Bluegrass Early Cuts 1931-1953: Classic Recordings Remastered [Box Set]

Bluegrass Early Cuts 1931-1953: Classic Recordings Remastered [Box Set]


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This four-disc box set from JSP Records collects tracks from the earliest years of bluegrass music, and in a rather curious sequencing decision, runs them backwards from the first disc, which includes the latest selections from the 1950s, to the fourth, which is made up of what are essentially high-octane string band tracks from the early '30s. Arranged this way, it neither functions effectively as a history or as an overview of early bluegrass, but that may well be secondary, since it does put about 90 hard to find 78s in one place, which no doubt will be its main attraction to bluegrass scholars and collectors. It is particularly interesting to hear the selections from Byron Parker & His Mountaineers, which all feature DeWitt "Snuffy" Jenkins on five-string banjo. Jenkins' three-finger picking style clearly prefigures the later work of banjo great Earl Scruggs, whose lightning three-finger runs have become the standard -- if not the very backbone -- of modern bluegrass. Also of interest here is the first version of "Orange Blossom Special," recorded by the Rouse Brothers in New York City in 1939. The song was actually written by the fiddler Ervin Rouse, and this simple early rendition is quite striking, particularly when you stop and ponder how many thousands of times the song has been recorded and performed since. Serious fans of bluegrass will find this box set useful and instructive, but casual listeners will no doubt find it to be about three discs too long.

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Release Date: 08/24/2004
Label: Jsp Records
UPC: 0788065773120
catalogNumber: 7731
Rank: 246623


Disc 1

  1. Orange Blossom Special
  2. The Old Grey Goose
  3. Kentucky Is Only a Dream
  4. Holston Valley Breakdown
  5. Somebody Touched Me
  6. Jesse James
  7. Tragic Romance
  8. Lint Head Stomp
  9. Jesse James
  10. Radio Boogie
  11. Blue Bonnet Lane
  12. Mother, Sweet Mother
  13. Helen
  14. Let Me Rest (At the End of My Journey)
  15. This World Can't Stand Long
  16. Wicked Path of Sin
  17. Hallelujah, We Shall Rise
  18. They Sleep Together Now at Rest
  19. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today
  20. Pain in My Heart
  21. Lonesome, Sad and Blue
  22. Don't Forget Me
  23. Will I Meet Mother in Heaven?
  24. Dirty Dishes Blues

Disc 2

  1. You Broke Your Promise
  2. I'm Left Alone
  3. Nobody Cares (Not Even You)
  4. Twenty One Years
  5. Lonesome Pine Breakdown
  6. New Campdown Races
  7. You're the One (I See in My Dreams)
  8. Leave Well Enough Alone
  9. Long Time, No See
  10. Weary Hobo
  11. Just a Memory
  12. Going Back to Old Kentucky
  13. Rattlesnake Daddy
  14. I'm On My Way to the Old Home
  15. I've Never Been So Lonesome
  16. Roll on Blues
  17. How Will the Flowers Bloom
  18. The Last Love Letter
  19. The Lonely Waltz
  20. Better Late Than Never
  21. The Bright Crystal Sea
  22. Where Will You Spend Eternity
  23. He Saved My Soul
  24. You Have Left Me Memories

Disc 3

  1. Married Life Blues
  2. Up Jumped the Devil
  3. We Shall Rise
  4. C & NW Railroad Blues
  5. Carroll County Blues
  6. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
  7. Concord Rag
  8. Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind
  9. Drunkard's Hiccups
  10. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
  11. Johnson's Old Grey Mule
  12. Maple on the Hill
  13. Seven and a Half
  14. Short Life and It's Trouble
  15. Wild Bill Jones
  16. Lonely Tombs
  17. Poor Drunkard's Dream
  18. I Won't Be Worried
  19. Ramshackle Shack
  20. Old Reuben
  21. Don't Leave Me Alone
  22. You May Forsake Me
  23. Rambling Boy
  24. I'll Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms

Disc 4

  1. Florida Blues
  2. T for Texas (Blue Yodel No. 1)
  3. Missing in Action
  4. Curtains of Sorrow
  5. Little Brown Hand
  6. Down Among the Budded Roses
  7. Tomorrow May Be Different
  8. Come Back My Little Pal
  9. Wabash Cannonball
  10. Lonesome Dove
  11. Where the Roses Never Fade
  12. Natural Bridge Blues
  13. The Best of Friends Must Part Sometime
  14. Polecat Blues
  15. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  16. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die
  17. Can You Forgive
  18. Loving You Too Well
  19. 'Neath the Bridge at the Foot of the Hill
  20. Little Sweetheart Come and Kiss Me
  21. Little Mohee
  22. The Wrong Road
  23. Orange Blossom Special
  24. Let Me Be Your Salty Dog

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Joe Maphis   Tenor Banjo
Frank Wakefield   Mandolin,Vocals
Roy Hall   Guitar,Vocals
Allen Shelton   Banjo
Clyde Moody   Vocals
J.E. Mainer   Fiddle,Vocals
Wilma Lee Cooper   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Eanes   Guitar,Vocals
Wade Mainer   Banjo,Vocals
Del Wood   Piano
Carl Butler   Guitar
Charlie Cline   Banjo
Curley Ray Cline   Fiddle
Stoney Cooper   Vocals
Bob Hamilton   Electric Guitar
Frank Hunter   Guitar
DeWitt Jenkins   Banjo
Raymond Johnson   Fiddle,Group
Everett Lilly   Mandolin,Vocals
Tex Logan   Fiddle,Vocals
Jimmy Martin   Guitar,Baritone (Vocal)
Ernie Newton   Bass
Bobby Osborne   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Gordon Reed   Bass
Larry Richardson   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals
Ervin T. Rouse   Fiddle
Homer "Pappy" Sherrill   Fiddle
Joe Stuart   Mandolin,Vocals
L.E. White   Fiddle
Paul Hamilton Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Buster Carter   Banjo,Vocals
Bea Lilly   Guitar,Vocals
Posey Rorer   Fiddle
Preston Young   Guitar,Vocals
Hubert Davis   Banjo
Tommy Magness   Fiddle
Joel Price   Vocals
Merle "Red" Taylor   Fiddle,Tenor (Vocal)
Ezra Cline   Bass
Ray Goins   Banjo,Lead
Shannon Grayson   Banjo
Arval Albert Hogan   Mandolin,Vocals
Eddie Jones   Banjo
Steve Ledford   Fiddle
Ray Morgan   Fiddle
Wiley Morris   Mandolin
Zeke Morris   Guitar,Vocals
Carl Sauceman   Vocals
Hobo Jack Adkins   Guitar,Vocals
Charles Parker   Mandolin
Jake Tullock   Bass
Paul Wright   Fiddle
Leonard Stokes   Guitar,Vocals
Ray Cline   Fiddle
Curly Parker   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Carver   Mandolin
Roy Russell   Fiddle,Tenor (Vocal)
Roy Grant   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Snyder   Guitar
Wiley Birchfield   Banjo
Darrell "Pee Wee" Lambert   Mandolin,Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Buster Pack   Guitar
Cecil Surratt   Guitar,Vocals
Gene Christian   Fiddle
Ronnie Knittel   Guitar
Red Belcher   Banjo
Baskell Rose   Banjo,Fiddle
John Reedy   Vocals,Group
Phebel Wright   Mandolin
Revin "Rebe" Gosdin   Mandolin,Vocals
Toby Stroud   Fiddle
Estil Stewart   Bass
Red Ratliff   Mandolin,Tenor (Vocal)
Red Onion   Banjo
Junior Morgan   Guitar
Frances Reedy   Group,Alto (Vocal)
Julian Ramey   Banjo
Floyd Lacewell   Guitar,Vocals
Freddy Richardson   Banjo
Ralph Jones Band   Mandolin
Albert Punturi   Mandolin
Junior Husky   Bass
Hank Anglin   Banjo
Charlie Biley   Mandolin
Pee Wee Buttrey   Banjo
Blind Boy Jack Cassidy   Bass
Paul Colwell   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals
Ralph Colwell   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals
Steve Colwell   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals
Red Cook   Banjo
Pee Wee Davis   Fiddle
Doyle Dobbin   Banjo
Curley Fagan   Fiddle
Jimmie Farmer   Fiddle
Nealey Gilfillian   Guitar
Jay Hugh Hall   Guitar
Scott Hatfield   Banjo
Curley Howard   Rhythm Guitar,Baritone (Vocal)
Jerry Howarth   Guitar,Vocals
Carace Hutchins   Banjo
Benny Jarrell   Bass,Fiddle
Haskell "Hack" Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Daddy John Love   Guitar,Vocals
Lonnie Parsley   Mandolin,Tenor (Vocal)
Glenn Ramey   Mandolin
Gene Ray   Guitar,Vocals
Glen Rayey   Group,Tenor (Vocal)
Clyde Robbins   Guitar
J.P. Sauceman   Guitar,Vocals
L.C. Smith   Guitar,Vocals
Schuyler Snow   Guitar,Vocals
Blake Steltner   Bass
Blake Stiltner   Bass
Joe Philips   Bass
Ralph Mayo   Fiddle,Vocals

Technical Credits

Curley Ray Cline   Composer
Frank Hunter   Duet
Bobby Osborne   Composer
Larry Richardson   Composer
Ervin T. Rouse   Composer
Wiley Morris   Composer
Zeke Morris   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Pat Harrison   Liner Notes
Gene Christian   Duet

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