Blunt Offerings: Select Irreverentia from the Cartoonist's Columns

Blunt Offerings: Select Irreverentia from the Cartoonist's Columns


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A delicious collection of the best humor columns of The St. Petersburg Times cartoonist whose fractious irreverence and wit couldn't limit themselves to ink drawings.

A collection of the best and most durable humor columns by St. Petersburg Times editorial cartoonist/humorist Don Addis, whose gift for writing humor has been recognized and exploited by his happy employers for over a quarter of a century. Politics, government, love, social habits, fads, foolish behaviors, news events whose silliness grow more comical with time, rhapsodizations on the wacky way we are-all seen through the uniquely warped vision of a professional comic artist who knows absurdity when he sees it and knows how to put a point on it.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780595200474
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/01/2001
Pages: 280
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

Table of Contents

The Sleaze Factor in Refrigeration1
The Village Smithy Lives One Floor Up3
A Collection of Clustered Creatures6
It's Time To Tackle the Tough Questions8
Could the Bucs Beat the Apopka Tops?11
Keep It Short, Will Ya, Buddy...?14
Great Pickup Lines by the Wizard of Woo17
Hey, Mistakes Can Happen--on the Ground and in the Air20
We're Just Nuts About Guns23
Hanging Around the Family Tree26
Hup, Hup, Hooray29
Boots Weren't Made To Toe the Line31
Bungling Bandidos Only Stole Laughter34
Palm Beach Reveals How the Rich Are Different36
Marketing For the Macho Man39
Gadgetry Certain To Complicate Life42
Holiday Greetings Bring Percussions44
Battle of the Bulge Fought at the Beach46
Jewel of an Offer Less Than Genuine49
A Flip Plea Flops in the Courthouse51
These Words Need a Backward Glance52
Spoils of Victory Are Whine, Roses55
Spoonfed Concepts Disorient Chinese58
Science According to the Creationists61
Contest Produced Pun-ishing Results64
Take Our Gus, Please...66
The Simple Man's Guide to Politics68
Tiptoeing Through Mind Fields71
Let 'Em Play That on Their Vulcan Victrola74
According to Reliable Placemats, This Is the Year of the Rat77
Language Abuse? It All Depends on Who Is Making the Rules80
Say, Did You Hear the One About the Welshman...?84
The Unburning Issues87
Those English Are Oh So Civilized89
The Name Game92
The Subversive Soliloquy95
Classics I: Love That Lear97
Visualize Hurled Peas99
The Line Forms on the Right101
The Pooch From Outer Space103
Near Misses106
My Green Thumb109
You're Nobody Till "Nobody" Rejects You112
Conversation Pieces115
The Folly of a Forced Pledge of Allegiance118
Let's "Caerphilly" Consider the Science121
A Case of Naked Bigotry122
My Kind of Town, St. Pete Is123
Okay, "Nobodies," Now It's Your Turn126
The Accent's on Strange129
And About Those Simian Shoppers131
Life Is a Bowl of Cherry Bombs133
Love Letters From the Fans136
Move Over, Murphy, Addis Is Here139
Supermarket Tabloids Seem To Specialize in the "Stupornatural"142
Sanctuaries, But Not for the Birds145
Now That's Going Just Too Far147
Now There's Harm in Looking149
Two Fugitives and an Odd Bun152
What Did I Know?155
Holy Bible Lite, Anyone?158
Real Men Don't Eat Kwitchy161
Chocolate: My Drug of Choice164
Sports Scribes Defined167
Can't Fine Dead People, or Can You?170
So What's With Those Oxymorons and Pleonasms?173
Resident Prophet Guarantees Results176
The Genesis of Origins179
I Mean, Like, Ya Know...183
Now It's Easy To Vent Your Spleen187
Welcome to the Bad New Days190
Twenty Years in a Cage Make Colossus a Dull Gorilla193
Then, Too, Pasteur Was a Dairy Farmer196
Let's Get Small, One More Time198
Odd Excuses For Being Stood Up201
Simple Excuses For Simpletons204
Rudeness as a State of Art207
Even Without Glasses, I Can Read Signs of Old Age209
Here He Is, One Mild and Lazy Guy!212
An Old Inquiry Branches Out215
The Pushy Shall Inherit the Porch218
Desperate and Dateless221
Within This Handy Verse, a Lot of Poetic Ground You'll Traverse224
Blow Is Struck For Flat-Earth Theorists228
We Can Thank Our Lucky Stars231
Ma Bell Always Liked You Best234
A Backside Boondoggle237
Shipping Gator Aid to the Big Apple239
Brief Observations241

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