Book 1 Of The Prophecy Of The Kings

Book 1 Of The Prophecy Of The Kings

by David Burrows


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Book 1 Of The Prophecy Of The Kings by David Burrows

Kaplyn faces a dilemma. In a heart-pounding journey through a tower set with traps he must find an ancient Eldric talisman. Everything in the tower seems unreal and he must use all his cunning to survive. Vastra, a self professed sorcerer, claims the talisman will reveal the whereabouts of the Eldric who were instrumental in defeating Drachar and the demon hordes in the legendary Krell Wars. But is Vastra to be trusted? He is manipulative and lusts for power.

Their journey is fraught with danger and there are indications that demons are crossing the Divide, but are these random events or more worryingly an indication that Drachar's might is once more on the rise?

Vastra reveals devastating news. He claims to understand the cryptic lines of an ancient prophecy, shocking Kaplyn in an attempt to sway his allegiance. A cataclysm of power will disrupt the very foundation of the worlds and a rent in the fabric of space will allow the spirit of a dead emperor, Shastlan, to cross the Divide. Not content with destroying one world his ghostly gaze now alights on another.

An epic fantasy set in a unique world as dragons, demons and guardian angels are set to clash.

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ISBN-13: 9781450506809
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/02/2010
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

David Burrows is an avid reader of fantasy and counts Tolkien, Irvine and Rowling amongst his favourites. David is also keen on Saxon/Viking re-enactment where he learned the brutal reality of fighting in a shield wall. Writing is his main hobby and he has written a fantasy trilogy The Prophecy of the Kings, which comprises Legacy of the Eldric, Dragon Rider and Shadow of the Demon - sample chapters and reviews can be found on his website at He is currently working on the prequel to the trilogy, Drachar's Demons

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Book 1 of the Prophecy of the Kings 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Prophecy of the Kings is a fantasy trilogy in a similar vein to Tolkien, Gemmell and Moorcock. The three books are easy to read and have good characterisation and a fascinating plot involving demons, dragons, krell and people. The background to the tale is that the world is periodically ravaged by demon attacks and for some while the attacks have been few, lulling the people into a false sense of security. They want to believe that the demon threat was defeated at the end of the Krell Wars, but since that time the Eldric, whose sorcerers were the saviours in the wars, have mysteriously disappeared, leaving the balance of power in favour of the enemy. Vastra is introduced in book 1. He is a self-proclaimed sorcerer and is a man possessed. Where other men require food to sustain them, his craving is for power. He seeks an Eldric talisman, ensnaring two men to aid him. Fate guides his hand and, unwittingly, he chooses Kaplyn, who is seeking to escape his own destiny and Lars, shipwrecked and friendless, an outcast on the Allund shore. An unlikely trio, they form a fragile alliance but, recklessly ambitious, Vastra will betray them in a heartbeat. Throughout their journey, there are clear signs that demons are becoming active, stealing souls to slake their unholy hunger. Their journey takes them to a mysterious tower, beset by traps, where Kaplyn triggers a chain of events unleashing the full power of a prophecy that could doom them all. Deep in the heart of a mountain lays a power that not even Vastra has the audacity to envision. But who really is guiding Vastra's destiny? Kaplyn finds the talisman and, for all of Vastra's threats, he is unwilling to part with it.