Boardwalk Empire, Vol. 1

Boardwalk Empire, Vol. 1



Too often, when a soundtrack to a period film or television show tries to introduce listeners to older and often unfamiliar songs, they're presented in a dumbed-down form that doesn't do justice to the music or capture the imagination of a new audience. Fortunately, the soundtrack to the riveting, meticulously detailed HBO series Boardwalk Empire defies these hefty odds, which are even steeper considering that it features contemporary pop singers trying their vocal cords on '20s classics. But instead of trying to modernize the music to fit the vocalists, singers such as Regina Spektor slip seamlessly into songs such as "My Man" like actors given flawlessly reproduced Roaring Twenties costumes. Part of the reason the soundtrack works so well is the involvement of Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks, who are Boardwalk Empire's "house band" and have been playing vaudeville, jazz, and other styles of the era since the early '70s, and faithfully re-create the ricky-ticky rhythms and swooning brass and woodwinds of the era (they get all of the spotlight on the numerous instrumentals, including "Livery Stable Blues" and "Darktown Strutters' Ball"). They provide a flawless backdrop for Loudon Wainwright III on the Irish tune "Carrickfergus" and Martha Wainwright on the knowing ballad "All by Myself." Leon Redbone and Nellie McKay are two more inspired choices, with Redbone -- who's always sounded like he transported from the '20s via time machine -- giving new life to one of the era's biggest hits, "Sheik of Araby," and McKay adding the right amount of smokiness to "Wild Romantic Blues." Kathy Brier sings several tracks, and while her Betty Boop-like accent borders on theatrical on "Don't Put a Tax on the Beautiful Girls," her version of Irving Berlin's "After You Get What You Want (You Don't Want You Get)" was vivid enough to tease the arrival of Boardwalk's second season. The soundtrack closes with one of its finest moments, "Life's a Funny Proposition After All," which ended the show's first season on the perfect poignant-yet-witty note. As with everything involved with this show, this set of songs is a great balance of creativity and attention to historical accuracy, and an equally great musical souvenir for fans.

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Release Date: 09/13/2011
Label: Elektra / Wea
UPC: 0075678825996
catalogNumber: 528266

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Vince Giordano   Tuba
Jon-Erik Kellso   Trumpet
Mark Lopeman   Reeds
Mike Ponella   Trumpet
Andy Stein   Violin
Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks   Accompaniment
Chuck Wilson   Reeds
Peter Mintun   Piano
Arnie Kinsella   Drums
Belinda Whitney   Violin
Steve Kenyon   Flute
Ben Whiteley   Conductor
Dan Levinson   Reeds
Mark Shane   Piano
Randy Reinhart   Trumpet
Gary Fagin   Conductor
Rob Garcia   Drums
Peter Anderson   Reeds
Jim Fryer   Trombone
Harvey Tibbs   Trombone
Rossano Sportiello   Piano
Ehud Asherie   Piano
Peter Yarin   Piano
Will Anderson   Reeds
Dan Block   Reeds
Marc Phaneuf   Reeds
Ken Salvo   Banjo

Technical Credits

Irving Berlin   Composer
Eddie Cantor   Composer
George M. Cohan   Composer
Milton Ager   Composer
Fred E. Ahlert   Composer
Shelton Brooks   Composer
Con Conrad   Composer
Jim Dunbar   Producer
Stewart Lerman   Engineer
Tony Sbarbaro   Composer
Ted Snyder   Composer
Albert Willemetz   Composer
Jack Yellen   Composer
Martin Scorsese   Executive Producer
J. Russel Robinson   Composer
Richard A. Whiting   Composer
Jacques Charles   Composer
Channing Pollack   Composer
Francis Wheeler   Composer
Maurice Yvain   Composer
Ray Lopez   Composer
Raymond B. Egan   Composer
Jean Schwartz   Composer
John Janick   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Traditional   Composer
Rob Morsberger   Arranger
Brian Ranney   Package Production
David J. Harrigan   Art Direction
Harry B. Smith   Composer
Katie Robinson   Marketing
Harry DeCosta   Composer
Tim Van Patten   Executive Producer
Terence Winter   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Kelly McWilliam   Publicity
Alcide Nunez   Composer
AJ Bower   Composer
Rob Gold   Art Manager

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