Body Rx: Dr. Scott Connelly's 6-Pack Prescription

Body Rx: Dr. Scott Connelly's 6-Pack Prescription


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Body Rx: Dr. Scott Connelly's 6-Pack Prescription by A. Scott Connelly, Carol Colman

Throw out the treadmill. Stop starving. And get the best body you've ever had. Body Rx presents a dramatically new way of thinking about how we eat and exercise. At its core is the 6-Pack Prescription, an innovative approach to nutrition and fitness. The prescription has worked for everyone from elite athletes to discouraged dieters, from the chronically obese to men and women eager to shed a few pounds. And it will work for you. Based on two decades of Dr. Scott Connelly's groundbreaking work in fat loss, fitness, and metabolism, Body Rx gives you the tools used by athletes to change body composition from flab to firm, from fat to fit. Whether you want to look great in a bikini or have six-pack abs or just feel better about your body, Body Rx is your prescription.

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ISBN-13: 9780399147821
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Publication date: 09/10/2001
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 7.75(w) x 9.58(h) x 1.22(d)

About the Author

A. Scott Connelly, M.D., has devoted his life to the study of the science ofnutrition and fitness and is considered one of the world's leading experts in the field of human nutrition and metabolism. The inventor of MET-Rx Engineered Nutrition, he also founded UCLA's A. Scott Connelly Center for Nutrition Science.

Carol Colman is the coauthor of the bestselling health books The Melatonin Miracle and Shed Ten Years in Ten Weeks.

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Body RX

Dr. Scott Connelly's 6-Pack Prescription
By A. Scott Connelly

Berkley Publishing Group

Copyright © 2002 A. Scott Connelly
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0425186075

Chapter One

Throw Out Your Scale

Body Rx

If you shudder at just the thought of being seen in public in a bathing suit-if you can't stand looking at yourself naked in the mirror-you're in good company. Recently, I received a frantic call from a well-known actress, who, for reasons that will soon be apparent, I am not going to name.

She was desperate to book as many training sessions as she could as soon as possible. While I scrolled through my calendar, trying to find dates when I could squeeze her in, I asked her my standard question:

"What are your goals?"

She explained that in a few weeks she had to film a brief nude scene.

The thought of taking her clothes off for the camera was more than she could bear.

"I don't even like to undress in front of a mirror," she confessed. "I want to look better naked."

Her answer resonated with me, as it probably does with you. Think about it. When was the last time you stood in front of the mirror-stark naked-and thought, Hey, I look great?

When was the last time you actually looked forward to putting on a bathing suit or trying on clothes?

When was the last time you felt really good about your body?

And, more important, when was the last time you felt really good in your body?

Perhaps you're thinking, Never! Perhaps you're thinking, Not since I was 19. It doesn't matter. All of that is about to change. In Body Rx, I will show you how to make your body strong, sculpted, and lean. For the first time in years-maybe for the first time in your life-you will like what you see in the mirror. You can have the body you want.

Body Rx teaches you a dramatically new way of thinking about how and what to eat. It introduces you to my 6-Pack Prescription, an innovative approach to nutrition and fitness that has given thousands of people the bodies they've always wanted. I'm not just talking to those of you who want to lose a few pounds or want to do a little bodily tuning up. Body Rx will bring about dramatic transformations for men and women who have been fighting a lifelong losing battle with obesity, discouraged dieters who have spent years counting calories and growing fat, baby boomers seeking to stave off middle-age spread, and even superstar athletes, such as New York Giants cornerback Jason Sehorn and future Hall of Fame pitcher Roger Clemens (both of whom have trained with me) ... and yes, even actresses (and actors) shaping up for the occasional nude scene.

Body Rx is cutting-edge science based on my work as a physician and researcher. It introduces you to the recent breakthroughs in the study of metabolism that have finally revealed the secret to having a slim, attractive, healthy body without starving yourself, cutting calories, or using dangerous drugs. The same research has answered questions that perplexed scientists (and dieters!) have had for decades: why those who eat the least often weigh the most; why diets fail 90 percent of the time; why Americans are growing fatter every year; and why maintaining a trim, attractive body has become a major life struggle for most Americans, even our children.

I am a doctor, but not a diet doctor. My areas of speciality are critical care, metabolism, and cardiovascular anesthesiology. Mostly, I think of myself as an inventor. Some years ago I developed a special protein formula that is used in critical-care units of hospitals all over the world to keep severely ill patients from wasting to death. I'm proud of how many lives it has saved. The protein formula I developed to treat patients is also the main ingredient in a sports nutrition product called Met-Rx that I later developed for bodybuilders and other athletes. In the course of creating that formula and in the ten years since then, I researched the principles of metabolism and protein that are the foundation of Body Rx's 6-Pack Prescription.

6-pack is the term that athletes and weight lifters have long used to describe well-defined abdominal muscles. Today men and women of all ages know and use the term to describe one of their primary fitness goals. In fact, in Hollywood a 6-pack is the newest status symbol. But the significance of the 6-pack extends far beyond the cosmetic. A 6-pack is a sign of a strong, healthy body with good muscle tone. It is a sign of a body that is less likely to succumb to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and the many other diseases that run rampant through our aging, overweight population. Believe it or not, a 6-pack is a goal everyone can achieve.

My 6-Pack Prescription is composed of four six-week cycles, each of which has a different eating plan, weight-training program, and optional supplement regimen that work synergistically to produce maximum results. This is not a meal plan or exercise program that you have heard before. On the meal plan, you will be full and satisfied, eating more than you dreamed possible. On the weight-training regimen, your body will be transformed weekly without hours of endless aerobics. As you follow the meal plan, you will see palpable change in your body composition. You will build muscle at the expense of your fat, adding shape and tone to your body. As you follow the workout, even more extraordinary changes will occur. During Cycle 1, "6 Weeks to Strength," you will get stronger. During Cycle 2, "6 Weeks to Sculpt," you will use your improved strength to make more muscle, creating a more sculpted, defined appearance. During Cycle 3, "6 Weeks to Burn Fat," you will put this new muscle to work burning fat and getting leaner. During Cycle 4, "6 Weeks to Maintenance and Endurance," you will follow a maintenance program that will get you started on staying slim and lean for life. By the end of twenty-four weeks, your metabolism will be significantly transformed, and so will your body. You will look better naked! But you will also be stronger, healthier, and happier than you have been in years.

Unlike all the other programs out there, the goal of the 6-Pack Prescription is to transform your body into something you'll be proud of for the rest of your life. While nutrition can take you a long way toward that goal, my exercise prescription will help get you the rest of the way. The 6-Pack Prescription is scientifically designed to build high-quality muscle that burns fat better and faster than anything else. You don't have to work out for hours every day to get this great result. Give me four hours a week and I can transform your body.

Although I do recommend the use of a few nutrition supplements, I want to make it clear that supplements are optional. You can still achieve fantastic results without them. I recommend products only generically so that you can purchase any brands that are most convenient and economical.

I Walk the Walk

I practice what I preach, and it shows. I am in great shape. I am six foot five, weigh 230 pounds, and look great, because I have less than 5 percent body fat. I do have a 6-pack. Not bad for a guy of 50! I don't mean to boast: I'm telling you this for an important reason.

I don't think one should be in the business of giving people this kind of advice unless he not only "talks the talk" but "walks the walk." Have you noticed how many self-proclaimed diet doctors look unfit? Why anyone would or should take nutritional advice from people who look so bad eludes me. I recently challenged several of the top diet gurus to a televised debate. My only requirement was that everyone wear a bathing suit. Not one of these so-called diet experts was willing to show his or her body in public. What are they hiding? Not their 6-packs! When I tell you that my program works, you don't have to take my word for it: You can see it.

Through the years, I have worked with a number of celebrities and superstar athletes, but I've also helped train lots of regular folks whom I meet at the Met-Rx Gym. I've also consulted with fitness trainers throughout the country on their more difficult cases, but the most rewarding part of my work is seeing how my approach to fitness and nutrition has transformed both the bodies and the lives of thousands of men and women. Feeling in control of your body spills over into other aspects of your life. When you are proud of yourself, you exude the confidence of someone who is on the right track. You know that you can do more and achieve more in every area of your life. In other words, you project charisma-and I've seen it happen time and time again. So that's why I'm proud of my body: It is a constant reminder to me of the thousands of people who have joined me in becoming their best selves.

Despite the scores of popular diet books published in the last couple of decades-or perhaps because of them-Americans have grown fatter and fatter.

In 1980, 30 percent of all American adults were seriously overweight; today, more than half are. A shocking 13 percent of our children and teenagers are severely overweight, despite the natural tendency of children to be lean. And those same fat children are much more likely to grow into fat adults.

For the past twenty years, the universal prescription for obesity has been a weight-loss diet. Each diet has its own gimmick, but the bottom line is the same. When all is said and done, you are attempting to shed pounds by drastically cutting calories. Great. That must work, right?

Wrong. Take a look around you. Half the population is still fat.

Despite all this wonderful advice, half the population is overweight and getting fatter by the minute. Why? All of these diets are based on antiquated notions about food and weight loss! None addresses the underlying cause of obesity, and so the "fat epidemic" rages out of control.

Are You a Fat Storage Machine?

Before you can understand why everyone is getting fatter, you need to know about metabolism. Metabolism is the way your body breaks down and uses the nutrients it derives from food. At one time scientists and physicians generally believed that one metabolic rule applied to everyone: that regardless of who we are and what we eat, our bodies burn whatever calories they need for energy, and store the excess as fat. Thus, those of us who consume too many calories store too much fat, and get fat.

Not exactly.

Today a growing number of scientists and physicians-I am one of them-reject this one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. We think it tells only half the story.

We have identified another force at work within the body-a critical phenomenon that we call nutrient partitioning-that affects how our bodies handle the food we consume. It's a phenomenon that can either work for us or against us. Let me explain.

There are two different ways that nutrients are handled in the body after they are broken down or metabolized. They can be burned for energy, or they can be stored. If they are stored, they are stored either as fat deposits or lean mass, which is mostly muscle. We humans are born with a metabolic tendency to be either fat burners or fat storers. Fat burners are fortunate. They have a natural tendency to burn body fat and store muscle. They can get away with eating almost anything without suffering the consequences. The rest of us-about two thirds of the population-have a natural tendency to burn muscle and store fat. We are fat storers. Now, this doesn't mean that we're born to be fat-not at all! All it means is that our bodies are predisposed to hoard fat and burn other nutrients for energy.

Why are so many of us fat storers? Because our ancestors were, and had to be. Long ago, when food was scarce and famine was a very real threat, the ability to store fat was an asset. It enabled our ancestors to survive. Indeed, had our ancestors not been fat storers, we might not be here today to complain about it! But of course, times have changed. Now that food is abundant, the tendency to store fat is no longer an evolutionary edge. On the contrary, it can be harmful. Our ancestors stored fat because they had to. We store fat whether we have to or not, and nutrient partitioning is to blame.

Think of nutrient partitioning as a metabolic traffic cop directing nutrient traffic into one of two parking lots. Nutrients that he directs to the lot on the right are parked as muscle or lean body mass. Nutrients that he directs to the lot on the left are parked as fat. (I will provide more information on nutrient partitioning in Chapter 2, "The Metabolic Meltdown.") While the natural fat burners get off easy, the rest of us must be careful to keep our metabolic traffic cop happy. Unfortunately, some of the foods we eat confuse our metabolic traffic cops, interfering with their ability to direct nutrient flow. As a result, too many nutrients are parked at fat. Some of the most common ingredients in the food supply are the worst offenders.

Our modern diet is filled with foods and additives that drive the metabolic traffic cop to shunt too many nutrients into the fat parking lot. Scientists call them negative partitioning agents. To compound the problem, we have reduced our consumption and in some cases eliminated many of the foods that keep the metabolic traffic cop running smoothly-the positive partitioning agents.

The focus of the 6-Pack Prescription Meal Plan is on nutrient partitioning, not calorie counting. I am more concerned about the quality of the food that you eat than the quantity. If your diet is filled with foods that are positive partitioning agents, you can eat to your heart's delight and not get fat. If your diet is filled with foods that are negative partitioning agents, you can starve yourself and still be fat.

As the Body Inflates, the Ego Deflates

When your fat-storage switch is turned on, it's difficult to feel good about your body. Excess body fat is what makes you look (and feel) fat, dumpy, and unattractive. Excess body fat is what makes your waist expand annually and what makes trying on a bathing suit so agonizing.

But diet, exercise, and drugs per se are not the answer. Unless you turn the fat-storage switch off and the fat burning switch on-unless you instruct your metabolic traffic cop to divert nutrients away from the fat parking lot and into the muscle and lean mass parking lot-you can count calories until the cows come home and you can run on the treadmill until you topple over, but you will not get the results you want.


Excerpted from Body RX by A. Scott Connelly Copyright © 2002 by A. Scott Connelly. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Part IThrow Out Your Scale
1.Body Rx7
2.The Metabolic Meltdown28
3.The "F" Word in Nutrition (It's Not Fat!)45
4.Body Rx: Nutrition55
Part IIHow to Get the Body You Want
5.The 6-Pack Prescription Meal Plan71
My 6-Pack Prescription Meal Planner Part I91
My 6-Pack Prescription Meal Planner Part II163
6.Body Rx: Exercise176
7.The 6-Pack Prescription Workout186
Part IIIDr. Connelly's Intensive Care for Special Situations
8.Body Rx: Supplements251
9.Body Rx: Women257
10.It's Never Too Late265
Selected Bibliography275


Exclusive Author Essay
Why Your Workout Isn't Working

Are you working out more, but less happy with the results? Does it seem like the more repetitions you do and the more treadmill miles you log, the fatter you get? Does it seem like the less you eat, the more you gain? If you answered yes to these questions, you're not alone. Through the years, I've trained thousands of celebrities, elite athletes, and regular folks who finally come to my gym after years of disappointing results. I've taught them that the problem is not that working out doesn't work, but that working out incorrectly is a waste of time.

Most fitness regimens are not properly designed to build muscle and burn fat. Instead, they emphasize calorie counting, tedious aerobics, and endless lifting of light weights -- practices that are worse than ineffective. Instead of giving you the body you want, these misguided programs rob you of muscle and make you fatter.

The secret of Body Rx is muscle. Muscle is what makes your body look sleek and lean and muscle is what burns off excess fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn, not only during times of activity but during times of rest as well. Make no mistake about it. Muscle is the primary fitness and fat loss issue for women and men. If you want to build a lean, shapely body and enjoy the best health of your life, keep reading. The basic strategies that I outline below will help you achieve spectacular results.

Nutrition Is No. 1

Food is the No. 1 tool for transforming your body. If you don't feed your body what it needs, you may be seriously compromising the benefits of working out. I'm opposed to low-calorie diets. Not eating enough food can make your body hold onto fat and chew up muscle. Sure, you may lose some pounds, but you'll be losing your muscle tone, not your fat. Keeping those pounds off will be an endless struggle. To achieve a stronger, sculpted, leaner body, you must give your metabolism the food it needs to start burning fat and building muscle.

Protein + Fiber -- The 1-2 Punch Against Fat

Be sure to eat enough of two crucial nutrients -- protein and fiber. Protein is the body's primary source of the raw material that makes new muscle cells and repairs old ones. I recommend eating a portion of lean protein (like chicken, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, fish, or extra-lean cuts of beef) with every meal. And by the way, I recommend eating 6 smaller meals a day rather than the usual 3. Your body works better when it is given a steady stream of nutrients throughout the day, rather than the customary 2-3 large meals.

Load up on fiber-rich foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables (like broccoli, cauliflower, greens), and whole grains (like wheat bran and oatmeal). Why? Fiber helps the body burn fat. And do watch your intake of starchy foods, like breads and pastas. Try to eat starches early in the day (never at night when they're more likely to be stored at fat!) and watch your portion sizes. These foods can slow down fat burning and sabotage your results.

Although I don't believe in "forbidden foods," I urge you to limit your consumption of foods containing one ingredient -- high-fructose corn syrup, or fructose, for short. This common food additive can hamper fat burning and cause unhealthy changes in blood lipids. Used in soda, snack foods, frozen foods, and food bars, as well as numerous other forms of processed foods, fructose is ubiquitous throughout the food supply. Eating an occasional food with fructose is no problem, but I don't recommend making a steady diet of it, as many people do.

The Right Way to Exercise

When it comes to the gym, showing up is not enough. If you want to succeed at the gym, you need to do the right exercise with the right technique. I recommend weight training over aerobics. The positive effects of a well-designed weight training regimen are far reaching and long lasting. Weight training is the only way to make muscle. Lean muscle is the body's main vehicle for burning fat, and by increasing your amount of muscle, you are not only eliminating existing fat but drastically decreasing the chances of getting fat in the future. Aerobics does nothing to help you build muscle or strength. And while you may burn fat while you are running on the treadmill or climbing the stair stepper, the minute you get off the exercise machine, you stop burning fat. With weight lifting, you burn fat for a full 24 hours after working out, even when you're sleeping! For those of you who think that weight training isn't as good for your heart as aerobics, think again. In reality, weight training offers the same cardiovascular benefits of aerobics. If you enjoy aerobics, by all means, continue to do them along with weight training. However, if you have limited time, it's better spent lifting weights.

To get the most out of weight training, you need to do it with enough intensity. If you do endless repetitions of light weights, as many people do, you are simply wasting your time! When you lift a heavy weight, you cause microscopic injury to your muscle cells. In the process of repairing themselves, your muscles become bigger and stronger. This principle underlies weight training. The act of lifting and lowering a challenging weight is all it takes to stimulate this wonderful process of muscle renewal. So don't keep increasing your repetitions with the same weight -- keep adding more weight slowly and incrementally. Weight training is called progressive resistance for a reason -- you're supposed to make progress! In Body Rx, I give specific instructions on how to select the right weights for your workout. If you're a novice to weight training, please consult with a fitness trainer before beginning your program.

The Muscle Paradox

A note to women -- many women worry that weight training will make them big and muscular like men. This is simply not true. Women do not have the same hormones as men and cannot get as big as men no matter how hard they work out. And then there's the muscle paradox: Lifting weights will produce bigger muscles, but muscle is more compact than fat. Therefore, the more muscle you have, the slimmer you will look.

When it comes to weight training, consistency is also important. You need to take your gym dates seriously. For your workout to really work, you need to get the gym 3-4 times a week. My Body Rx workout can get you in and out of the gym in less than a hour. One hour a day, 3 or 4 days a week? It's not a high price to pay for a healthy, vital, attractive body.

It's Not Just About Building a Better Body

It's not just about having a terrific body. It's about achieving your potential physically and mentally. When you look and feel great, you will be empowered by a newfound confidence knowing that you radiate health and vitality. You will feel renewed and ready to meet whatever challenges come your way. It doesn't matter whether you're a student, a teacher, a Wall Street trader, an internet billionaire, or a stay-at-home mom. Having a strong body and a sharp mind will enable you to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. (Scott Connelly, M.D.)

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