Board Management Questions (VOCATIONAL). (PHOTO-COPY-ABLE)

Board Management Questions (VOCATIONAL). (PHOTO-COPY-ABLE)

by Charles Sankey Emanuwa


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It is important to know that nobody wants to read a book, training manual or any instruction manual written in extensive professional jargons. This makes this Book of Questions carefully produced by the author Charles Emanuwa in plain English Campaign format frustration-free and easily active. This Book is gem of a book that entails efforts that covers learning styles from visual images that speak to the reader in an easy flow and touches the instincts of the readers. It has a kinesthetic effect upon the reader from the rudimentary stages of diagnose to individual analyses and subsequent solution; and, advisory on personal efforts in managing Board Management and maintenance of it consistently and adequately.

This Book will be of great value to Professionals, Lectures, Assessors, Tutors and Mentors and Trainees (Candidates). Training Providers will find it very useful through its step by step sequence.

The departments, audiences and segments will see this Book as a very helpful and simple source of productive information.

No cognizance is taken at this point to generous philanthropic funder givers who are yet to contribute to this single resource to Community Training.

The advantages are enormous and the application of what is understood in knowledge will be sufficient for adherence to performance criteria which will be easily met for National Standards purposes. Details are all embedded in this Book of questions; in sometimes questionable questions per se.

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