Bon Appetit Every-Night Cooking: Fast and Fun: A Real-Life Guide to Getting Dinner on the Table

Bon Appetit Every-Night Cooking: Fast and Fun: A Real-Life Guide to Getting Dinner on the Table


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Bon Appetit Every-Night Cooking: Fast and Fun: A Real-Life Guide to Getting Dinner on the Table by Editors of Bon Appetit

Busy is a daily planner so packed with deadlines and meetings that there isn't time to get to the grocery store. Busy is a to-do list so long that dinner doesn't even merit a mention. Busy is a job, a home and a family. But busy doesn't have to mean that cooking every night is one more chore among the many you'd rather put off until tomorrow. With a little planning, a small leap of faith and this tempting collection of quick-cooking recipes that make the most of fresh, easy-to-find ingredients, dinner can be the highlight of your day.

Consider this book your everyday guide to every-night cooking, an indispensable tool to help you get from market to kitchen to dinner table simply and quickly. It's brimming with ideas for organizing your kitchen and streamlining the cleanup process. It's chockablock with do-ahead advice and ideas for substituting ingredients when others aren't available (either because of the season or because you're just too tired to go to the store). It's filled with menu suggestions, everything from instant side dishes to deceptively simple desserts. Mostly, though, it's packed with recipes that are delicious, kid-friendly and healthful.

Divided into three sections, the book opens with "The Survival Guide" -- the rules of the game, as it were, of cooking every night. Here, you'll find everything from a pantry list that will ensure your cupboard is never bare to a shopping guide that will both simplify how you shop and inspire you to try new places. In addition, there is a primer on planning meals and weeks of menus.

The book's big center section is called "Dinner Plans," 15 chapters organized by "kind" of meal and including Breakfast for Dinner: pancakes, French toast, omelets and more. Instant Stir-fries: quick combos that go from wok to plate in a flash. Dinner-in-a-Bowl Soups: comforting, quick-cooking and easy. Sandwich Suppers: burgers, heroes, wraps and then some. Baked Potatoes and Beyond: the fast-food favorite, made fresh and tasty. Good for You: healthful fare for leaner eating. Hot off the Grill: minutes over the coals to crisp, brown and delicious. Kid Fare, Plus: simple foods your children and you will love.

The recipes are, without exception, easy and delicious. They include menu ideas, do-ahead notes and suggested variations for ingredient substitutions. In addition, each chapter offers a relevant sidebar, with topics ranging from mix-and-match pastas (no recipe needed) to the vegetarian kitchen (what to keep on hand for meatless cooking).

At the end of the book, there's "Every-Night Extras," with chapters on snacks, treats for the lunch box, desserts that come together quickly and celebration dinners for those special occasions that just happen to fall during the week. It may be Wednesday, you can still cook up a feast with this book in hand. Over 170 recipes. A month's worth of menus. More than 20 full-page color photographs. Ideas, advice and inspiration -- it's all here in the one cookbook you really need to own.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780609609217
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/18/2001
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 8.32(w) x 10.34(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

BON APPÉTIT is America’s top food and entertaining magazine, with a circulation of more than 1 million.

Table of Contents

The Survival Guide8
Stocking the Pantry10
Shopping Tips11
Budgeting How-tos12
Essential Equipment13
Menu Planning14
Cleanup Shortcuts16
Grilling 10117
Timesaving Techniques17
Dinner Plans18
Breakfast for Dinner20
Instant Stir-fries30
Quick Pastas40
Big Salads50
Dinner-in-a-Bowl Soups60
Sandwich Suppers70
Baked Potatoes and Beyond80
Pizzas Better Than Delivered90
Meatless Night100
Good for You110
Hot off the Grill120
Make-ahead Casseroles130
Fallback Favorites140
Kid Fare, Plus150
Sunday Cooking for Weekday Leftovers160
Every-Night Extras172
Fast Snacks174
Lunch-Box Treats180
Quick and Sweet186
Special Nights192

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this cookbook. I have already tried 6 of the recipes and all of them have been delicious. My family has loved each meal I've made and now they think I'm a great cook. My husband even loved the spinach calzone recipe (and he 'doesn't like spinach'). My favorite thing about the book is that the recipes are all quick and easy.