A Book for Daniel Stern

A Book for Daniel Stern


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“Over the years, as Danny has published more stories and novels about films, and suicide, and the existential issues confronting contemporary mankind, I have come to appreciate his erudition, his writing talent, the richness of his imagination, and also his wonderful humor. To spend an evening with him without laughing is quite simply inconceivable,” Elie Wiesel has written of Daniel Stern, the novelist, teacher, and cellist whom this book celebrates. The writers included are Frank Kermode, Elie Wiesel, Edward Albee, Adam Zagajewski, Edward Hirsch, Robert Brustein, Dr. Arnold Cooper, Morris Dickstein, and Hilma Wolitzer, among others.

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ISBN-13: 9781931357425
Publisher: Sheep Meadow Press, The
Publication date: 02/16/2007
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Pour Danny Stern     1
Poems   Mark Doty
Theory of Incompletion     7   Edward Hirsch
Bounty     9   Adam Zagajewski
Describing Pictures     10   Stanley Moss
The Cellist     11   Christopher Bakken
Finding the Stones     13   Annmarie Drury
Clay Plate     17   Martha Serpas
Finishing Touch     18   Michael Lieberman
Jewstone     19   Robert Phillips
Paradise (for Gloria and Dan Stern)     21
Interview   Bill Hughes
September 2005, Sag Harbor, New York     25
November 2005, New York City, East Side     38
For Daniel Stern   Frank Kermode
Introduction to Stern's Twice-Told Tales     49   Morris Dickstein
The Awakening: Between Feminism and the Fin-de-Siecle     54   Pamela Diamond
from Possum Fields, a novel     67   Hilma Wolitzer
Sundays     79   Pat Cooper
Afterplay     88   Philippe Codde
"Burned by the History of the Twentieth Century": Trauma and Narrative Containment in Daniel Stern's Holocaust Novels     109   Robert Brustein
Jews and Hollywood     138   Ian Strasfogel
Compromise (Homage to Samuel Beckett)     149   Arnold M. Cooper, M.D.
Brahms Late Clarinet Compositions     165   Alan Isler
Maid of Hendon: A Fragment     175   Rosellen Brown
Writing "the Other": A Talk     183   Molly Haskell
Empowerment, or, We Who Are About to Die Salute You     202   James W. Pipkin
The Thief who Hosted Dinner     205   Vicki Goldberg
Andre Kertesz     212   William Monroe
Stern's Stories as Equipment for Living     220   Paul Schwaber
So Powerful a Prohibition     225   Jack Flam
The Poetics of Modern Painting     233   Alan Siegler
Nimrods     242   Paul Lisicky
The Master of Time     253
Memory Lane   Edward Albee
A Note     257   Kathleen Cambor
Enter Dan Stern     258   Toby Talbot
A Literary Picaro     263   Samuel Karff
Dan Stern     266   Richard H. Weisberg
Summer Conversations in Sag with Dan     268   Daniel Talbot
Blasting Away      271   Tom Cole
Studying Torah with Dan Stern     273   Roberta Harris Short
Ten Stern Years     279
Former Students   Bill Broun
The Sociopath     287   Casey Fleming
Traductora, Traidora     298   Audrey Colombe
Wanting, Having, Getting     311   Kerry Neville Bakken
No One Stays in the City for the Summer     317   John Wesley Huddle
For Professor Stern, Concerning Prayer     341
from Easy on Fire, a novel     344
Afterword     361
Daniel Stern History     365
Contributor's Notes     367

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