoo is a diplomat between earth forces and several alien races that have been discovered residing secretly on earth and MTD gate travel is commonplace among the people. In schools children are taught about the 13 THUNDERS a book that predicted the discovery of four new dwarf planets in our solar system making a total of thirteen. Reigning over the welfare of the people are the three mightiest weapon companies the world has ever seen: Icefinger Dynamics, which specializes in robotics and super conductor computer warfare; Megadeath Incorporated, which specializes in cyborg technology, like combining human flesh with synthetic skin and the mechanical; and Terrordyne, the most powerful of the three specializing in heavy hardware and giant robots. When combined they formed ICPAR: Interplanetary Crime Prevention and Rescue. What those acronyms really meant: Immediate Crushing Power and Retaliation and was used as a means to destroy invading forces should there ever be any. In the beginning the three companies got along fine and each had its own territory where they could operate freely, but all that changed six months earlier ...

Obediah and Pecal sit in the gold pyramid high atop the Terrordyne complex off the coast of Florida. Pecal is now nine feet tall with a huge beak-like nose with a bone on it that runs into his forehead. He is impressive; his tattoos are natural markings of his saurian heritage. Obediah is his genetic father; that is what Pecal is discussing with him.

"I feel bad father," Pecal starts. "Zodoo believes that I am her son, conceived by her, and without the use of a man; why won't you tell her the truth?"

Obediah looks up at the giant man and says: "Inoki, my Allun wife, thought we had made red-x when we first had sex, but mine was blue-y and could get any Allun pregnant. Inoki put my sample in a vial and gave it to Zodoo while she was having James' baby, thinking it was red-x during the time of the assassin attempt at the bunker. It was meant to save Zodoo's life from the assassin's poison but it was switched by accident. That bit of my DNA information got into Zodoo and caused her to have her second child right after she had James Junior, hence creating you. She used my antidote for several weeks later, assuring the pregnancy. Females like Zodoo can't bear male children by themselves no matter what they do unless a male intervenes."

"So you knew Inoki long before you were introduced to her at Terrordyne?"

"Yes, I sent her to kill Mettarra while she was having her baby," Obediah states. "I learned about her when she got hit by a truck and was taken to my hospital complex in Nevada. Inoki told me she thought Mettarra was a danger to the human race and needed to be eliminated. However that may have been a mistake and she's an ally now."

He shows Pecal a science monitor with pictures laid out like this:

1. Male, Alpha=Yy, (extremely rare) *fertile

2. Female, Delta=Xx, xX, XX (very common) *fertile

3. Male, Beta=Yx (very common) *fertile

4. Neutral, Cappa=yx or xy (extremely rare/androgynous) *sterile

5. Female, Cappa=XY or YX (hermaphrodite/Amazon rare) *fertile

6. Male, Cappa=yX (hermaphrodite/gay) *sterile/fertile

7. Female Cappa=xY (hermaphrodite/lesbian) *sterile/fertile

"I know what that is," says Pecal. "It's a chromosome identifier; judging from this I would have to say that the Cappa is the most versatile and carries variations in their chromosomes much more frequently than the others."

"Right," says Obediah, "and some can reproduce without the union of a man."

"Yes father," says Pecal. "So where did I come from?"

"Among my people is a very rare man called an ALPHA male (Yy) and when he mates with a normal human female (Xx) he always produces a male (Yx), The Y determining the male factor. What do you think would happen if an alpha male got with a hermaphrodite like your mother?"

"I suppose they would produce only males," states Pecal.

"Correct," blurts Obediah. "The Alpha has only dual male chromosomes (Yy), which when mixed with the Allun beta female (XY), you get many results: a regular cappa (YX, Xy) or the superhuman alpha male (Yy) of which we both happen to be."

"So if James has a baby with Zodoo it can have the Xx or the Yx setup, right? That means either a normal human girl or a normal human boy," says Pecal.

"Exactly, so only an Alpha male can produce an Alpha male but only from the same type of being as your mother, an hermaphrodite. Since James is not an Alpha, I checked your DNA pattern and found that you and I was an exact match. And since I never had sex with Zodoo, I deduced that my blood must have gotten into her some kind of way by accident."

"So Inoki left her blue-y suppository in Zodoo's kit with your sperm in it, and that's how she got pregnant?"

"Yeah," sighs Obediah, "but either way I now know who you are and you will always be my son."

The pair hugs and Pecal puts on a flight helmet. "I will miss you father, I have never been to Central America but I feel I must go there to find myself."

"And so you shall son," says Obediah. "Have a good journey!"

Pecal fades from view to the hangar deck where a huge golden ship called the Quetzalcoatl is waiting for him. Aboard are several hundred scientists and explorers from Ki (the Allun world) and fifty superhumans to help him find the Lost City of Knowledge, buried somewhere in the vast jungle. He takes his place on the ship and it silently takes off for the south on antigravity suspensors ...

Zodoo is sprinting around the complex on her daily run when she sees Bolo trying to catch up to her; they rarely ran together but on this day she was going to make him chase her for her attention. Bolo was a good runner, he was really fast due to the enhancements he had gotten when he first joined Terrordyne, but now he was extremely quick on his feet and had lots of stamina. Zodoo however had mechanical legs with skin grown over them and a small crystal reactor that powered them, she cold run across the country non-stop if she wanted to.

"Damn it woman," puffs Bolo, "wait up will you?"

Zodoo turns her head and snickers: "Oh it's you, I had no idea you were even behind me Bolo. What were you doing, looking at my ass in these shorts?"

"What do you think? Hold it a minute I want to talk to you."

Zodoo stops and folds her arms. "Okay, what is it?"

"We've been knowing each other for ten years or so now and you've hardly said a word to me," explains Bolo. "What is it, do I have bad breath or something?"

"No, it's not that at all," Zodoo replies coyly.

Bolo looks her over and is taken in by her beauty, Zodoo looks about 33 years old with a nearly perfect hourglass figure and a height of 5' 6" in bare feet; he asks: "Are you a hybrid or something?"

"No, I'm a valcurite warrior trained in the sword, fist, and foot; but you know that already. I think you're just making small talk, or are you really interested?"

"Sounds like a Ninjitsu," Says Bolo. "I am studying with various martial artists."

"Similar but far more deadly; we also have to cripple machines with our style of martial arts and ninjas didn't have to do that," Zodoo explains. "Anything else?"

"Machines, what kind of machines?"

"Cyborgs and enhanced humans with robotic limbs," replies Zodoo. "Is that it?"

"No ... answer me this: why are you so aloof?"

Zodoo finally drops her guard: "I have a son and I don't feel it's right to date until he's grown up and out of the house."

"Is that all? Shoot, kids love me," Bolo laughs. "How old is he?"

"He's twelve ... his name is James."

Bolo suddenly looks depressed and sighs: "James huh, I gotta go ..."

"Now wait a minute buster, you started this conversation, why all of a sudden you got turned off?"

"I don't want to talk about it," snaps Bolo as he bolts away.

"Sonovabitch ..." Zodoo's ring communicator buzzes. "Zodoo here."

"Report to the main control room on the double," a voice orders.

"Yeah, I'll be there right away; Zodoo out," she says as she finishes her twenty mile run inside Ten Mile High and gets to the core of Light City; the metropolis that is upside down in the center of the top third of Ten Mile High. From there Zodoo takes an MTE to the control room where Allun valcurites wait for her. "Okay, what's so urgent?"

A tall redheaded girl with a freckle face and a massive build stands in front of Zodoo cracking her gum with her hands on her hips. "So this is the mighty Zodoo? I don't think she could fight her way out of a wet paper bag!"

"Are you challenging me?" Zodoo hisses.

The huge woman closes in on Zodoo as she takes up a defensive posture, but as soon as she gets within striking range the giant girl picks Zodoo up and squeezes her happily. "Don't you recognize me Nana? It's Anita, Mettarra's little girl!"

Zodoo almost chokes: "Annie, you are not a little girl by any means; it is good to see you again! Let me take a look at you, God you're big!"

"Everyone keeps saying that," laughs Anita. "I'm only six feet six inches, there are some models taller than that."

"But none so dangerous looking," Inoki chimes in. "Let me guess, you've also had the Kong Zilla upgrade?"

"No," replies Anita. "I was born this way."

"Amazing, maybe you look so big because most of us were derived from some race on earth called the Japanese; I hear that most of them were not very large."

Anita puts Zodoo down and asks: "Have any of you seen my dad?"

The women all stare at one another until Inoki says: "He's a recluse, he keeps himself locked away in a huge titanium bunker in New Mexico; no one has seen him in seven years."

"Why would he do that?" Anita questions.

"I don't know dear, you'll have to ask him yourself."

Zodoo says: "We have an MTD that can take you to his bunker, Obediah uses it on rare occasion to meet your father from time to time, but none of us can get near it without permission."

"He's my father, he'll want to see me ..."

Zodoo looks at Anita and says: "So tell me, how is Mettarra?"

"Dead, along with all of my family," states Anita coldly.

"What? You must tell me what happened," Zodoo blurts.

"There's not much to tell, we were living in Belfast when the Catholics came to our house and attacked us, thinking we were Protestants," Anita drones. "When my mom told them that we didn't believe in God they burned our house and shot my mother on the spot. My brother and sister were burned alive and I escaped ..."

"I can't believe Mettarra was killed so easily," blasts Zodoo. "She was a tough fighter and she was suspicious. There's something you are leaving out of the story."

"She's dead and that's the end of it," states Anita. "Now what about my dad?"

"I'll call Obediah and have him set it up," states Inoki. "However I cannot say with certainty that Jeraldo Icefinger will comply." With that said she walks away.

"Wait up Inoki," yells Zodoo. "I want to talk to Obediah too!"

The pair head for the plaza where Bolo is sitting and staring at a picture of a man he believes to be his dead brother, only it is really him. The women sneak up behind Bolo as he is saying: "Oh James, why can't I remember our times together? I remember your face and I remember you, but I can't recall anything else ..."

Bolo suddenly senses the girls behind him and spins around as Zodoo says: "I had no idea that you had a brother named James. I knew him, as a matter of fact he and I used to live together ..."

"You knew my brother? My god I have so many questions about him and me. Why didn't you say something earlier, didn't you know I had amnesia?" Bolo asks.

Zodoo gives him a concerned look and admits: "I never met you prior to the death of your brother, which means I never saw you two together. James told me he was adopted and that he never knew any other members of his family."

"I was adopted too," Bolo explains, "maybe we met somewhere for a moment before enlisting in the army."

"I really couldn't say because James never mentioned any family members. I have something important to do right now so I can't talk, why don't you ask Obediah about James; he and Kong knew him very well."

Bolo stares at Zodoo and asks: "Are you sure we have never met before?"

"I'm sure Bolo, now I have to go," Zodoo says as she and Inoki leave.

When they get to the control room Obediah has finished talking to Icefinger and he didn't look happy. Inoki speaks up: "What's wrong, did you talk to him?"

"Yes, and he did acknowledge Anita as his daughter," replies Obediah. "But he doesn't want to see her. I don't know what's gotten into him; Icefinger has not been himself for the last couple of years. Go tell Anita that ..."

"Go tell Anita what?" Anita shouts as she steps into view from behind a post. "I heard everything and I think you're trying to keep me from my dad."


Excerpted from BLUE-Y by O.D. Wells Arthur Belokonov Kirby McPhaul Copyright © 2012 by O. D. Wells, Arthur Belokonov and Kirby McPhaul. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter One: The Alien Factor....................1
Chapter Two: Search for the Gods....................19
Chapter Three: Nimrod's Ziggurat....................35
Chapter Four: Explorers....................61
Chapter Five: Meeting of the Minds....................85
Chapter Six: The Beast Within....................107
Chapter Seven: The Return to Ki....................123
Chapter Eight: Recruits....................141
Chapter Nine: Resurrection....................151
Chapter Ten: Unholy Alliance....................171
Chapter Eleven: Clarity....................187
Chapter Twelve: Children of a Lesser God....................211
Chapter Thirteen: Her Better Half....................235
Chapter Fourteen: Nimrod's Last Stand....................249
Chapter Fifteen: The A Virus....................265
Chapter Sixteen: The White Death....................283
Chapter Seventeen: Micro Machines....................301
Chapter Eighteen: Ten Mile High....................323
Chapter Nineteen: The Man....................349
Chapter Twenty: Love Stinks....................367
Chapter Twenty-One: The Plan....................391
Chapter Twenty-Two: Hell on Earth....................409

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BLUE-Y 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
How did you jam all that stuff in there? Hard as it is to believe, it's even better than Red-X. The amount of action it has in it is off the charts. It tackles crooked politicians, corporate corruption, greed, and seriously mimics much of what we are going through today in these times, only it issues out some serious solutions we might want to consider using too. There's a lot of butt kicking here... And I like it! I hope this is made into a movie cause I'd love to see it.