Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair

Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair

by Jay Glaser


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Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair by Jay Glaser

Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair presents a comprehensive natural solution to chronic disorders including aging itself. Jay Glaser provides the tools, the motivation, and a simple step-by-step guide to the prevention and repair of the persistent disorders nearly everyone gets. In these pages you will be guided on a colorful, humorous, lyrical, but no-nonsense adventure in the self-repair of chronic problems including:



weight management

sexual function


vascular diseases

women's health

skin disorders


Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780910261968
Publisher: Lotus Press WI
Publication date: 12/16/2010
Pages: 280
Sales rank: 1,266,968
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction Deepak Chopra, MD 6

Prologue: Reviving the Lost Art of Self-Repair 9

Body Renewal

Chapter 1 The Roots of Healing in a Song 15

Chapter 2 Self-Interaction and the Physics of Self-Repair 21

Chapter 3 The Structure of Pure Intelligence 25

Chapter 4 The Illusion and Reality of Self-Repair 29

Invoking Your Body's Repair Response

Chapter 5 The Secrets of Extreme Longevity 35

Chapter 6 Mastering the Mind-Body Connection 43

Chapter 7 Homeland Security and your Immune System 49

Chapter 8 Listening to Your Body's Song 53

The Pillars of Self-Repair

Chapter 9 Tonics You Perform Instead of Swallow 61

Chapter 10 The Rhythms of Life 65

Chapter 11 A Good Night's Sleep: Nature's Soft Nurse 69

Chapter 12 Rhythm and Silence in the Body's Song 75

Chapter 13 Getting Serious about Playing 81

Chapter 14 Patañjali's Song of Yoga 89

Chapter 15 Breathing and Pranayama 95

Nutrition for Self-Repair

Chapter 16 Tending the Digestive Fire 99

Chapter 17 The Sensitive Belly: Disorders of GI Motility 105

Chapter 18 Oxidation, Aging and Rust 109

Chapter 19 Effortless Elimination: The Thatched Hut Diet 113

Chapter 20 Staying in Slim Mode 119

Chapter 21 Home Cookin' for a Busy Lifestyle 139

Chapter 22 Your Bag of Supplements 143

Dodging the Deadliest Bullets: Cancer, Heart Disease and the Brain

Chapter 23 Cancer: A Bug in the Software 153

Chapter 24 Taking Care of Your Heart 157

Chapter 25 Treating Hypertension without Drugs 165

Chapter 26 Insulin Resistance and the Royal Hormone 169

Chapter 27 Maintaining Brain Fitness 175

When the Flesh is Weak

Chapter 28 'Dem Bones, 'Dem Dry Bones: Osteoporosis 185

Chapter 29 Degenerative Arthritis 191

Chapter 30 Radiance: The Key to Beautiful Skin 199

Chapter 31 Disorders of the Pelvic Diaphragm 205

Chapter 32 Menstruation after the Easy Years 217

When the Spirit is Willing

Chapter 33 The Unexpected Joys of Menopause 231

Chapter 34 Restoring Passion to the Bedroom 237

Chapter 35 Epilogue: Living Immortality in Daily Life 249


Appendix 1 The Three Dosha Principle for a Balanced Physiology 253

Appendix 2 A Practical Test of Your Dosha Imbalances 255

Appendix 3 Applying the Three Dosha Principle for Self-Repair 258

Appendix 4 The Metabolic Fires and Formation of Tissues 261

Appendix 5 Recipes for Improving Digestion 264

Appendix 6 A Three Step Home Purification Program 268

Appendix 7 Seasonal Routines 271

Appendix 8 Resources 274

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