Bonds of the Maleri'

Bonds of the Maleri'

by Kate Steele

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BN ID: 2940161987636
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Publication date: 08/03/2018
Series: Bonds of The Maleri' , #6
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 742,970
File size: 303 KB

About the Author

"I want to improve." This has become my mantra. I think of my authorial skills as a work in progress. I began with no formal training and no degree, just a need to tell a story. I hope, as time goes by, my ability as a teller of tales will improve to the point where, from beginning to end, the reader can immerse her/himself in the world I've created, live, laugh and cry with the characters born of my imagination and emerge satisfied and hopefully even happy with the experience.

As for the boring details, I revel in the quiet life of rural Indiana with family and pets. When not writing I read, garden (battle with weeds) and on warm summer nights sit on the front porch to watch Mother Nature's fireworks. I think fireflies are pretty and pretty amazing, don't you?

Feel free to direct questions, complaints or compliments (fingers crossed) to or visit my website at

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Bonds of the Maleri' 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
jshillingford on LibraryThing 22 days ago
This book is composed of five novellas, each featuring a different Maleri. They are a special sect of an alien race (humanoid, of course) who must mate with a same-sex partner to keep their telepathic gifts from driving them insane. The bond is metaphysical, and usually instantaneous. Convincing their human mates of that is another matter entirely! Enjoyable, light-hearted gay romance with hot sex. "Mate Hunt" - The first novella introduces the author's mythology with a few paragraphs and a hot threesome! The stage is set for the hot sex that will follow in every story. Col must finally seek a mate, and he goes to Earth to do so. Matthew isn't ready to accept who he is, and at first withdraws from Col. But this is romance, and they get their happily ever after. Oh, and more hot sex. "Double Trouble" - As often happens in this kind of series, this second entry has loose ties to the first. In the first, Col bonded to Matt. Now, we meet Matt's brother Eric who has chosen to travel to an alien world in hopes of a new life. What he finds are two of the hottest men he's ever seen, twin brothers who are desined for him. Though enjoyable, this novella is pretty much just hot sex, albeit with some unique men, and a loose plot. It is the weakest of the 5 stories, and though the brothers don't have sex with each other, it was a little too close to incest for my taste. But worth reading. "Between Love and Law" - This novella really demonstrates the potential of the Maleri series. There is still a lot of hot sex, but the backstory has more meat to it. Chase is director of the Taskin City Security Bureau. He is also Maleri, and his bond has reacted to Caz. Caz is a chameleon, and a thief. Chase knows Caz is being forced to break the law by a powerful person. Can Chase convince Caz to trust him enough to let him help? More angst, a more detailed plot and more of the trademark steamy sex. "Ride 'Em Cowboy" - This is my favorite of the novellas because of a good story and an interesting hero. In the previous entries, the Maleri was always confident and self-assured. But in this tale we have Zebian. He's a computer geek who's not very good with people. He is sent to Earth to research ranching for use on another world. He knows nothing about such a life, and though he isn't used to the physical labor, he doesn't give up. Jace is rancher tasked with teaching the new greenhorn about ranching. He soon finds himself attracted to young Zeb and teaching him other things. Zeb must return to his home world though, not fully aware of the bond he formed with Jace. But a Maleri needs his mate to keep him sane... "Redemption" - The second best of the series. Jor has been exiled from the Maleri. He refuses to take a mate who would share such disgrace with him. But, a Maleri must mate or he faces a painful death. Dane is a human man once mated to a Maleri. When his mate died, Dane nearly joined him; the loss of that psychic bond nearly drove him to suicide. When Dane finds himself coming to the aid of Jor, he at first denies the bond that forms. He feels that he's betraying his former mate. Jor wants nothing to do with the bond either. These two must overcome their grief and pain to accept a new love they both desperately need. This is much more of a love story than the other novellas. Very tender. Overall, I highly recommend this series and hope the author writes more novellas about this intriguing, and highly erotic, race. My only gripe - I hate the cheesy CGI cover. Those are fine for e-books, but a print book should have more quality put into such an important marketing feature. "Never judge a book by it's cover" is good, but rarely followed advice. CGI people look fake, and this is no exception. And, if they had to choose one of the e-book covers, Redemption would have been a better choice.