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Book of Cleansings: The Professional's Cleansing Prayer Collection

Book of Cleansings: The Professional's Cleansing Prayer Collection

by Dawn Flowers

Paperback(Barnes & Nobles ed.)

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The Book of Cleansings: The Professional's Prayer Collection, is a discreet tool designed for those working within the paranormal field who might find themselves in need of a helpful book of cleansing prayers to perform for clients suffering in a haunted home. This book is appropriate for paranormal investigators, spiritual leaders, therapists, and others who find themselves helping others with haunted home issues. Included are prayers for four faiths, including Christian, Jewish, Wiccan, and Native American paths, so you may serve your clients appropriately.
With the purchase of this book, professionals are granted limited reproduction rights and may copy or reproduce two prayers per client or congregation member, providing they do so free of charge for the client or congregational member, and the copies are used to provide assistance to someone living in a haunted home. For those seeking help for their own family, you might prefer my title, Help with Hauntings, also available on Barnes and Nobles, which was written to provide direct aid specifically to suffering families.

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ISBN-13: 9781987020014
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 01/07/2019
Edition description: Barnes & Nobles ed.
Pages: 76
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.16(d)

About the Author

Dawn Flowers is an East Texas writer, born and raised under the shade of the Piney Woods where she now resides with her family and pets. She released her first book in 2001 and has since authored and published over thirty books on a wide range of subjects, including both fiction and non-fiction works, under a variety of pen names.
Her non-fiction titles reflect her love of religions, while her non-fiction titles reflect her love of horror. Most noted for her non-fiction metaphysical titles, she’s also written and compiled twelve children’s books for kids of the Christian, Jewish, and Wiccan faiths. Seven of her works were written and compiled under the name of Dawn Nefer-Aten, and were published for a non-profit, live-action, role-playing group, Amtgard, during her citizenship within the Kingdom of the Wetlands.
Her first fiction project, a short story titled, In the Forest, appeared in an eponymously titled collaborative book project with four other East Texas writers in 2011. The story was later revised into a horror novella. She then went on to write a series of six horror stories for children, with several more in the works.
Her most notable non-fiction works include The Book of Dark & Light Shadows and The Spell Book of Wiccan Shadows. Both titles were released online in 2011, and both rose to reach Amazon’s #1 Best Seller rank for their categories, including Mysticism, Witchcraft, Paganism, and Neo Paganism. Almost a decade later, both titles continue to teeter within Amazon’s top 100 best-selling books within their categories.

For a complete list of available titles, bulk offers, or to keep up with new releases, you may visit, or follow her Facebook Page: Dawna Flowers Books.
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