Bombay Aloo

Bombay Aloo

by The Curious Digit


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Bombay Aloo

An endearing, likeable record of avant-garde pop music is a fitting debut for the Jagjaguwar label, considering where the label ended up going from there, what with a history of releasing records from similar personalities such as Jad Fair, Daniel Johnston, and the like. While many might dismiss the Curious Digit as just "silly noise" (or some equally parental phrase of annoyance), the Virginia-based act actually does a good job of making some enjoyable, albeit unique, pop music. Utilizing distorted guitars, funky keyboards, clarinet, and other odds and ends, the ten songs on Bombay Aloo never seem to drag, and they only become more fun with each passing listen. Amazingly, the melodies start to become more noticeable the more one listens, and the band's ability to utilize them subtly is quite noteworthy. Occasionally, the band gets going in their rhythm (whether it be slow and dirge-like, or faster and upbeat) and it may feel as though they're about ready to fall apart -- yet they never do. No doubt, they planned it like that all along.

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Release Date: 07/01/1997
Label: Jagjaguwar
UPC: 0656605200125
catalogNumber: 1

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