Bobby Whitlock: A Rock 'n' Roll Autobiography

Bobby Whitlock: A Rock 'n' Roll Autobiography

by Bobby Whitlock, Marc Roberty
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Bobby Whitlock: A Rock 'n' Roll Autobiography 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BobCage More than 1 year ago
Great reading with adventure and fun with info about the most important records ever made! Bobby's fast car rides take you all around like your living the story! An inside look at real life situations of musicians that we all love and cherish gets you closer to understanding the creative process and how great music is born! A must read for any musician it's full of insight on how it was all done. A great description of what it's like to hang with Eric Clapton and George Harrison my two favorites! The studio experiences describe in detail how it all went down. It also describes the inner workings of the music business and can be very helpful for any professional musician to avoid pitfalls! It also is very moving to find out what a wonderful friendship Bobby has with Eric Clapton a true hero!
Tuduri More than 1 year ago
Bobby Whitlock is a work in progress. No matter the years, the experience, the highs and lows and everything in-between, the man continues to move forward. I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the diversions and frequent escapes from what most of us might consider reality, still he remains viable, creative and in a constant state of open mindedness. His musicality and spirituality are ever progressing in a constant thirst for knowledge and understanding. So, as to set the record straight, I should mention that Bobby is an old and valued friend. I was speaking to Edward James Olmos the other day and we found ourselves once again reminiscing about that neighborhood, the neighborhood Bobby refers to so often in his early days in California. Eddie and I both lived on that same street, Eddie moved there in 67' and me in 68'. Eddie lived directly across the street from Delaney and Bonnie and I lived a few houses down, directly across the street from Carl Radle. We both have some amazing stories to tell but suffice to say, Bobby is spelling it out quite eloquently. There is some poetic license chronologically to my recollection but he paints a broad stroke, one that only Bobby can paint truthfully and intimately from the inside looking out. His memory is sharp and the stories intense. Our lives have paralleled so many experiences, people, places, music and things, this book has completely captivated me. Its relevance has ignited a mountain of memories. The extravagance, pomp and egocentric lifestyles that became the "isms" that consumed us made it difficult at best to steer a course for survival so many souls of the day failed to navigate. Only the chosen survived, or so it seems. I can only imagine the highs Bobby experienced throughout his career having played with so many historical and legendary figures in Rock & Roll. His place now secured firmly among them. Through it all, the good times and the bad, we can't help but envy the music and the relationships he shared both personal and professional. The book is essential reading concerning the history of Rock & Roll. From the many seeds Delaney Bramlett planted, groomed and cultivated, a wealth of musical history was created. We've all had our demons, many of whom, the good, the bad and the ugly, dwell somewhere in The Rock &Roll hall of fame. From extremely humble beginnings to the stratosphere's of Rock decadence, from pauper to poet and rags to riches, and what's worse, back to rags! Bobby survived. Seemingly beaten and hung out to dry, his journey took him to the depths of which God only knows. Despite the pitfalls, Bobby is still here. It would appear he is past the turmoil and the difficulty. His purpose yet fulfilled, he's armed with his lust for life, his music, better than ever, and his gracious and immensely talented "Coco" ..... Nope, Little Bobby ain't done yet folks.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As finely crafted as the classic songs he penned for the Layla album, Bobby Whitlock writes an unforgettable biography that I couldn't put down once I started. From his humble beginnings in the rural South, to driving Ferraris and Maseratis while living in England in the 1970s and recording with Eric Clapton and George Harrison (to just pick two of the incredible line-up he's worked with!), Bobby recalls it all in vivid technicolor: the highs and the lows and everything in between. Told in a casual, conversational style, I became a fly on the wall, witnessing some of rock and roll's greatest moments. Best of all, Whitlock shows himself and (most of) the musicians he's surrounded himself with - especially his wife CoCo -- to be genuine, caring loving human beings, not the caricatures that tabloids and mass media created. This is a classic biography for all who want to hear the Truth from someone who lived it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has it all-redemption,losing it all,regaining it all-searching for the meaning of life. Bobby Whitlock is an incredible story teller-from his song lyrics to words on the page-a consumate teller of tales. I couldn't put it down. After the initial reading-I had to reread parts of the book to make sure I hadn't imagined some of the fantastical that have happened to Bobby Whitlock in his life so far.He kind of lets you into his private world of rock and roll legends and I won't tell you who saves the day in the end-read it to find out.This book definitely need to be made into a movie!
45bluetick More than 1 year ago
Bobby Whitlock's book is one excellent read. For those interested in a great rock story, this is THE book and Eric Clapton also thought so much of it that he writes the forward to the book. Whitlock's story begins in the backwoods of Tennessee. In his middle teens, he ends up in Memphis playing and hanging around the famous Stax Recording Studios and record company. From there, he hooks up with Delany Bramlett and moves out to LA landing there right in the middle of rock history as it is being made. Playing in Bramlett's band, he meets George Harrison and all of the up and coming rock stars of the mid to late sixties including Eric Clapton who invites Whitlock to come to England and live with him. Clapton and Whitlock end up writing and recording together and they start Derek and the Dominos recording the super hit "Layla" and "Bell Bottom Blues". For those interested in rock history, Whitlock was there and tells us all about it. In fact, he helped make rock history. This is a great book by all accounts. I highly recommend it.
privateye More than 1 year ago
Bobby Whitlock A Rock 'n' Roll Autobiography is the best Rock Music Autobiography ever written. It is written from the heart and has so much personal information. It is suprising how many well known (famous) musicians Bobby has been involved with in his life so far. The Foreword to his book, written by none other than Eric Clapton says it all....'Do not under estimate Bobby Whitlock' A must for anyone's library
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Like so many others who will read 'A Rock 'n' Roll Autobiography', I came to this book as a fan, aware of Bobby Whitlock's work with Derek & The Dominos, and Delaney & Bonnie, though not fully aware of the depth of his participation in either outfit. By the time I finished reading this book, I realized that he'd actually played on much more of the music of my life than I'd ever imagined. While I may have started out as a fan of the musician, as I made my way through the book, I found myself becoming more a fan of the man's life, rooting for him every step of the way along his life's journey. By the end, it was like reading the story of a friend, although I have never met the man. We've all heard the over-used phrase 'truth is stranger than fiction', though I have yet to read a work of fiction that included the twists & turns of fate that THIS true life story includes. I imagine an author would face much criticism for trying to throw that many plot lines into the mix. In the course of exposing his innermost feelings throughout this book, one gets the sense that we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg of the evolution & ultimate re-birth of Bobby Whitlock, and that's okay, as he's already shared more than any of us really deserves to know about his personal life. However, as it's played such a cathartic role in his life, we're made to feel comfortable with it, rather than being invasive. The music fan will enjoy the behind-the-scenes insights into historic recording sessions with the likes of Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Duane Allman, Leon Russell, and Willie Nelson, among many, many others. While fans of the larger human experience will be moved & inspired by the resilience of this man, who is nothing less than a survivor, not just of the rock & roll lifestyle that has robbed us of so many other artists over the decades, but of every other conceivable hardship that one can face in several lifetimes, let alone one. Despite expressing disappointment with those that did him wrong, he ultimately takes full responsibility for the choices he made, and the meandering course of his life experience. To borrow a word that turns up repeatedly in the telling of this story, this book 'flows'. Readers will be hard pressed to put it down, and will all but find themselves cheering by the time he connects with his wife CoCo, and their exploration of what the future continues to hold for them. Whatever that may be, they'll have more people in their corner than they'll ever know.