Body at Home: A Simple Plan to Drop 10 Pounds

Body at Home: A Simple Plan to Drop 10 Pounds

by Jorge Cruise


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Ready to save money and get fit? Jorge Cruise’s Body at Home is a two-in-one book for women and men that guarantees results in just two weeks with no fancy equipment, gym membership, or serious time commitment. Fitness expert Cruise has designed a series of exercises that rev up your metabolism–without running up your credit card bill–no matter what your age.

In Part 1, women will discover his customized plan for slimming trouble zones. In only twenty minutes, three times a week–just an hour a week–you’ll:
• Shed inches from your belly, thighs, hips, and butt
• Get healthier and look sexier and younger
• Learn to eat better without counting calories or sacrificing the foods you love

In Part 2, Cruise offers a distinct plan for men that guarantees the desired results. You will learn how to:
• Get the perfect V-shape: full chest, rounded, broad shoulders, and lean waist
• Get rid of that beer belly for good
• Reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s

Cruise’s exercises are designed to help you build and maintain lean muscle mass–the key to keeping your metabolism revved twenty-four hours a day. He shares his eating right plan–complete with easy, delicious recipes. But best of all, he reveals his breakthrough method for gender and age customization: The Priority Solution.™ This strategy will ignite your personal motivation to make permanent changes in your life.

Body at Home is filled with stories of real men and women of all ages who’ve gotten in shape thanks to Cruise’s methods. This is the plan you’ll be using to give yourself the body you’ve always wanted–for life.

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ISBN-13: 9780307383334
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/05/2009
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

JORGE CRUISE struggled with his weight for years. Today, he is one of America’s leading fitness experts and the author of three consecutive New York Times bestsellers. Each Sunday his USA Weekend column is read by more than 50 million people.

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Chapter 1

Drop 10 Pounds in Two Weeks at Home!

"Trust me: This is a crash course on getting gorgeous that works."


The most critical thing you can do over the next two weeks is drop 10 pounds-or about one jean size. This might sound simplistic, but whether you are a grandma, mom, single business professional, or college student-or any combination of these-no matter what your age, your life and health will dramatically transform when you lose 10 pounds from your belly, butt, thighs, and hips. How do I know this? I have worked with thousands of clients at my website and hundreds of women in person in San Diego to develop this women's at-home program, and their success stories, which are featured throughout this book, confirm it. My clients not only end up looking slimmer, but also feel their confidence soar by the end of their very first workout (and many times within the first 90 seconds). And when it comes to overall good health, my clients have used the plan to reduce stress and even start to reverse the effects of life- threatening diseases such as cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Bottom line: The next two weeks will be one of the most important times for you; you'll see some extraordinary transformations!

So my challenge to you right now is to make a decision that you and your health will come first for the next two weeks. Let's get started.

I wrote this book for one reason-to help women at any age firm and flatten their trouble zones at home. I received countless e-mails from women, and they asked me to help them shrink and sculpt those biggest trouble zones at home: their belly, butt, hips, and thighs. They wanted to get into their stylish jeans-without ever stepping foot in the gym! I knew what I had to do.

This new plan can be done 100 percent at home and requires no special equipment. Everything you will need, from the exercises to the eating plan, to an important method of connecting with your motivation is here. You will truly love it no matter how many pounds you need to burn or what age you are. Are you ready to get started right now? Well, if you are short on time and want to start immediately, then jump to Chapter 2 to read my Priority Solution(tm), a women's-only strategy to ensure your success on this plan. But if you can, I strongly recommend you read on for an essential overview of the program.

How Body at Home(tm) for Women Works

With this program, you will use the resistance-training method from my New York Times best seller The 12-Second Sequence(tm). It's truly the most effective method I have ever created to burn fat at rest. This method is designed to rev your resting metabolism. Imagine burning fat at the computer, in the car, and even when you are watching TV. What's the secret? The secret lies in the after-burn. Almost every woman I have ever trained has not been aware of the after-burn and its power to shrink and sculpt her body. The after- burn is what happens when you restore lean muscle tissue-this muscle puts your body into a fat-burning state 24/7. You see, lean muscle tissue is the most metabolically active tissue on the body and burns calories all day (see sidebar). This is the secret that I use to keep my abs looking good and my workouts super effective.

What is the key to restoring lean muscle tissue on your body? The most effective way to restore it is through resistance training. That's it. The challenge is that most resistance-training programs are so time-consuming that you never commit to the program and, worst of all, you end up never really seeing dramatic results. Another thing that can make other programs tough is that they often require you to go to a gym as well. Don't get me wrong: I love going to the gym, but sometimes it's not as practical if you've got kids or no time to travel there. Well, this book will solve that for you! You can do everything at home with just a few basic items.

With my Body at Home(tm) for Women program you will truly discover the most effective way to create lean muscle tissue-not big bulky muscles, but long lean shapely muscles, which consume calories and burn fat while you're doing absolutely nothing.

What makes it so effective is something I call Controlled Tension (tm). This method forces your muscles to fatigue in just four reps, by slowing each exercise to a 10-second count and a 2-second hold. This is critical because in order to restore lean muscle tissue, you must force it to the point of fatigue. With Controlled Tension(tm) you are using a unique and powerful combination of two resistance- training methods that are proven effective at re?storing lean muscle tissue. By combiing slow cadence lifting and static contraction, I created the ultimate body-sculpting, time-saving method available. Before the 12-Second Sequence(tm), these two techniques had never been combined. Now, I have built upon this core technique and created the ultimate in fitness customization for women with Body at Home(tm) for Women. If you want more on the science behind the original technique, make sure to pick up a copy of my 12-Second Sequence(tm) book.

For Women Only

This program is designed exclusively for women, and it incorporates my brand-new life strategy: the Priority Solution(tm). This strategy is so important that I've given it its own chapter (Chapter 2), and I want to tell you it will be a critical tool for sculpting your body. Be sure not to miss that chapter. It's truly vital to your success.

For now, I simply want to challenge you to make a commitment to yourself to see this program all the way through to the end. Remember, in only two weeks you will drop 10 pounds-mostly from your waist. I also recommend measuring your waist to track your success-a lot of my successful clients recorded amazing losses in inches and felt that was the most effective way to gauge their progress. Also remember, there's nothing more dangerous than extra fat in your abdominal area, so big losses there can be even more important than those made on the scale. By shrinking your waist to a healthy 32.5 inches or less, you'll reduce your risk for developing life- threatening diseases.

Are you ready to change your body? I know you are. Let's start together and move on to Chapter 2.

Height: 5'7" | Age: 29 | Lost: 10 pounds (Plus restored 1 pound of lean muscle)

"I've always been pretty active and into fitness, but as I got older it got harder to stay fit and trim. When I heard about Body at Home (tm), I was really excited to get started and see if it could really turn out the results that were promised. The program was pretty easy to incorporate into my lifestyle and ?wasn't too time-consuming. I dropped 4 pounds the first week and had consistent drops in weight every week thereafter. Needless to say, I'm happier with a firmer, healthier body. This is a program that I can use as a foundation for my life."

Amber's Secrets to Success

• Start a workout group to help keep you motivated and on track.

• Pick out motivational pictures and use them for inspiration- visualize the body you want and you're sure to get there.

• Make the full commitment to the program for eight weeks, knowing it's going to change your entire life!

A Woman's Best Friend: The Priority Solution(tm)

"I'm so happy with the results, and I now have the confidence to go out and achieve the rest of my dreams. I love music and aspire to be a professional singer. Being confident with my new toned body will help me with my career and will give me confidence in my upcoming audition. Thanks, Jorge! I finally feel sexy again!"


Get ready to meet your new best friend. In order to ensure you will be on the fast track to dropping 10 pounds in two weeks at home, it's essential for you to maximize two critical elements: your physical focus and inner drive. In this chapter you will discover my secret that customizes my Body at Home(tm) method for women. I call it the Priority Solution(tm). The Priority Solution(tm) is without question one of the most important techniques I have created to help you get visible results quickly. And here's the great news: There are only two simple steps. The first will empower you physically-I call it the "Body Priority." And the second, the "Life Priority," will help you create a powerful inner focus.

Step 1: Your Body Priority

The Body Priority is a highly customized method of resistance training that allows you to increase your resting metabolism while giving special focus and priority to your trouble zones-hips, thighs, butt, and abs. This specialized focus is why I can guarantee you will drop 10 pounds in two weeks at home. And your time commitment will be just three 20-minute at-home workouts per week. So your investment is only one hour a week. It's really that simple.

As you already know from Chapter 1, all your workouts on this program are resistance-training based, which means they will efficiently restore precious fat-burning lean muscle tissue. Here, unlike in my 12-Second Sequence(tm) book (a more "advanced" program that requires gym time-an ideal plan for when you are done with this book), you will not use a circuit-training method as your base. Don't get me wrong: Circuit training is great, but it ?doesn't allow you to focus on specific body parts, and the goal of The 12-Second Sequence(tm) is to create general weight loss and fitness.

If you followed the 12-Second Sequence(tm) program, you may notice that there are three workouts a week with the Body at Home(tm) plan instead of two. This critical third day is added to create the maximum results in your specific trouble zones. It's going to guarantee you sculpt your belly, butt, and thighs with strategic focus. It's just an extra 20 minutes a week, and I promise it will be worth it!

Bottom line: When you want to shrink and sculpt specific areas, you need something much more focused-a structure in which your overall effort is not divided into various muscle groups during a session. A structure of training in which you focus on one muscle group for three or four exercises before moving on to the next body part is ideal. You'll also get a little rest time in between sets to maximize your recovery. This kind of strategic focus and structure will give you extreme precision and your sexiest body ever.

This is how the training cycle will look: Day one will be your most important day because this is when you will focus on some of the most critical trouble zones. This is the day you will focus on legs (thighs/hips/butt), triceps, and abs. Doing this workout at the start of the week and in this exact order will be critical. Ideally it will be on a Monday. Why? Doing this workout on Mondays will ensure you have six days of rest before hitting these essential body parts again. And if you recall from Chapter 1, during the workout is when you break your muscles down, and only when you rest do you create beautiful, new, fat-burning tissue. During each workout we can work on only one primary "large" muscle group. That means each 20-minute workout will pair a "large" muscle group with a secondary "smaller" muscle group. Abs will end every workout. You can work your abs more frequently than other muscle groups because they have a unique resilient power to recover quickly. On day one, the small muscle group you focus on will be your triceps-without question the top trouble zone for women after the hips, thighs, and butt.

After this 20-minute workout you might be thinking, "I don't need to exercise more body parts, right, Jorge? I hit those lower body parts to help me drop 10 pounds and get into my jeans, and I worked my triceps as a bonus." I know that might sound good, but while half of the secret to getting into those jeans is to focus on your trouble zones, the other half of the secret lies in maximizing your resting metabolism. Remember, increasing your overall amount of lean muscle tissue is the key to burning fat all over your body. Since you have lean muscle everywhere, you've got to work all those different muscle groups: There are muscles in your back, chest, biceps, and shoulders that we will focus on. Neglecting these other parts will not allow you to achieve the best results. That's why on day two you will hit back and biceps, which I recommend you do on a Wednesday. And then on day three, which ideally will be a Friday, you will work your chest and shoulders.

By following this three-day structure, you will be revving your resting metabolism to its maximum and sculpting those trouble zones most effectively. And as a major bonus you will be creating beautiful, balanced symmetry in your body. You will truly look and feel your sexiest.

Step 2: Your Life Priority

The second part of the Priority Solution(tm) is what I call the "Women's Life Priority." The key is to empower yourself from the inside. The only way you will truly transform your body in 14 days is by being consistent. The customized 20-minute workouts won't be beneficial unless you do them consistently. That means sticking to the workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for two weeks-at least. Committing to exercise for two weeks, even from home, can be extremely challenging if you are not prepared and your inner drive is not turned on. So get ready to discover my secret for creating a powerful and positive inner edge that will help you achieve success quickly and, perhaps even more important, help draw you toward long- term success.

How does it work? In ten-plus years of working with a mainly female clientele, I have discovered that one of the best methods to empower a woman is to create a customized "key" to unlock the door to her critical inner drive. While that key may be different for every woman, there are shared goals or obstacles that women face at different stages in their lives. It's difficult to generalize, but chances are if you are in your twenties, your priorities are likely to be very different from the priorities of someone who is in her forties or fifties. Customized direction reflecting these core differences will help you create and maintain a strong inner drive.

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Body at Home: A Simple Plan to Drop 10 Pounds 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
justablondemoment on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
One of the better at home weight control / staying fit books I have found. Clear in explantion with helpful examples and different worksheets to help with goals. I was more interested in an at home routine, as going to a gym would be difficult, not so much for losing weight just for staying healthy. I felt this book could help in both ways whatever a persons individual needs are. Also has alot of great sounding recipes. Although this was a library find for me and as such had to be returned, it is one I will look for at my local bookstore so that it can be used.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It worke i lost 59 pounds
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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